Zambezia (2012) Poster



Morton: Gathering, gathering! Nigel, that includes you.

[Nigel looks up, disturbed]

Morton: Beaks closed, ears open!

Cecil: Friends, wanderers, marabous! When those Zambezians flocked together, they created an inside!

Morton: [Supporting every word] Inside!

Cecil: And an outside!

Morton: Outside!

Cecil: And if you hadn't noticed, we are on the outside.

Morton: Here we are!

Cecil: The Cold, lonely, Desolate, outside.

Morton: Hooo Hooo Hooo Hooo Hooo Hooo,

[Pretends to be chilly]

Morton: Frigid Africa.

Cecil: And why?

Morton: Don't know, it's a mystery!

[Gets slapped by Cecil]

Cecil: Because, they didn't like the look of us.

Marabous: And what is wrong with what we look like?

Cecil: They just want their little tree-house all to themselves! How sporty is that!

Morton: Very sporty!

[Gets slapped again]

Cecil: Not very!

Morton: No! terrible!

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Cecil: Not very in my book. Which is precisely, why we should accept Budzo's proposal.

Marabous: Since when a Marabou servants to a lizard?

Morton: He's got a point!

Cecil: We will be working with Budzo, thickhead, not FOR Budzo! We are partners in this great endeavour!

Morton: Teamwork!

Cecil: We help Budzo get on the island, we share all the goodies!

[Cecil Laughs, so does Morton]

Morton: I am getting hungry just thinking about it.

[Gets slapped by Cecil]

Marabous: Ummm, question! Could those hurricanes be a problem?

Cecil: Hurricanes, huh!

[Making a trifling gesture]

Morton: Don't make him laugh!

Cecil: Budzo possesses unrivaled brut strength. With his help a new wind will blow across this valley.

[Morton pretends that there is a heavy wind]

Cecil: A wind of change-uh!

[Slaps Morton]

Marabous: I say, good shot! Give us another!

[Gets slapped by the Marabou next to him]

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