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gilknut14 September 2009
A pathetic attempt to cash in on the already quasi-cheesy phenomenon that is "The Secret". Yes, some of the ground principles are certainly good, but even if you believe in the Law of Attraction -- as originally described by Abraham-Hicks (who interestingly enough pulled out of "The Secret" after seeing the results) -- this film does not seem very convincing. I don't know about you, but I thought quite a few of the people who were interviewed in "The Secret" came across as less than reliable and just plain cheesy. They're all here as well, and its all bound together by the most tacky, amateurishly filmed "story" you can imagine -- topped with horrible music by a third rate folk singer trying to cram as many clichés as possible into his lifeless tunes. Stay clear, and seek out the source instead. Any original work by Abraham-Hicks will tell you all you need to know, in a much clearer and more sensible way than this drivel.
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