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Nice Children's Animated Feature
Directed by Douglas Aberle out of the Will Vinton camp up in Portland Oregon Shipwrecked lacks nothing. This is a children's adventure that has it all sharks, dolphins, pirates, bandits and the most lovable donkeys that have ever graced the screen.Some of the favorite songs are "I think I'll roast a donkey." "Welcome to My Island" "wedding Song" and the Elvis style "Dolphin Song" complete with Seaweed wigs. The animation is old style CG meant to resemble the claymation that was made famous by Will and the crew that brought the world "The California Raisins" "Gary and Mike" and Eddie Murphy's "The PJ's" . This film never got the theatrical release it truly deserved but has made up for it by being broadcast in over 70 countries and weekly into hundreds of millions of homes. This is truly a delight to children everywhere.
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Wow what a film
jerseyshorejerry13 April 2011
This film reminds me of animation and it's finest with a Donkey who's got a personality every bit as unique as Donkey From Shrek and villains who look like they stepped out of Alladin, Ollie does not miss the mark. Over eighty minutes of catcy animated show tunes with great vocals and great production which reminded me a bit of the soundtracks of Beauty and the Beast and Lion King. Why this film did not win an Oscar or at least a nomination is puzzling to me. Doug Aberle the director has been up for Oscar's before when he was with Will Vinton and he hits a definite home run right out of Wrigley Stadium with this outing. The animation style was unique probably because the designer worked on Lion King Disney's biggest Broadway smash. Here's to hoping they do more Donkey Ollie adventures my kids can't wait to see what happens next.
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Great Film for children
brianpeterjames9 April 2011
Kidnapping, lost at sea, sharks, bandits Shipwrecked has it all and presents it in an original entertaining way. I first saw this film with my 4 year old daughter who just loved it and wanted to watch it over and over again especially the part where the dolphin escaped the shark. I wasn't expecting much from the film especially compared to the big budgets that Sony, Disney Dreamworks spend on their children animation but I was pleasantly surprised. The director Doug Aberle know for his work with the California Raisins and Will Vinton has done a great job of capturing the Claymation look and moving the story right along so there is not a boring moment. Although this is an older film it is a must see for children.
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