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"SGU Stargate Universe" Subversion (2010)

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A nightmare haunts Dr Rush: he sees himself selling the Project Icarus to strangers. Young questions if the nightmares might be flashbacks from using the communication stones with Col Telford, and remembers the same thing happened with Lt Scott (Ep. 9: "Life). Rush offers himself to assume Col Telford's identity on Earth to try and contact his handlers, while Telford is detained against his will aboard 'Destiny'; but Young doubts Rush may be the mole and using Telford as a patsy, and warns Gen O'Neill about the plan. Young and O'Neill question Telford aboard 'Destiny' and prove he's the mole. Rush contacts Telford's handlers but ends prisioner to the Lucian Alliance, declared enemies of the Earth, and finds they've been after 'Destiny' for years - and have a way to get there: another 'Icarus' planet with stargate. His life at risk, Rush blows his cover and tries to connect the Lucians with 'Destiny' knowing he'll die if he doesn't - or kill his friends if he does.


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