The Raven (2012) Poster

(I) (2012)

Plot Keywords

murder serial killer
mask poem
newspaper 19th century
poet murder investigation
overhead camera shot carrying a woman on a stretcher
passionate kiss field surgery
magnifying glass chronometer
celestial almanac sextant
dead woman tattoo
listening police whistle
woman screaming woman kidnapped
using a candle for light coffin
riding a horse indoors horse in armor
invitation to a dance costume party
ballroom dancing playing piano
year 1842 newspaper headline
tortured to death camera shot of feet
kiss on the cheek scream off camera
full moon begins with biographical note
writing in blood magnet
grave horse chase
throat slitting shot in the shoulder
pocket watch tattoo on back
sailor man dressed as woman
mouth sewn shut foot chase
axe character repeating someone else's dialogue
whistle tunnel
house fire severed tongue
theatre reference to shakespeare's macbeth
strangulation morgue
punched in the face police station
kidnapping slow motion scene
masked woman masked man
father daughter relationship piano playing
critic flask
character says i love you marriage proposal
heart raccoon
torso cut in half blood spatter
newspaper editor thrown out of a bar
tavern dead cat
corpse lantern
pistol film starts with text
critically bashed paris france
shot to death reference to jules verne
theatre actress death of protagonist
sliced in two police officer throat slit
police officer killed off screen murder
child murder dead woman with eyes open
dead woman on floor year 1849
no opening credits blackmail
pendulum torture
poison deadline
life imitates art costume ball
engagement buried alive
sewer newspaper review
alcoholic police inspector
newspaper office baltimore maryland
author two word title
based on the works of edgar allan poe bird in title
animal in title death of child
title spoken by character surprise ending

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