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MPAA Rated R for sexual content, nudity and language

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman talks to a man about being a virgin and how she wants to "do it" with him. She takes off her dress and is shown stood in her bra and panties. The man (now topless) is shown dancing with the woman. Later he pulls down her panties and it's implied they have sex. No nudity.
  • In a montage, a man is shown in bed with several women (one at a time), they are shown in their bras. All are apparently post coitus.
  • A man is shown getting into a tub naked (his butt is shown) at a psychic's place. The psychic gives him a salve to put on his penis, scrotum, and anus. She then asks him to think of the two of them doing something very sexual.
  • A man and woman talk about the rules of them being "f*ck buddies". They are shown later in bed (implied that they had sex), the woman in her lingerie and the man topless.
  • A man and woman talk about the woman's desire but inability to have pleasure while making love. She then stands up and starts takes off her dress. The man touches her and she freaks out and the man leaves.
  • A woman is shown at a chiropractor's office taking off her dress, revealing her bra and thong panties, and puts on a robe. While the chiropractor is working on her, she makes sexual noises. Later, after the chiropractor leaves and come back, she is on the table in her underwear, trying to seduce the chiropractor. Some flashes of their sexual encounter are shown, no nudity.
  • A fully nude woman (breasts, pubic area, and butt shown) walks by a man. It is implied that the man's friend (female) had sex with her, followed by a discussion of bisexuality. The man's female friend takes off her top to change into a dress, her breasts visible. It is implied that the man and woman have sex. They are shown later showering together, the only nudity being the man's chest.
  • A man and two women are shown in bed in the morning, implying that they had a threesome. One of the woman's breasts is visible briefly as the sheet falls away from her. The second woman's breasts are also visible for a period of time.
  • A man talks to a call girl about her "magnificent pussy". There are some flashes of the call girl bonding the man. It is implied they have sex.
  • A man and woman, in a steaming shower at a spa, talk. Their inner thoughts discuss their want to be with the other, but their inability to project their desires vocally. At one point, the woman thinks about taking off her suit and the man gets an erection. It is implied that they have sex.
  • Two best friend (man and woman) talk about having sex with each other. They are shown later kissing, sex implied.


  • Some profanity, mostly the "f" word in relation to having sex.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some incidental drinking.

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