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  • Sookie is home from the hospital and is convinced that her relationship with Bill is over. She receives a message from Eric, who is still in Mississippi, that Russell is still out to get her and so prepares for his arrival. Eric has his own plans to get revenge on Russell. With Bill now home, Jessica begs him to teach her how to be a vampire. Tara is still suffering from her ordeal but refuses to talk to anyone about it. Jason is pleased when Crystal shows up on his doorstep, though with a black eye, saying she will not return to her home. Jason promises to defend her against her father and fiancé, but they too have their dark secrets. Lafayette meanwhile comes home to find his mother waiting for him, claiming she was released from the care facility.

  • Shaken and disillusioned, Sookie rethinks her relationship with Bill. Sophie-Anne takes up a new residence as Russell plots his next move. Jessica and Bill reconcile; Jason throws down the gauntlet in hopes of saving Crystal; Lafayette gets a surprise visit from his mom, Ruby Jean; Sam tries to keep Tommy in check; Merlotte's gets a new waitress; Eric proves the depth of his allegiance to Russell. Sookie finds herself in a vulnerable position when Alcide needs to deal with a family emergency.


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  • Open with Sookie screaming her head off. She asks to speak with Bill alone. Sookie and Bill agree they love each other but that Sookie will never get what she wants being with a vampire.

    Sophie-Anne moves her belongings into Russell's home. Talbot is not pleased. Russell tells Talbot about killing the Magister. Talbot thinks it might have been a mistake. Eric watches secretly from the other room before surfacing to tell Russell Debbie is in his study.

    Debbie tells Russell she wants to go after those who killed Cooter. Russell asks Eric what he thinks and he suggests Sookie is too valuable to be killed. After Debbie leaves Eric says keeping Sookie around could be a mistake. After Russell asks if he can trust Eric, Eric responds that for 1,000 years he's been looking for a true leader.

    Terry sings to Arlene's belly. All of a sudden Terry turns into Rene and he tells Arlene she'll never be able to free herself of him. It is, of course, a dream.

    Bill tells Jessica he has released her. She says she still needs help being a vampire. He responds that he's no good for anybody, but she won't leave: "I don't want to be alone anymore."

    Alcide stays with Sookie to keep her company. Andy and Jason arrive asking Sookie to press charges against Bill. She says Bill didn't know what he was doing and tells them the relationship is over. Sookie hears Jason thinking about a secret. He threatens to get payback against "that fanger" and leaves.

    Tara won't tell Lafayette about her ordeal with Franklin. She promises she wants to live.

    His mother Melinda shows up at Sam's home in dog form. Sam allows her to come in but won't let her stay long. Melinda asks Sam for money and gives her a little. After she leaves Tommy cries.

    Tara has a nightmare involving Franklin.

    Lafayette comes home and finds Ruby Jean on his porch yelling about wanting to protect him from "vampires and witches."

    Tara joins Sookie for some sun bathing. The two hold hands and relive childhood memories. Sookie tells Tara it's over but she can't get Bill out of her mind. Tara thinks she would be a "dumb bitch" to return to Bill. Sookie wants Tara to tell her about her recent ordeal. Tara leaves just as Alicide arrives.

    Jason goes through a box from his Fellowship of Sun day. He pulls out some special shotgun shells as Crystal pounds on his door. She is wet and has a black eye. She swam there so "they couldn't track her scent." She wants to borrow his truck, but he wants to hear what happened first.

    Arlene interviews and hires Holly to be a new waitress. Holly recognizes that Arlene is pregnant..

    Sam finds Tara in the back cleaning up after breaking a bottle. She is emotional and weepy and Sam comforts her.

    Crystal says she's been "promised" to finance Felton since she was four. She's from Hotshot and says this is how things are done. Felton punched her after she said she wouldn't marry him. Jason kisses her and says he'll drive her anyplace but she can't have his truck. He will protect her there. She says "you don't know them." Jason responds "they don't know me."

    Lafayette has Jesus come over to take back Ruby Jean. He tells Lafayette a new nurse left her alone. Ruby Jean is wielding a knife, saying she won't go back. Jesus talks her down deftly.

    Eric grabs Hadley in the hallway and wants her to give Sookie a message.

    Alcide leaves Sookie alone to go find Debbie. He's worried about her being alone but she says, "If I'm in danger Bill will come." They agree if they were smarter they would have fallen in love with each other.

    Before a shift at Merlotte's, Sam asks Tommy to keep an eye on Tara. Hoyt walks in and wants to talk to Jessica. Tommy tells him she is out of his league. Tommy challenges Hoyt to a fight and Sam has to step in and bring Tommy to his office. Sam wants Tommy to make something of his life, perhaps go to college. "You really don't know me at all," Tommy says.

    Bill trains Jessica in vampire combat. Bill says his relationship with Sookie is over, but Jessica doesn't understand. He tells her it is because he loves Sookie that he must let her go. Jessica says she loves Hoyt and feels the same way about him.

    Sookie hears a noise and grabs a shotgun but it's just Hadley. Sookie has to tell her Gran is dead. Hadley gives her a message from Eric: "Russell is coming for you, don't trust Bill." Sookie isn't sure. A weepy Hadley leaves, but not before Sookie reads her mind that she told people something secret.

    Talbot has a hissy fit about Sophie-Anne and begins breaking things. Eric suggests he can keep Talbot company.

    Post-sex, Crystal tells Jason about her life. She can't stay because eventually "they will come and kill you." Jason is sure that won't happen. Jason puts her in the shower and goes out for food.

    Crystal's father Calvin Felton and another come into Merlotte's looking for Crystal. Sam throws them out.

    Jesus tells Lafayette Ruby Jean's crazy belief that he is in danger is her way of showing she cares. Jesus tells Lafayette that for someone with as much energy as he has, dealing drugs is dangerous. Lafayette says he's been trying to stop dealing and Jesus kisses him.

    Eric beats Talbot in chess. Talbot wants to see Eric naked and Eric has him clear the room of guards. Eric takes off his shirt and the two begin to kiss.

    Jason arrives at Crystal's place with a shotgun. The place is empty but hears music inside. Jason follows a blood trail and finds what looks to be a man (wolf?) eating something bloody. Jason walks out just as Calvin pulls in. Jason threatens Calvin to say away from Crystal.

    Debbie and a few werewolves arrive at Sookie's. Bill and Jessica each take on one of the wolves, leaving Debbie free to kick down Sookie's door. Sookie is wielding a shotgun, and initially tries to talk Debbie into salvaging her life with the people she loves. Debbie disarms Sooke and the two begin to fight.

    Bill finishes off the wolf he was fighting and is about to walk upstairs when he sees Jessica chase a wolf outside. Bill yells for her to stay in the house but it is too late; Russell has her outside. Russell begins to chomp on her but Bill talks him into fighting him instead. Russell hands Jessica of to one of his wolves and starts beating the crap out of Bill.

    Sookie slashes Debbie across the face with a pair of scissors and has the opportunity to shoot her.

    Russell continues beat on Bill as we cut to Eric and Talbot in the throes of passion. Having brought Talbot to the peak of passion he turns him over and tells him: "Russell took my family, now I take his." Eric stakes Talbot through the back. Russell senses this immediately and flies away.

    Sookie tells Debbie to get out of her house but does not shoot her. Bill bursts into the room. The two exchange 'I love yous' and begin to kiss.

    We see Jessica has gotten the better of her wolf and is finishing him off in the bushes.

    Sookie and Bill have make-up sex surrounded by broken glass and splintered furniture as the episode ends.

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