"Mad Men: The Grown-Ups (#3.12)"
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Synopsis for
"Mad Men" The Grown-Ups (2009)

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Mad Men - "The Grown Ups" - Nov. 1, 2009

Friday, Pete sleeps on his office sofa. His secretary wakes him with hot cocoa. They're both wearing winter coats indoors. He complains that it's instant. The heat's out apparently. She says the building will fix it. He apologizes for snapping about the cocoa.

Pete goes to visit Lane, who informs him that Ken will be made SVP, head of account services and Pete will be made head of account management. Pete wonders what it's based on since their billings are neck and neck. Lane says he's good with meeting client needs but Ken makes them feel like they have no needs. Lane commends him on taking it well. Pete shakes his hand and says he hopes it was a difficult decision. Lane says it was. Pete sees Ken on the way out and gives him the evil eye. He leaves the office.

Peggy and her roomie come back from lunch and talk men. Her roomie doesn't like Duck, or his cologne. Peggy thinks it's good that her roomie is being picky about men finally. She says it's easier since they're all married and she's not a risk taker like Peggy. Peggy points out that Duck's not married. Her roomie wonders why she's with him then. They split at the elevator and pass Pete along the way.

Margaret and Mona are checking out an extravagant pair of blue Van Cleef earrings Jane gave Margaret at lunch: blue and new. Margaret is mad that her mom is taking Jane's side, and she's annoyed that Jane is giving her advice like don't go to bed mad and dress sexy. Margaret whines that Jane ruined her life. Her mom points out that Roger played a part in it. Margaret says she knows. She starts to cry, saying that she shouldn't be marrying Brooks, and he and his mother both know it and babbles about how in India they burn the bride if she doesn't show. Then she cries that Jane is coming to the wedding. Her mom says Jane is. Her mom tells her she's babbling and sends her to her room. She says if she wants to act like a child she'll treat her like one. And like a child she calls her daddy.

She calls and tells Roger that she doesn't like Jane and is mad about the gift. She puts Mona on. He says if she wants to cancel the wedding he'll take the deposit out of her inheritance. Mona mom translates. When she calls her bluff and says the wedding is canceled, Margaret says okay. Then Mona reminds her about the burned bride. She says she and Roger don't want any more drama. Mona returns to the phone and Roger asks after her and she laughs. He laughs, they hang up.

He calls Jane in and complains about the gift and tells her to stop talking to Margaret, it's screwing things up. Jane says she's trying to be nice which makes her the good person here. Roger says she isn't good because she doens't listen and she really upset Margaret. Jane starts to cry and complains that everything he does is for her. She runs to the bathroom and locks the door.

Trudy comes home to find Peter, who hyperbolically says he got fired. He explains about Ken. He's eating some leftovers and complaining about Lane's frog-like mouth. She asks if he lost his temper. He didn't. She's proud of him. He says he's going to call Duck. She says to wait and see how it goes. He says he doesn't understand how caring too much about clients and them noticing can be a bad thing. She tells him that he holds all the cards and that it's going to be fine.

The baby cries and wakes Betty. She notices Don is not in bed. She goes to the nursery and he's there with the baby. She says she thought he left. He says he's here. She thanks him. He says he's done it before. She tells him to go back to bed and he hands the baby over.

Peggy and Kinsey brainstorm. Now the building is too hot. Duck calls and Peggy asks Kinsey for a minute. Duck says he's in a hotel right around the corner. She begs off saying she's eating with Kurt and Smitty. He calls them a couple of homos and says to blow them off. He tells her to be creative with her excuse. She tells Kinsey she's going to the printer. He says he knows a nooner when he hears one. She calls him disgusting.

These next few scenes happen in quick cuts:

Pete goes to Harry to commiserate about Ken. He asks if Harry was consulted. After the fact, Harry says. Pete wonders what it means. Harry says it's not good. Pete knows and that there's no future for him there.

Don confronts Lane about not hiring someone to replace Sal. Lane says it's too expensive. Don complains about the heat.

Duck is watching the news at the hotel and Cronkite is on reporting the early information on the JFK shooting, at this point he's still alive. Peggy arrives and complains about the smoky room. He says he's glad she came. They kiss.

Don complains that they have to have a head of the art department. Lane says to call St. John. Don says Bert Cooper still has a say and stalks off. Lane gets a call and says "What??!!"

Harry tells Pete if they wanted to fire him they would've. Harry complains about his place at the company and what he's done for it by coming up with the TV department. A bunch of people bust in to check out the news of JFK.

Don walks through the office and the phones are ringing off the hook as people watch the news. Don asks what the hell is going on.

Betty watches at home and gets the Chet Huntley news that the priests say he's dead. Carla walks in and asks if he's okay. Betty relays the news and they both start crying. Carla sits down and lights a cigarette. The kids come in, heads down. Sally puts her arm around her mother.

Post-coital Peggy wonders if Duck gave her a hickey. Her mom doesn't like it. He mentions that there was a news story on before and it was distracting him. She giggles that he didn't seem distracted. He plugs in the TV right before the famous Cronkite announcement of JFK's death. Peggy sits upright and asks what happened. Duck says he has to call his kids.

Margaret, sitting in her wedding dress in front of Mona and the TV, weeps "it's ruined, it's all ruined."

Don comes home to Sally and Bobby watching the news. Betty comes in and they hug. She says she can't stop crying. He asks why the kids are watching the news. She asks if she's supposed to keep it from them. He tells her to take a pill and lie down, he'll handle the kids.

He tells them to turn off the TV and he'll make dinner. They're transfixed, listening to witnesses on the news. He tells them everything is going to be okay, there'll be a new president and everyone will be sad for a bit and then there'll be a funeral. The kids wonder if they're going to the funeral. Don gives up, sits down and takes Bobby on his lap and they watch.

Later, he goes into the bedroom where Betty fell asleep listening to the radio. He clicks off the radio and pops a couple of her pills.

Saturday, Betty and the kids watch Cronkite. He tells her to get ready, it's almost time for Jane and Roger's wedding. She says, "really, Don?" He tells her to come on. She wonders if it's canceled. He says if it's off they'll grab dinner in the city, he can't sit in watching TV.

Pete watches the news. Trudy asks if he can see bags under her eyes. Pete complains about LBJ, and how they didn't vote for him. He can't believe they have to go, considering her hates Sterling Cooper and the president's been murdered. She says even if it's canceled, they have to show. Trudy sits by him and asks if he's been drinking. He says the whole country's drinking, not to celebrate some spoiled brat's wedding. He tells her some people at the office weren't even upset, that Harry was complaining about lost ad time. Trudy is appalled, saying she doesn't care what your politics are, this is America and you don't just shoot the president. He says she can go and say he's sick if she thinks it's that important. Nope, she says, now mad at his co-workers, she thinks it's better to stay home.

At the wedding Don and Betty chat with another guest about how people heard the news.

Roger goes to the microphone and has people fill in the empty seats up front and tells people to help themselves to both the prime rib and the filet of sole, really, since there are no waiters. Lots of people didn't come. Mona's new boyfriend is pontificating about how they should hang Oswald. Mona tries to change the topic to the food.

He goes over to Mona to say the crisis has been averted but Mona says the cake's not coming. Roger curses and spins and downs a drink and stares at Don. Betty is surprised to see Henry Francis walk in. "Of course," she says under her breath. Francis greets a woman. It's his daughter. He's friends with Brooks apparently. Margaret tells them to sit anywhere. Betty downs a drink.

Bert, Jane, Harry, Ken and others watch a TV in the kitchen, it's Oswald being brought in. Jane wonders how you would know that's what a monster looks like. Harry points out that he lived in Russia. Roger comes in to the kitchen to ask what 's up. She says they're about to interview Oswald. He tells someone to go buy a cake. He tells her she needs to come in and hear his toast. She says she's heard it a million times and the president is dead. Roger tells Bert to keep an eye on her.

Roger gives his toast, he says lovely things about Mona, calling her a lioness and thanks her for resisting the urge to eat her cub. He toasts Margaret and Brooks and the fact that they're celebrating them and their future instead of watching TV. He has a dance with Margaret. The bandleader invites everyone to the floor. Don asks Betty if she wants to dance. She says she doesn't know. He takes her hand and leads her.

Margaret and Roger dance. She says Mona is happy with her new man. He says that's because she doesn't know his net worth just dropped by half.

Don and Betty dance and she's troubled. He tells her everything is going to be fine. She wonders how he knows that. He kisses her, good.

Francis dances with his daughter who wonders why he keeps looking at Betty. He says he doesn't know what she's talking about.

Betty emerges from the powder room and Don and Francis are standing near each other. She goes to Don and they depart. Francis watches her leave on the sly.

Back in his hotel room, after dumping a drunken Jane on the bed, who passes out immediately, Roger, himself wobbly, calls Joan.

He asks her what's new. She smiles. He says it's incredible isn't is. She agrees it is. He mentions Margaret's wedding. Joan sympathizes. He says he can't believe how quiet it is out there. She says not everywhere, since Greg just called from a busy ER. He says he had to talk to her, nobody else is saying the right things about this. She says he's really upset. He wonders what that's about. She says it's because there's nothing funny about this. He tells her to hang in there adn they hang up.

Sunday, thenext day, Betty, back home. watches the news. And catches the shooting. She screams. Don runs in and Betty says someone shot him. She stands up and yells "what is going on?" He tries to grab her arm and she tells him to leave her alone. Sally comes in asking what happened. Don says nothing. He is rattled too though.

Later, Betty comes in and wakes Don who fell asleep on the couch. She says she's going for a drive to clear her head. He wants to go too and take the kids, but she wants to be alone. She drives to an old grey building where there is one other car. Francis gets into her car. He asks where Don thinks she is. She says she doesn't care, she couldn't be at home. She says she was surprised to see him at the wedding. He hoped she'd be there. She asks him what's going on. He too says it will be okay. She's not sure if she can believe him or anything right now. He asks if she's thought there are other ways to live. He says he wants this to happen. She says she has three children. He offers to leave the campaign. She doesn't want him to do that. He says he wants to marry her and that she doesn't have to answer right now. She doesn't know what to say. He says it's okay but if she searches her heart she'll know he can make her happy. And then they make out. She says she could go. He says he wishes he could take her to her favorite movie right now. It's "Singin' in the Rain" she says. He tells her to think about that and gets out. He watches her drive off.

Pete and Trudy snuggle and watch the continuing coverage of the shooting. Pete can't believe people just stood there and watched him get shot. She says he's not going in to work the next day. Of course not, he says, it's a day of mourning. She wonders about Tuesday and then grouses that those people don't care about him, even though he did everything asked of him. She tells him to start gathering his clients since they'll follow him anywhere.

Betty comes home and says to Don that she doesn't know where to begin. She says she wants to scream at him for ruining their perfect life and then he tries to fix it and there's no point. She repeats that there's no point. He says he understands that she's upset but that the pain will pass. She says she doesn't love him. He tries to tell her she's just distraught. She says she is but she still knows that she doesn't love him. She kissed him yesterday didn't feel a thing. He looks upset and says that she'll feel better tomorrow, she'll see. She says he can't even hear her right now. He says she's right.

She turns up the TV and sits down. He goes into the bedroom, looking bereft and untethered and sits in the chair and hangs his head.

Monday, he comes down dressed for work. Betty is serving breakfast to the kids. He looks at her sidelong and tells the kids he has to go to work. Bobby warns him that it's cold. He puts on his coat. Betty looks away purposefully. The kids watch her do this. He walks out.

He goes in to work and is surprised to see Peggy typing away. She's working on the Aqua Net campaign. She says it doesn't shoot until after Thanksgiving so they're okay. She asks what he's doing there. He says bars are closed. She says the grief was too much at her mother's house and her roomie and friends with their condolence letters were also too much. She heads off to watch the funeral in Cooper's office. She asks if he's coming. He declines and heads into his office and pours a drink.


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