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Excruciating comedy horror
Leofwine_draca16 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
NIGHT OF THE DRIBBLER is a rather excruciating comedy horror set on a basketball court. It was an independent movie and thus looks fuzzy and cheap, even in the excellent presentation by Code Red who have got it looking the best they can. A shame the film is so deeply, crassly unfunny and stupid, then. A masked killer is stalking and slashing the members of a basketball team for reasons unknown, but all of the set-pieces are fumbled in the worst way with bad camera angles, editing, you name it. In between we're subjected to cheesy romantic interludes, boring plotting, and more bad acting than you can shake a stick at. It's a real chore to get through this one.
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mrgb4812 October 2009
I wasn't expecting much when I rented this,but thought I'd check it out,since I like Fred Travalena.I remember him from the late night talk shows and thought he was the next Rich Little.He plays 3 roles in this and tries to be funny,but it doesn't work most of the time.I could tell that the movie was trying to be funny and there are a few chuckles,but not much for 87 minutes.I mean,the movie drags with a capital D..There is no horror,even with the murders of the basketball team,but it takes a long time to get to them..You can probably figure out who's committing the murders a mile away,but I won't say who.This movie is bad,but not as bad as The Gingerbread Man.
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If I was a ref, I'd T this movie up so fast! So fast!
ElijahCSkuggs6 October 2009
Ha, what a bust this movie was! Before popping it in I was only aware of the awesome cover and title of the movie. You'd think Night of the Dribbler would be somewhat of a horror movie, right? Well you'd be dead f@ckin' wrong. This flick is nothing but a comedy. A very corny and lame comedy.

Night of the Dribbler revolves around a few silly things. A bet between two stupid deans, a story of confidence for the secretly talented equipment manager, a mystery of who the masked Dribbler is, and of course the zany antics of the Coach/Detective/Announcer of Fred Travalena. Mash all that stuff together and ya got the movie.

The movie as a whole isn't a complete total piece of crap, as it's horrendous in an so-so entertaining way. Ya got silly death scenes (one guy dunks a ball with two hands on a razor rim and gets his hands cut off), and the talented Fred Travalena (R.I.P.) occasionally succeeds with his in your face humor. But most of the time you're sitting there dumb-faced at all the lame jokes, and waiting for another scene with the Dribbler.

The scenes of basketball are pretty funny in a sh!tty way. That is if you actually like basketball. I love the game, so I find the ridiculously awful talent of everyone involved (besides the black dudes) to be pretty funny. The introduction scene before the game where all the players came out and were shooting bricks and air-balls was some good, stupid stuff.

But when it comes down to it, this movie's bad with a capital B. If you were foolish enough to think this was part horror, then think again. Only check this flick out if you love the round-ball or have a super duper ticklish funny bone, as this film shoots thousands of air-balls (jokes) at you.
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