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strikes a fine balance between story and action
disdressed126 March 2010
this animated offering from marvel is quite good.i liked the's nice to see a little thought put into it once in doesn't take a back seat to the fact,i think the balance between the two is about even.the action sequences are well done,and some are fairly graphic,and bloody.this is a 14A film,for sure.the voice acing is terrific here.Rick D. Wasserman provides the Hulk's voice and i don't think anyone could be more suitable.equally as impressive is Paul Dobson as the voice of Beta Ray Bill.i'm also glad they included such a great character in the movie.there are some other great characters as well.for me,Planet Hulk is an 8/10
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Great Fun! Marvel Rulz!
Ricky Spanish5 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Animated films like this one are the reason why Marvel is king. Honestly, most agree that the Marvel Universe is the richest, most entertaining fictional realm ever imagined by man. Now, it's good to see live action and animated features that can match or at least come close enough to the magnitude of the books. While not as complex as the reads themselves, these animated features carry their own level of satisfaction. Just like "Hulk VS" before it, this film delivers the goods. It's more than fun to see Hulk in a gladiatorial setting. It's a blast to see Beta Ray Bill pop in from out of nowhere! When you compare these animated films to their only real competition, it clear to see that Marvel still has the advantage. Planet Hulk makes Green Lantern: Fist Flight look sick by comparison. Hulk VS outclasses the mindless Superman/Batman: Public Enemies and so on. When the foundation is stronger, the things built upon it will be stronger as well.

Hulk is the strongest there is... and so is Marvel. Bring on the Thor animated project!
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Good Enough, But I Hope There's a Sequel
JasonLeeSmith11 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
"Planet Hulk" is an adaptation of a storyline from the "Incredible Hulk" comic book, in which Hulk is exiled to outer space by a bunch of other super-heroes, because he is such a menace on Earth. Of course, things don't go as the heroes plan, and, due to a wormhole in space, instead of being sent to the idyllic, tranquil planet that the heroes intended, Hulk is instead sent to Sakar, a divided world, ravaged by hostile monsters, and ruled by the cruel monarch known as the Red King.

The "Planet Hulk" storyline from the comics was huge, and there was no real way to adapt the entire thing into a movie, as a result, you get a much scaled down version of the story. There is a depth to the comic book which you just don't get in the movie, but the movie never feels rushed, or overly edited, so it scales down the comic book well. The two biggest changes from the comic to the movie are: 1) The Brood character is not present as a member of the Warbound, and 2) Silver Surfer is replaced by Beta Ray Bill as one of the gladiators that Hulk fights. In watching the "Making of" segment, apparently they didn't have the legal rights to use the Silver Surfer (possibly tied up with the company that currently is controlling the rights to the Fantastic Four), so they used Beta Ray Bill instead. He was a good choice, but he (basically an alien version of Thor) is kind of a silly character, who wouldn't be known by anyone but real hardcore Marvel Comics fans.

The movie goes right up to the point where the Red King is defeated. People who have read "Planet Hulk" know that this is not where the storyline ends. Again, the creators explain this in the "Making of" segment, saying that they wanted to make the film self-contained. The end of the comic, ties directly in to "World War Hulk" the next Hulk storyline. Also, the comic ends on a much more depressing note.

All in all, I enjoyed the movie, but really hope they make a sequel that adapts "World War Hulk."
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One of Marvel's best animated films
Otaku-sempai4 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I've just finished watching PLANET HULK for the second time; this time with the commentary track by Joshua Fine and Greg Johnson. The second audio commentary by Director Sam Liu, Character Designer Philip Bourassa and Key Background Painter Steve Nicodemus is only on the 2-Disc Edition DVD and Blu-ray disc. I find this to be a very satisfactory movie--one of the best animated films from Marvel so far. I can't comment on the changes from the original 400-page story since I haven't read it; although, many of the changes are discussed on the commentary track and in the "Making of..." featurette. Substituting Beta Ray Bill for the Silver Surfer seemed a bit strange, but I understand the reasons for it and the change works pretty well. I agree that ending the movie on a high note was probably for the best. Further developments can always be explored in a sequel.

The introduction for, and opening sequence to, THOR: TALES OF ASGARD has me jazzed for that movie too. It's a shame that it won't be released until next year, with no other Marvel animated DTV movies announced yet.
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Grand Concept, Poor Execution
robertjwilds28 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I have been a Hulk and Marvel fan for many years and I'm always excited to see a new Hulk title hit the screen. Perhaps it is my decades of 'fandom' or high expectations, but for me this title just fell into the same category of unfulfilled expectations as other Hulk movies and DVD's have done in the past. I gave this title a mediocre 5/10. This may be good in comparison to other titles of the genre, but it is still a far cry from what an animated Hulk title should be.

*** Spoilers, Spoilers, Spoilers *** The Good 1) The concept of Earth's heroes exiling the Hulk is fun and makes sense based on his history in the Marvel Universe.

2) The shadow warriors possessed interesting chi-like powers, a pseudo-religious faction and a legend of a savior. Their involvement didn't develop nearly as much as I would have liked even though that had more potential to move the story forward than another plot device, the "spikes".

The Mediocre 1) The weakening of Hulk via wormhole travel. I realize there needed to be a mechanism to support the Hulk being able to fit into a "Gladiator" rip-off, but this was entirely random and never explained as the movie developed. You could never tell when or if Hulk recovered from the effects, especially since he was able to be injured badly throughout the film. Making super heroes less super to fit a lack of imagination can never be excused.

2) Beta Ray Bill's inclusion in the movie was fun, but his exit was silly. "We're not tied to the world" and then he flies away. Unlike Thor, Beta Ray Bill came from a horrible background that would have motivated him to stay to help the enslaved people of this world. Instead he bailed and Twilight Hulk stuck around. At the very least it was an odd exit for someone worthy of wielding Mjolnir.

The Bad 1) Little bugs should not be able to stab the Hulk with a spear and nearly cripple him, no matter the weakening effects - it's as bad as having Hulk revert to Banner in mid-fight. There's just no excuse for this. None.

2) Hulk just wasn't that mad. This is possibly the worst part of the movie. Hulk wasn't the rage machine many of us love, he was brooding... I'll watch the Twilight series if I want brooding. I watch the Hulk for unstoppable rage. The Hulk can be angry and still be able to speak. It was just not included in this movie.

3) The emperor wasn't a worthy villain and the arena concept was cliché and a weak device. The Hulk should have Apocalypse level villains. This was a guy in a bad Iron Man suit. This was another reason the movie didn't allow Hulk to be at his 'Hulk Smash!' best. If Hulk would have really reached his smash potential, this villain would have been done in 15 minutes.
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The Hulk has finally found his place
xamtaro1 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
They have finally done it. The heroes of earth have finally rid themselves of the dangerous Incredible Hulk, banishing him to the far reaches of space. As one world breathes a sigh of relief at the departure of one of their most dangerous threats, another yearns for the arrival of a prophesied warrior savior. The alien planet Sakaar is ruled under the iron fist of the "Red King" who rose to power after presumably saving the population from a parasitic threat called "The Spikes". Upon landing on this hostile world, the Hulk is taken prisoner and made to fight in gladiatorial combat for the Red King's pleasure. Along the way, he meets new friends, faces new foes and uncovers a conspiracy that would shake the very foundations of life on Sakaar.

Adapting material from the fan favorite comic saga(with a few minor changes), Planet Hulk is an adrenaline pumping hero's journey from slave to savior; following the hulk from his first violent encounter in the arena to his eventual rise to power against the Red King. The action never lets up as the movie rips its way across battle after battle allying the green Goliath with a motley gang of fellow slave fighters and pitting them against foes each deadlier than the last. Complemented by fluid animation and beautifully rendered backgrounds, Planet Hulk is a visual feast for the eyes only suffering slightly from a lack of art detail in the character designs themselves which bears a similar look to the previous "Hulk Vs Thor" animated feature. Boasting a Sleek, stylized and square-ish design aesthetic that allows more attention to be focused on the smoothness of the animation, the character's simple artwork sometimes clashes with the more detailed backgrounds.

Arguably, the Hulk himself is the least interesting of the bunch, but does have a decent amount of character development. On a planet where his fearsome and violent nature is not shunned but praised, the Hulk slowly overcomes his hostility toward others and finds a place among friends who accept him for who he is. The side characters are wonderfully fleshed out too, each of them outcasts with their own demons. Fallen priest Hiroim has to deal with his crisis of faith, Krog the stone Kronan tries to get over his guilt from killing his brothers, even the cowardly Miek slowly grows from a "hider" into a warrior. Voice acting maintains the same high standard that fans have come to expect from Marvel animated movies.

Like this show's portrayal of the Hulk, "Planet Hulk" is a smarter story compared to the blind savage "all action" fury that was "Hulk Vs". Though the story is derivative of so many other "Slave to hero" tales like Spartacus, it is a timeless classic told from a fresh perspective. The battles are a lot more violent than they look, constantly pushing the PG13 film rating(One of the characters gets their eyeballs popped out of their sockets for crying out loud!) and It is counter-balanced by a well paced, straight forward narrative with emotionally engaging characters.

However, some basic knowledge of marvel comics lore would enhance the viewing experience. For starters, it is never explained why the Hulk does not revert back to Bruce Banner when he calms down, nor is the character of "Beta Ray Bill" ever given a proper introduction other than the mention of his name. To viewers who are unfamiliar with the basics of marvel comics characters, Beta Ray Bill may come across as no more than "the horse god of thunder".

This animated Planet Hulk movie may not please the fans of the original Planet Hulk comic series as much due to its compression of a year's worth of story material into a mere 81 minutes, but by letting the film stand on its own merits without comparison to the original comics, it is a sure-fire crowd please. As the incredible Hulk finds a place he where belongs on the planet Sakaar after a shaky hero/threat career on earth, so too does he cement his role as Lionsgate/Marvel Animation's biggest star after an equally shaky history in live action movies and TV series.
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ortsacknat5 February 2010
I am a big Hulk fan and always have I've read a lot of his comics...this movie was so awesome and filled with action I'm not sure i liked it more than hulk vs because i prefer a hulk that straight savage rather than a suppressed version where he is hulk but can still speak and stuff.. But it was still amazing i just watched it twice 1 right after another just as i did when i bought hulk vs... The story was great i also like how they added in the story of Thor...i also have that comic 2...this movie in general was amazing and i really hope they make the sequel to world war hulk where caiera dies and he returns to earth to hand out proper punishments...But until then ill just keep watching this 1 because literally i was in awe when i watched it and will watch it again in a bit for a 3rd time...also thought it was awesome to include beta ray bill but would have preferred silver surfer...overall this is one of the best marvel animations ever made
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A stripped-down story.
Shawn Watson1 April 2012
Instead of opting for a 6-hour mini-series that fully explores the dense Planet Hulk story we get an 80-minute no-frills interpretation. It's good, but it could have been amazing.

Bruce Banner is gone, and this is not his story. All that remains is the Hulk. The Illuminati banish him from Earth as his rage causes too much destruction. The ship is sucked into a wormhole and transports Hulk to the other side of the Universe to the planet Sakaar. As he emerges from the wreckage he is enslaved (temporarily weakened by the wormhole) and thrown into a Gladiator contest with other slaves. Not taking too kindly to such treatment Hulk strikes back and kickstarts a revolution which will change the whole planet.

A lot of good stuff has been cut out. But on the upside the ending is much better and more upbeat. I just can't help but mourn what could have been though. The Planet Hulk story is truly epic, and to strip it down to the bone doesn't make much sense to me.
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Marvel Animated Features has done it again
ersinkdotcom30 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Marvel Animated Features has done it again. They've taken one of their greatest creations and successfully adapted one of his most well-known tales for the TV screen. Planet Hulk features the green legend in his finest form – huge, angry, and violent as you always expect him to be. There's no David or Bruce Banner to be found here. He's just a raging green behemoth let loose on a warring planet he mistakenly gets in the middle of.

This, once again, is an animated feature done right. It gets straight to the action, while not completely sacrificing story and plot. Why Hulk is being sent in a spacecraft from Earth by the other Avengers is explained quite thoroughly in a span of about 30 seconds and you never question that motivation again through the rest of the 80-some minutes of non-stop forward motion. Come on, what comic book fan isn't going to like this? It has Hulk battling robots and alien monsters in a coliseum atmosphere with swords and brute strength. What's not to like? They even fit in a special appearance of buzz-hero of the hour Thor for good measure.

The animation is good old-fashioned 70's and 80's style, while still being improved upon and current. There's no CGI here – at least not noticeable. It definitely is more in the style vein of Spectacular Spider-Man and Super Hero Squad than the dreadful looking Iron Man: Armored Adventures.

The voice cast has some great talent involved, but no one that is widely known or any big-name actors. The Hulk is voiced by relatively unknown Rick D. Wasserman. It also features voice talent from Kevin Michael Richardson (Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, The Spectacular Spider-Man, The Batman), Liam O'Brien (Wolverine and the X-Men, Afro Samurai: Resurrection), Mark Hildreth (V, Wolverine and the X-Men, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, X-Men: Evolution), and Lisa Ann Beley (Iron Man: Armored Adventures, Transformers: Galaxy Force, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Dragon Ball Z).

Overall, this is a great straight-to-DVD entry to add to your collection of Marvel's animated movies. It seems like it's being positively received by comic book fans from what I've read around the net, but there's always going to be the one or two die-hard fans that will complain about it not being completely true to the year's worth of written / drawn story. It might be a bit violent for some youngsters, so don't be tricked by the "Not Rated" marking on the packaging. This is definitely in the PG-13 or at least PG realm.
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Marvel Animations "GET IT"! Big Screen Hulk Movies "ARE LOST"!
tim_s_wiley3 February 2010
I wasn't sure if i would like the somewhat-more intelligent sounding hulk vs my good old one-syllable brute.... but it works really really well and the jump is subtle and done believably well and within context of the old green brute.

As a big hulk fan but not a hard core comic fanatic i loved this DVD. Actually I liked it much more than the "Hulk VS" which i thought were well done as well.

I never followed the Planet-Hulk comics too closely and while glancing at covers was wondering what was going on but now i know and I'm glad i got to experience it from a fresh perspective.

Fantastic characters and character development(I loved this new world).... I would have preferred the Silver Surfer being free'd like the comics... just because i like the idea of him and Hulk as a team... i think their chemistry works in a very unique way.... but the substitution in this animation movie was suitable and didn't take anything away.

Lots of Hulk fighting while developing a very nice story and some very interesting characters...(mainly his lady friend).

I like how the Hulk after being exiled from Earth is overcoming his resentment of mankind and slowly starting to care about other beings again.

This reinforces the development of the slow/hesitant/misunderstood big hearted hero he is and becomes in this movie. This along with many other things is what the movies never capture...

This DVD has some great battles that truly show you that Hulk is the man in the Marvel universe.

I just wish they would have included one feat of strength or at least one clear example of strength growing proportional to rage. There are implied amazing scenes but nothing in your face like I would have preferred. Like Hulk VS... this movie doesn't have any issues about shedding some blood including the Hulk's and I like it now as i did in Hulk VS.

If you liked Hulk VS I think you will love this SAGA even better as it is a much more cohesive story... I would love to see more following this story line.

It has plenty of Meat and Potato(SMASH)... but also some nice delicious sides to balance out the meal...

Well DONE!!! Very Well DONE!!!

So When is someone going to get it right on the big screen?

I mean both big screen hulk movies have some good qualities but too bad neither of them capture story or action that remotely compares to the brilliant Marvel animation productions.

Don't make me whip out my movie script!!!
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Why can't stupid plot-holes leave Hulk alone?
alanrayford25 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I really, really like the Hulk. I grew up on the Bixby/Ferrigno series. I collected the comics. I watched the cartoons. Hell, I even think I had the underoos. Despite all of this, "Planet Hulk" left me feeling extremely disappointed and highly doubtful about Marvel's overall strategy for their DTV line. But first, here's what I liked.

The story had respect for its audience and didn't hold any punches when it came to the violence. When beings made of solid rock got their hands on creatures that weren't, bodies were pulverized. People who were felled with bladed weaponry actually bled out and died. The Hulk even got a hole punched in his chest, which is always cool to see. All of this culminated in us seeing a child burning to ash in a woman's arms—really heavy stuff that pushed the boundaries of a PG-13 rating.

Thankfully, all of this bloodshed was beautifully rendered by Studio Madhouse. As a fan of animation, I can't ask for anything more than a production to be detailed and move fluidly. And, in this, "Planet Hulk" delivered in abundance. I especially noticed this during the two scenes involving the Spikes. The way those creatures were drawn and the way those things were animated rivaled anything H.R. Geiger has ever put out.

Lastly, I liked the running time. Be it D.C., Marvel, or Dark Horse, animated DTV's tend to run from 60 to 75 minutes. This one was 80. Now a five minute difference may not seem like much. But, to me, it's a major step towards approaching proper feature film length. If the majority of the viewing public is ever to take these projects seriously, they need to measure up to live action films in length. Yet, there was one thing…one major thing about "Planet Hulk" that left a bad taste in my mouth.

I didn't much care for the Hulk. I realize this is based off a 2006 comic storyline, but this isn't a comic book. This is a movie that has to appeal to a larger base than the fans who follow a title from month to month and year to year. And this wasn't the version of this character to do it—at least not for a Hulk fan like me.

The iconic version of the Hulk is nothing more than Bruce Banner's reaction to danger. He comes out, smashes the threat into grease, and then, once the coast is clear, turns back to Banner. Yet, in "Planet Hulk", comicdom's other famous Bruce is nowhere to be seen. And, to find out why, you have to watch the film with the commentary track. Now, while I thought the explanation was solid, it should've been covered in the film. No, this wasn't the only omission.

The iconic version of the Hulk has the mindset of a child. When he talks, he utters simple phrases like "Hulk smash" or "leave Hulk alone". Yet, here he throws out a few complex sentences like "walk out that door and you're all going to die" and "good, now I know who to smash". Worse, this film gives him the capacity for abstract thought. One instance is when, instead of attacking the immediate threats, he waits until the guy calling the shots is revealed. Much, much worse, it's never covered directly in the story or indirectly in the supporting materials why or what has increased his intelligence. And no, I'm not done detailing what was left out.

What the hell is an Old Strong? In this film there's a woman who, while no larger than a normal human, is just as strong as the Jade Jaws. The only explanation given for this is that she's an Old Strong—for whatever the hell good that does.

Then there's the lack of dramatic tension. The Red King, the major baddie, doesn't want the Hulk subdued, captured, or bent to his will—he wants him to be executed. Well, simply put, you can't kill the Hulk. I've seen his head chopped open by helicopter blades, his middle run through with a two foot thick shard of rock, and his body reduced to little more than a skeleton. He usually makes a full recovery before the page is up. The recent movies have also put this unequaled healing factor on display as well. So when the Red King wants the Hulk to be killed, it doesn't up the ante. It doesn't add to the suspense. It just makes the major antagonist seem inordinately delusional.

"Planet Hulk" feels more like a cut and paste job than a true film. In this case, Marvel Films cut out the Hulk and pasted him onto a scenario which could best be described as Spartacus in Space. However, they took a version of their character most will not be familiar with that doesn't really have any longevity. Then the creative team failed to explain the numerous changes to the Hulk's status quo from his more iconic depiction. I wanted to like this movie, and planned on buying it. However, now that I've seen it in all of its lackluster glory, my money will go towards something else.

Oh, and on an aside, regarding the upcoming "Tales of Asgard"—WTF. The fans of the Mighty Thor comics aren't going to want to see the Odinson as a teenager trying to find his way. The more casual fans, who may not be as familiar with the character, definitely won't. In both cases, they'll want to see the helmet, the cape, and, without doubt, the hammer that serves as his trademark. If Marvel Films can't figure that out, then maybe they should leave the DTV market to D.C. and Dark Horse.
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A fun movie
JoeB13121 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This film is based on the "Planet Hulk/World War Hulk" story lines in Marvel Comics, except it is somewhat sanitized for a kiddie audience.

The other comic book superheroes, getting pretty tired of Hulk's BS, decide to shoot him into space onto an uninhabited planet where nothing can make him mad. He instead lands on a planet full of gladiators where everything ticks him off.

This is not the IQ challenged Hulk we've all come to know and love from our childhood. This Hulk is aware of his surroundings and capable of making moral choices. He eventually becomes involved in a rebellion against the Emperor of this world, some pretty good action scenes follow and we even get some romance.

Animation is of not great quality, and for some reason, they felt the need to include "Beta-Ray Bill" (one of the sillier Marvel super heroes) in this movie instead of the Silver Surfer.
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Smart, brooding and very well-animated- another winner from Marvel
TheLittleSongbird28 August 2012
Planet Hulk for me is not perfect. I do think that it could have done with a longer length, consequently a couple of scenes wouldn't have felt as rushed and more could have been done with a couple of others. Namely Beta Ray Bill's exit, which seemed rather silly and somewhat defeatist. However, Planet Hulk is still an excellent film and more even than Hulk vs. The animation is very good, with very detailed backgrounds, stylish character animation and atmospheric colours. The action sequences are well-choreographed and exciting, and the music has a haunting quality that is ideal for the tone of Planet Hulk. The writing is intelligent and smart, and while the basic concept is somewhat standard the story is even in tone and compelling. The characters are generally well-developed and interesting, Hulk is brooding and charismatic, the Emperor is a worthy villain and Beta Ray Bill is a great inclusion. The voice acting is very good. Overall, excellent film if not a perfect one. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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Best Hulk Film, Smash Others
in19843 February 2010
It really deserved to be in theaters, but I'm guessing that the number of previous films and fairly so-so box office success has reduced further Hulks to DVD only. It's the best cartoon film since Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and would have been one of the top 3 of 2009 if it had been released a couple months earlier.

For those used to previous Hulk stories, this takes the science fiction beyond Earth into space. Those who have seen Avatar will see similarities, but this is far better than Avatar even if it lacks the visual realism.

If it has a defect, it's a couple unneeded flashbacks and the animation, while very smooth and realistic in motion, isn't as realistic in visual quality as some current high-budget cartoons.

The characters and voice acting makes up for much of this. Miek is certain to be a favorite. For those who've seen Bye Bye Bin Laden, you'll be pleasantly reminded of the cockroach people.
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A plot-hole filled, uninteresting story with good backgrounds and okay animation.
Tom Thumb4 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Firstly, I have to say: I don't like the Hulk. The character, to me, is an angsty scientist who goes mental. I like the whole Jekkyl/Hyde element, but, past that, he just seems dull. I am aware of the character, seeing the 2003 snoozer by the name of 'Hulk'. I also saw the enjoyable 'Incredible Hulk', that made the character do pretty much all the character does on Earth. So, out of the three films, 1/3 isn't a good track record (I'm not counting 'Avengers Assemble', since the character is not the main focus). The story starts well, on a spaceship where we learn that the Hulk is being sent to an uninhabited planet filled with vegetation. At the same time, an alien with green gravy granules prays for the 'Sakaarson'to come to the planet. Coincidently(?) the Hulk flips out, veering the ship off course, into a wormhole that leads him to the planet Sakaar. He is then forced into slavery by the Red Dude. He becomes a gladiator, fights off the Thing on a diet, only there are about 6 of em, along with a giant technology monster(?) (that is never expanded on)killing off gladiators the audience have no emotional attachment to. The Red Dude then starts fighting Hulk in a big ba-blinding golden robot suit. (I'll admit...that was kinda awesome, or, at least WOULD HAVE BEEN if the didn't have a fight scene with strange creatures every TEN MINUTES!)

Blah, blah, blah, plot, blah, blah, blah, back-story, blah, blah, blah, how can the Red Dude control the alien zombie-making creatures, and make them fall from the sky? Blah, blah, blah, about four story arcs, and none of them are interesting...

This film includes things, like aliens and robots, which are interesting. Unfortunately, these things are not expanded on. There are characters introduced to be personalities (even that's a stretch) and they could have become interesting the the audience if a couple of fight scenes were shorter. Actually, this film is 80 minutes, but feels like 2 hours because the main story elements are clichés, the fights scenes, while being visually impressive, are too long and too many. The characters are dull, the plot's dull and why did the Hulk not become Bruce? And why did the Hulk's blood make plants grow? And why did the Hulk automatically become the leader when the Red Dude died? Was there an election? Was there a monarchy? Does this make sense?

The backgrounds were very well done, along with the fight scene animation. The rest of the animation was just...okay. Not bad, but not particularly good either.

Plus, who was the horse guy with Thor? What was his story? Why do people like this film?
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Planet Hulk (2010)
SnakesOnAnAfricanPlain27 January 2012
How I long for a world where this could be live action. A world where Hulk films could get Avatar style budgets and returns. It would be so beautiful. Until that day, I can enjoy the wonderful Marvel Animated films. This is certainly one of their best. It sees the Hulk sent into space and finding his place in the world (another world). We are treated to classic gladiator battles, some excellent supporting characters, and a final battle that doesn't disappoint. It's running time keeps it engaging and fast, mixing the Hulk SMASH! with a little bit of character development. We also get to see Beta Ray Bill being ass kickingly awesome. Overall, a great comic cartoon film with loads of action and wickedness.
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The best Hulk story yet!
spazrocks31 August 2011
This story of the Hulk is the best I have come across even as a comic book collector. It would be a dream come true if you could have Frank Miller take this on with real actors, this could be one of the best comic book to movie adaptions ever. I think there could be a lot more dialogue and more character connections + portrayal combinated with real (non-computer animated) actors playing the parts of all the characters. Maybe even use a Mr. Olympia (Jay Cutler,Ronnie Coleman) or someone who is an actual human Hulk and give a real feel to the character unlike the other real life Hulk movies that have been put out (CRAP) They pulled it off on the Hulk TV show it gave a way better feel to watch a crappy actor like Lou Ferrigno play the part rather than a computer animated version. It's an easy enough role that almost anyone can pull it off if you look the part.

If Arnold Schwarzenegger can play a kick ass Conan character, then I'm sure there are some HUGE meat heads that could pull it off's all about the director! FRANK MILLER...MAKE PLANET HULK!
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The Line Between Destroyer and Savior
athomed24 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This review should only contain light spoilers.

To begin I have to state that I'm a huge fan of Greg Pak's 'Planet Hulk' arc. I consider it my favorite comic book arc of my lifetime. This is Hulk at his best and his worst, the movie clearly explores that.

Amazing visuals and sound start the movie. We first see the Illuminati explaining why they chose to banish Hulk to another planet where nothing can hurt him and he can't hurt anyone. But Hulk goes on a rampage and sets the ship off its navigation to an unknown planet.

At the beginning of the movie, his great strength is weakened by going through the portal to Sakaar. Hulk finds himself on a planet where he can hurt. He's immediately marked with a mind controlling device and forced to be a gladiator.

Awaiting his first fight, Hulk meets his fellow gladiators. At first the Hulk follows his instincts from Earth and wants to be left alone. He won't fight for anyone but himself.

Soon as the stakes become higher, as the innocent are in danger, we see Hulk decide. This is one of the reasons Hulk is my favorite comic book character. Hulk decides to be a hero, a superhero. He fights for the people who would fight for him.

This is when Hulk realizes this planet isn't like Earth. He's an asset on Sakaar where strength is livelihood. The Oldstrong, Caiera, the evil emperor's protector, keeps her eye on him.

Eventually he becomes attached to his fellow gladiators, his warbound. Together, they choose not just to free themselves but to free the entire planet. Is Hulk the Sakaarson? The savior of the people.

I think this is the best superhero animated feature I've ever seen but I can't quite give it a 10. I can't because one of my favorite parts of the story is the romance and the love, mutual respect of Hulk and Caiera. Unfortunately, it didn't get enough time for me in this movie, which clocked in at around 70 minutes.

But don't let that deter you. This is a great movie. You can't miss the special features either, they're great, including commentaries and the original writer and illustrator of the Planet Hulk comic book arc talking about the story and its roots.
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Hulk finally getting the life he deserves
DCfan23 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was really awesome and action-packed but warning ahead there is blood and agony in a few scenes of the movie so beware of that, however, the movie is a very successful movie. It was nice to see Canadian voice actors and American voice actors working together.

As I mentioned blood when Hulk is fighting Beta Ray Bill and defeats him there is blood on him and when I mentioned agony in a few scenes of the movie when spikes fall they go into the skin and make the victim have consistent spikes growing. A second warning ahead of the last scene with the Red King is brutal.

Overall good film but I wish Fred Tatashiore was The Hulk instead.
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A Masterpiece
babyofel6 April 2011
Honestly, before seeing this movie I was a bit cynical. The characters looked like those in X Men Evolution and Ben Ten so I thought it would be just another boring and mediocre direct to video release. But soon afterward I was proved wrong, not only is "Planet Hulk" one of the best animated films released in decades, the movie could start a trend in more mature animated features geared primarily towards grown up audiences. The storytelling here is just stupendous, there is no dull moment whatsoever and you really care and root for the protagonist super(anti)hero and other supporting cast. The story though would not be that effective if the animation and art were lousy and I'm glad to inform all Hulk fans that the high standards employed by the movie's art department is beyond excellent and will totally blow you away. This film is nothing short of an achievement above the sea of mediocre animation releases saturating the market. Highly recommended
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This was horrible!!!
archangel254 February 2010
The artwork and animation was horrible and the story totally sucked!!! There was nothing good about this whatsoever. I am so lucky that a friend of mine let me use their DVD to watch and did not spend my money. Whoever did the artwork for Dr. Strange should be doing all of the artwork for whatever Marvel Comics character they will use to make a movie. DC has gotten them beat when it comes to making their comic book characters movies. All of that history Marvel has and they come out with mess like this. Truly as sad as the motion pictures that have been made. I was not too happy with the X-Men and Spider-Man Animated Series in the 90's with them changing the comic book story lines around but at least the artwork was good.
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Amazing comic, plot-hole filled movie with stripped-down storyline
Kamen_Rider_Kiva6 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Personally, I'm a huge fan of the Planet Hulk series, I've read the main comic multiple times. My main beef with this story is the amount of events that've been skipped entirely, or done in the wrong order. Overall, I find this movie to be a chore to sit through.

Now then, here be spoilers. 1. During the first initial scene, the Hulk felt a bit too weak. The insectoids almost incapacitated him! 2. The scene in the comics where Meik & Hulk get sold into slavery isn't established. This was an important scene to help build the world around them & introduce the character of Meik, along with his personality. 3. The scene in the colosseum was rather nice, but Lavin's death was too early. This resulted in Elloe not being able to have her rather nice story-arc, therefore making her kinda boring as a character. 4. Though this being more understandable, the fight scene where the Hulk & crew are in the Maw trying to survive is melded into the colosseum scene for time constraint. However, this scene actually helps build up the character of the Hulk, showing that he'd sacrifice himself in hot lava to try to fight for his friends. 5. The Warbound part seemed rather rushed, and they left out a major character/ possible love-interest (The no-name Brood from Broodworld), she was quite the voice of reason in the book, and she helped Meik in times of trouble. 6. The Red King seemed rather weak, & suffered to pose any real threat. In the comic he was maniacal, even being quoted when he (MAJOR SPOILER) purposefully released the Spikes, bombed an innocent village, and had memories from everyone that is partners with the Hulk as saying "What do you want from me? Tears? For these SLAVES? For these MONSTERS? Yes. I killed them. As is my right. As is my duty...As is my pleasure!". That quote alone can establish the malevolence of him, but in this he just seems like a rich snob. 7. The ending, this is my final strike against the movie (Aside from all the plot holes. :P). What happened to the very emotional, thought- provoking, and extremely memorable ending? Seriously (Once again, huge spoiler) in the end, the warp-core thing that was in the engine acts as a nuclear bomb, going off right as the Hulk has started a fresh, peaceful new world-order with his queen. It destroys everyone but Korg, Meik, Elloe, Hulk, Heroim, Ms. No-name Brood, and some civilians. Hulk has nothing left, his people, his child, his wife. All he has is rage, and he wonders why, why must the humans do everything wrong. Why is all my issues from them? Etc, after that, he boards his ship with the others & prepares for war against the humans. It was such a great ending, which is completely missing, and immensely makes the movie suffer.

Overall, as an animated action movie, it's okay. As an adaptation of an amazing comic, nope. I say just skip the movie, & go buy the comic. :D
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Planet Plot holes
Cheese Hoven30 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Earth's heroes, unable to cope with the Hulk, send him to another uninhabited planet but en route he destroys the vessel and crash lands on a different world.

An interesting premise. Unfortunately everything afterwards is the most cliché ridden stuff you'll ever see in a superhero film. I've not read the original comic, so I don't know whether it is quite as bad as this.

First off, the main bulk of this is set in a Roman-style arena, something we've all seen a zillion times before in comics and with a stereotypical cast list of fellow gladiators including the meek one, unimaginatively called Miek (obviously this is the same school of script writing that gave us Unobtainium).

Next we have a series of fights, arranged in presumably ascending order of difficulty, but to me, the fights are in diminishing levels of interest. In the first, one of the inmates has the dilemma of having to kill his brothers. These brothers (and later Beta Ray Bill) are controlled more tightly by the slave discs than the Hulk or the rest of the gladiators for some unexplained reason (the reason being that it fits the plot) After this, The Hulk kills the next monster with one punch. And, on the second day, the supposedly superior monsters all turn out to be robots and not very impressive ones at that.

Then there's Beta Ray Bill.

Despite the prophecies that the Hulk will save the world, it is actual Beta Ray who destroys the slave discs on everyone. (And why is it that when these discs, which appear to be translators too, are destroyed, that everyone can still understand each other, including the Hulk?)

More importantly why does Beta Ray Bill just fly off in the middle of the fight? Why upon seeing a group of oppressed and outnumbered people does he just choose to go home?

Clearly Beta Ray Bill is just there as a plot device, once that is fulfilled, he has to be gotten rid off quickly.

The remainder of the film is equally obvious. The Hulk is too eloquent and intelligent throughout and has several unconvincing duels with Caiera, a woman whose entire body mass is equivalent to one of the Hulk's arms, yet manages to fight him to a stand still. The Red King rather stupidly tells Caiera that he arranged the destruction of her village (the sort of thing that only bad movie villains do). And. out of nowhere, a romance between The Hulk and Caiera unconvincingly appears right at the end, although unhinted at before.
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Hulk s-meh-sh
Fluke_Skywalker7 June 2014
In recent years, the animated straight to video market has done much to rid itself of the stigma that "Direct to DVD" was a code word for "Awful". These new films are much more sophisticated than their predecessors, and make no mistake, 'Planet Hulk' is *not* a kids film. In fact, I'd say this was more violent than either of the two live-action 'Hulk' movies. Blood and death abound, and there aren't any lessons to offset it.

With its dull animation, weak voice acting and uninspired dialog, 'Planet Hulk' may not reach the heights of some of the better titles to come down the line the last few years, but it's a serviceable distraction that should please Hulk fans. For everyone else, mileage may vary.
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