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(I) (2013)

Plot Keywords

drone alien
memory surveillance
space station melodrama
erased memory shot in the head
shot in the back shot to death
shot in the chest binoculars
threatened with a knife surrealism
fighting with self knife fight
knife space travel
ambush telescope
love triangle laser
lasersight hanging upside down
abandoned library sniper rifle
robot sniper
spacesuit nasa
female astronaut electrocution
lightning revelation
warrior cigar smoking
self sacrifice violence
death murder
altered version of studio logo space shuttle
astronaut mexican standoff
war veteran painting
drawing vinyl
cabin in the woods forest
woods suspense
battle combat
brawl fight
white house dog
boyfriend girlfriend relationship husband wife relationship
karate martial arts
hand to hand combat fist fight
female nudity sex in a pool
kissing while having sex kiss
redhead gunfight
opening action scene man falling
empire state building manhattan new york city cryonics
amnesia skyscraper
romantic rejection shot in the belly
mid air collision flying through a thunderstorm
deception tear on cheek
engagement ring spaceship crash
friendly fire kissing underwater
swimming underwater skinny dipping
booby trap rappelling
stray dog motorcycle riding
maintenance goalpost
chewing gum yankees baseball cap
aerial drone vertical takeoff
titan the moon waterfall
two in a shower nightmare
year 2077 starts with narration
narrated by character some scenes in black and white
spaceship ex soldier
resistance resistance fighter
stadium crash landing
motorcycle premarital sex
shootout pistol
machine gun hologram
future nuclear explosion
nuclear bomb mushroom cloud
fictional war desert
dystopia fight the system
social commentary cyberpunk
electronic music score no opening credits
terraforming genetic engineering
cloning clone
air battle aircraft
swimming pool dream
flashback black and white scene
2070s new york city
brooklyn bridge washington monument
whitehouse pentagon
washington d.c. artificial intelligence
exploding body explosion
exploding ship voice over narration
shower bare chested male
outer space written by director
post apocalypse alien invasion
based on comic book based on comic
soldier one word title
human versus alien surprise ending

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