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Season 1

2 Mar. 2010
Krista's Mom
When her hard-to-please mom comes for a visit, Krista lies about being the manager of Players to impress her and then, in a moment of panic, lies again about being engaged to Ken but when her mom decides to move out to Phoenix
9 Mar. 2010
Grand Re-opening
While planning a grand re-opening of Players, Ken's repeated attempts to prove to the staff that he's capable of having fun backfire when he injures a customer at the big event who threatens to sue and shut Players down for good
16 Mar. 2010
Barb's Husband
Bruce is nonchalant about Barb still living with her husband who she's separated from, she gets upset and breaks up with him, ultimately forcing Bruce to fake a jealous rage and win her back.
21 Jul. 2010
The Intervention
When Ken becomes concerned with Bruce's gambling, he stages an intervention which only he takes seriously.
31 Jul. 2010
Cumdog Millionaire
When Bruce leases the bar out for a film shoot that turns out to be a hardcore porn movie, Ken is incensed until he's invited to play the part of an authentic restaurant manager
7 Aug. 2010
Cousin Leonard
When Bruce and Ken's mentally-challenged cousin Leonard comes for a visit, Ken does his best to keep Leonard from being a menace to Players but only succeeds in painting himself as a dickhead who hates retarded people.
14 Aug. 2010
World Cup
When Players becomes a haven for European soccer fans, who flock there to watch World Cup qualifying matches, Bruce and Ken come to blows over their alliances to the fans of England and Germany respectively
14 Aug. 2010
Teardrop Angels
Convinced that Ken will never stop pining for his ex wife, Karen, until he sleeps with someone else, Bruce puts up a $2,000 bounty to the first Players staff member to get Ken laid.
14 Aug. 2010
Mr. Meat Snak Stix
Bruce holds a promotional event at Players for a brand new snack product that ends up being meat-flavored crank which turns everyone in the bar, including the staff, into hopped up, violent drug fiends.

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