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Sex & Nudity

  • Matt, Craig, and John go to a strip bar. Topless women are dancing (5 dancers are listed in the end credits, but not all are topless). John and Craig are given lap dances by topless women. John ends up on the stage on his back, several women crawling over him.
  • Maria gives John a lap dance at the cabin, she remains clothed but sticks her breasts in John's face.
  • Maria and Matt have sex, she is topless.
  • Val and Craig have sex, she is topless.
  • Logger 1 and Bertha have sex, she is topless.
  • Val makes out with Rodney, she removes her top, but her breasts are unrecognizable, covered with large sores and blood.
  • Jimmy has sex with Helen(?), she shows her bare back and partial breast.

Violence & Gore

  • Zombies bite many people. People develop ugly sores on their faces and bodies. Several zombies are shot and killed. Several people vomit. Zombies chase and grab people in the woods. Guys fight. People hacked by a machete. A machete goes through a guy.


  • Over 80 f-words, about 20 s-words, some d--n, h--l, b---h. Slang terms for anatomy. Some sexual dialog.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Logger 1 and Bertha smoke, Lewis smokes.
  • Matt, Craig, and John drink excessively at several bars and at a cabin. Others drink with them.
  • Mark smokes dope.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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