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Joe Morton Stars In Indie 'The Mulberry Tree' - Special Screenings In USA Throughout January

Joe Morton as scientist Mike Dyson in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, as well as The Brother in The Brother from Another Planet are two onscreen images of him that have stuck with me most, even though the revered actor has done a lot of other work, and is quite consistent, even though you may not always see his name on the marquee, or his face on posters.  Not this time however. From director Mark Heller, and writer Louis Crugnali comes a drama titled The Mulberry Tree, which tells the story of a young man (Crugnali) forced to face his past as he gets to know a convicted murderer dying of AIDS (played by Joe Morton) at the Rhode...
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Latest MPAA Ratings: Bulletin No: 2249

Today's batch of MPAA ratings is nearly void of any titles of interest outside of the final one. Diablo Cody (Juno, Young Adult) steps behind the camera for her feature directorial debut, working from her own script for what is still being called the Untitled Diablo Cody Project, though it has been referred to as Lamb of God in the past. The film is a comedy starring Julianne Hough (Rock of Ages) as a sheltered young woman who loses her faith after a plane crash and decides to go to Las Vegas to experience the wild side of life. On her journey, she meets unlikely companions (Russell Brand and Octavia Spencer) who inadvertently help her find her true self. It has earned a PG-13 rating for sexual material, substance abuse, some language and thematic elements and as of now still doesn't have a distributor, let alone a release date. I
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Watch “The Mulberry Tree” Trailer Co-starring Joe Morton

Screening at this year’s Independent Film Festival Boston, The Mulberry Tree is a redemption drama starring Louis Crugnali and Joe Morton.

The film, written by Crugnali and directed by Mark Heller, tells the story of a young man (Crugnali) who must confront his own past as he gets to know a convicted murderer dying of AIDS (Morton) at the Rhode Island prison where he works.
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