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19 Oct. 2010
New Kid
A teenager with a special ability is abducted to an isolated prep school where he is told that he will be trained in the use of his ability... whether he wants to or not.
26 Oct. 2010
When a thief strikes at Tower Prep, Ian discovers that he's been framed for the theft. With time running out until his trial and inevitable exile to West Campus, Ian and his friends try to locate the real thief and bring him to justice.
2 Nov. 2010
Ian and the others try to learn the identity of the mystery student who left Ian a note.
9 Nov. 2010
Ian realizes that Coach History is connected to the Gnomes, and joins the Buffer team to learn what Coach History knows. However, Ian soon becomes too involved in the game, and is forced to change between winning or rescuing his friends.
16 Nov. 2010
The Rooks
After Ian learns from Gabe about a secret fraternity at Tower Prep called The Rooks, Ian and Gabe get tagged to join, but is there more to The Rooks then they appear.
23 Nov. 2010
Book Report
While writing a book report about The Odyssey, Ian discovers notes about how to escape Tower Prep, written by a former student named Norman. While on his quest to follow the clues, Ian encounters students similar to the creatures in the book.
30 Nov. 2010
As Gabe decides to run for class president after one of the candidates gets sick, an epidemic of weakness and power loss sweeps across the school, targeting Gabe's friends as well as other students. With time running out, an infected Ian has no choice but to seek out the Tower Prep authorities for treatment.
7 Dec. 2010
Field Trip
Ian and the others use a field trip to disguise their efforts to escape, but encounter Redfang, the legendary monster of the woods.
14 Dec. 2010
The four students have similar dreams of a mysterious old man and a set of yellow elevator doors.
21 Dec. 2010
Phone Home
Ian celebrates his birthday and gets home sick from missing his parents. So, he decides to call his parents, only is he talking to his real ones.
21 Dec. 2010
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28 Dec. 2010
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28 Dec. 2010
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