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Plot Keywords

haircut billionaire
heiress poet
gun murder
self inflicted gunshot wound dialogue driven
cowgirl sex position kicked in the groin
kinky sex reverse cowboy sex position
rave single mother
nudity social differences
class differences hobo
car rocking taxi
yellow cab bare butt
cowboy sex position male sitting on a toilet
filthy toilet rap star
anthropomorphism bottled water
bare breasts female rear nudity
actress breaking typecast russian accent
paparazzi obsolescence
schizophrenia cocktail dress
black dress gridlock
living in a car voice recognition
woman on top limousine driver
shooting hoops revolver
glock taxi driver
frigidity funeral procession
graffiti spray paint
ambiguous ending political refugee
toilet minibar
financial analyst interracial sex
amazon woman female bodyguard
bodyguard sex in hotel
bookshop man child
sex with client stabbed in the eye
shot in the hand barber shop
squatting squat
rubber gloves latex gloves
no panties fully clothed sex
diner dysfunctional marriage
loveless marriage sexless marriage
doctor's appointment rectal exam
prostate exam taser
stalker disgruntled employee
casual sex female frontal nudity
shallow protest
stretch limousine sex with employee
ultrasound imaging sex in car
urination peeing
pieing sex in limousine
limousine barber
extramarital affair driver
violence capitalism
pie in face anarchist
deformity car
rat sex scene
nude with a gun female nudity
rat costume giant rat
dead rat one day
manhattan new york city one word title
based on novel

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