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Michael staked out a hotel pool, where he was supposed to meeting Gilroy, the man who seemingly wanted Michael dead last week. He wanted to find out what Gilroy was planning in Miami. "This man is a freelance psychopath," he told Fi, "and I'm the only one in a position to do something about it.

Gilroy creepily shook Michael's hand, held it and said he had "a working man's hands." Gilroy said Michael should be flattered by his interest in him, because most Americans bore him. He said the U.S. was "a nation of sheep." Gilroy asked Michael about why he killed Strickler. "I did the work, he bagged the cash," Michael said. "I just figured I'd eliminate the middle man."

Gilroy said Strickler's murder made "a certain CIA agent" take notice of Strickler's business and he (Gilroy) "was Strickler's business." So Gilroy had Diego tossed from a hotel window, he admitted to Michael. Gilroy noticed that Michael showed up at Diego's murder scene. Michael said he, too, was Strickler's business. Michael suggested they work together. Gilroy said he wasn't ready to go that far in their relationship yet.

"I'm still getting to know you," Gilroy said. "Getting to know all about you... and your little girlfriend up there."

He gestured toward a hotel balcony where Fi was looking out as Michael's backup, and suddenly a gunshot rang out and a flower pot on the balcony took a bullet. Michael wasn't happy.

"Champagne's on me," Gilroy said.

Sam was moving out of Maddy's house and offered him a hula girl lamp that would otherwise have to go into storage. Michael told Sam about his meeting with Gilroy and said he'd have to play the role of rogue agent to get in good with him.

Sam had a visitor at the house, an old friend named Mack. When Sam saw him, he punched Mack in the face. Mack admitted he deserved it, so Sam punched him again. Mack said he needed Sam's help and offered to buy him a beer. Sam turned him down and left. Sam told Michael that he and Mack had a "falling out" after serving together in the SEALs. Sam decided to take Mack up on that beer. Mack said after the Navy he'd taken a job working child abductions and came upon "a true predator" named Rincon who killed some of Mack's guys while they tried to bring him down. His command suspended him, claiming he didn't supervise the assault team properly. Mack said "a lot of bad guys could walk" if he was unable to clear his name. Sam agreed to help him, but didn't want to talk about their "dust up."

Back at the house, Sam didn't want to tell Maddy about his issues with Mack. Sam, Mack and Fi tried to sneak up on Rincon in the barrio, but when the locals took Sam and Fi for cops, everyone scattered, including Rincon. Sam was worried that if Rincon thought the cops were onto him, he'd never come back to the neighborhood, so Fi made a show of stealing a car to make it clear to the looky-loos that she and Sam were not cops.

They brought the car back to the loft and asked Michael for his help. Michael suggested they get the local gang leader to watch Rincon for them.

Sam found the gang leader, Omar Hernandez. Mack was dubious about their ability to get Omar, who he called "a thug," to help them. Michael said he'd just have to be "extra convincing." Michael was hoping to rattle up the chain of command, so he rolled up in the stolen car and asked some lower-level gang member-looking dudes if they knew where Omar was. They said they'd been looking for the car, but didn't know Omar. One guy pulled a gun on Michael, which Michael deftly turned against the man, held the gun to the guy's head and said he'd be waiting for Omar inside a little store.

Omar showed up and found Michael inside the store with Omar's guy held hostage. Michael, wearing a black suit with a red shirt and red tie (quickly earning the nickname "The Devil" from the gangsters) called himself Louis and told Omar that he wanted Rincon because he hurts children. He knew that Omar, as "king of the barrio," protected the neighborhood to some extent and wouldn't want Rincon around anyway. While Michael talked to Omar inside the store, Fi and Sam rigged up Omar's car outside. When Omar asked, "Or else?" to Michael's request for Rincon, Michael snapped his fingers and Omar's car burst into flames. In the same instant, Michael was gone, leaving only a note that read, "Find him," with Rincon's picture.

Mack was back at Maddy's house and Maddy asked him what happened between them. She said she was worried about Sam and called him her "best friend." Mack started to open up about Sam's ex-wife and Maddy figured he'd screwed around with her. Mack said "it wasn't that simple," and Maddy said it never is.

Back in the barrio, Mike and Sam were staking out Omar, who was having a sidewalk meeting with a guy named Vega, who ran a bigger gang nearby. Vega wanted a drug supply from Omar and threatened him by having one of his guys smash a store window. Omar said he'd have the shipment in a van at his warehouse. Mike realized that he would "have to become the bigger problem" by stealing the van Vega wanted. In doing so, he'd force Omar to deal with him and his request for Rincon.

Sam rigged up the warehouse, taking advantage of its plywood roof to slip some C-4 into the door hinges to make Michael's entrance easier. Fi, who was on the lookout, noticed Gilroy had followed them there and Michael decided he'd have to "put on a good show." A couple of the gang members recognized "The Devil" as he strolled up the street and Fi fired off some rubber bullets to take a couple of them out of the equation. The one who remained asked Michael what he wanted and Michael said he was there for the van.

"What van?" the kid asked.

Michael again snapped his fingers and the hinges blew off the warehouse door, which collapsed, exposing the van inside. The kid ran away. Michael got into the van and drove it away. Gilroy saw this and smiled and drove after the van.

Michael confronted Gilroy about following him and possibly compromising his operation. Gilroy said he wanted to be sure that Michael was the type of person he'd like to work with, "and it appears you are."

Sam called Mike and told him Omar was pretty freaked out about the missing van. Michael went to see Omar and offer him the van in exchange for Rincon. Omar pulled a gun on Michael, but he didn't even flinch as he told Omar that if he hurt him, Omar's whole world would come crashing down, and he listed his house and businesses by address. Michael reiterated that if he got Rincon, he'd disappear, and Omar asked for a couple of hours.

Back at the house, Maddy admitted to Sam that she talked to Mack about their situation, She shared that Mack had hooked up with Sam's ex-wife years after Sam's divorce and she said Mack took good care of Sam's ex. Sam said that wasn't the point, and left.

Michael came to Omar, who said that Vega was protecting Rincon and he didn't need that to be the final straw that sends he and Vega to war. Michael told Omar that if he didn't hand over Rincon, Vega would be the least of his concerns. Omar gave Michael an address of some abandoned housing projects where Rincon was hiding.

Michael tactically entered the building where Rincon was said to be hiding, trying to use the element of surprise. He realized it was a bit too quiet inside and outside, and Sam said it looked like "Vega decided to crash the party."

"Of course, surprise doesn't count for much," voiceover Michael said, "if you're falling into a trap."

A shootout, which included some nifty, special-forces-style, one-handed inverted rappelling out of a third-story window by Sam and Mike while they shot back at the guys who were shooting at them, ensued. Michael, Mack and Sam got away.

Back at the loft, Fi had a recording of Omar getting shot by Vega, and they all figured Vega must have figured out that Omar was looking for Rincon. They decided they should help Omar.

Michael showed up to talk to Omar, who was sporting a freshly bandaged gunshot wound on his left arm. Michael said he wanted to take care of Vega for Omar, but Omar thought Michael was crazy. Michael asked Omar to hear him out, inside. When Omar resisted for a moment, Michael raised his hand as if to snap his fingers and Omar quickly stopped him, saying, "just don't do nothing."

Michael told Omar the plan to get Vega to meet in his neighborhood. He agreed and Michael and Fi prepared an elaborate urban warfare set-up, complete with reinforced bullet-proof fruit stands, and ice cream carts loaded with explosives. Part of Michael's ruse was also to bring a prisoner, handcuffed, into the meeting, but the handcuffs would have a weak link prepared by Michael, and a listening device planted inside.

Omar met with Vega outside an abandoned building, where Vega boasted about how easy it was to take Omar down. Omar brought Michael, the "mystery man," into the meeting in handcuffs. Vega had some of his guys stay outside to keep watch.

Inside, Michael finally came face to face with Rincon, who asked who Michael was and punched him and elbowed him in the stomach. Fi winced each time Michael was hit, as she was listening through the device planted in the handcuffs.

Rincon grabbed a machete and told Michael to spill everything, or else.

Michael raised his fingers and snapped them one last time, sending a fireball through the front of the building (from the explosive-laced ice cream cart, which was set off by Fi). In the chaos, Michael snapped his handcuffs off and grabbed Rincon. Omar grabbed a gun and brought Vega out with it held to his head. He told Vega, "Welcome to my neighborhood." Michael tossed Rincon into the trunk of his car.

Mack thanked Sam for his help, and Sam forgave Mack for hooking up with Amanda. Sam said he probably wasn't so great at taking care of her because "the mission always came first." Mack said Amanda left him, too, and he thought she never got over Sam. Mack left and Sam shared a beer with Maddy.

Back in the barrio, Omar told Michael that people were asking about "the guy in the suit." Omar said he couldn't figure Michael out, and Michael told him not to try. He walked away, smirking. Omar tried snapping his own fingers, and nothing happened.

Back in a hotel room, Fi told Michael he was going to get himself killed if he kept messing with Gilroy. She was staging a one-person intervention and told Michael he was working too hard. She said he needed a life. She then pulled out her sniper rifle and asked Michael where he wanted her. He patted the bed. He said Gilroy wasn't going to be calling until the next morning.

When Gilroy called, Michael asked if they were in business and Gilroy said they were. "And there's a lot of work to be done."


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