Attack the Block (2011) Poster

Plot Keywords

gang alien
alien invasion creature
apartment corpse
beaten to death car crash
meteor crash severed head
cigarette lighter ultraviolet light
one day lens flare
decapitation threatened with a knife
machine gun stealing a car
child murder moped
katana sword man eaten by monster
death escape
burned alive flare
youth gang ambush
marijuana joint motorcycle
severed arm zoologist
violent youth machete
pheromones fire
character says i love you handcuffs
london underground one night
playground stoner
showdown marijuana
gas explosion foot chase
jumping from height sword
gang member murder
crashing through a window limousine
water gun held at gunpoint
parkour violence
animal attack parking garage
gang war toy gun
thrown through a window falling from height
cult film gang leader
severed nose slang
reference to simon cowell slow motion
stolen police car alien hunt
reference to ebay green blood
die hard scenario person on fire
stabbed in the back knife
character's point of view camera shot binoculars
friendship elevator
baseball bat teenager
gash in the face teenage hero
bloody body of child drug dealer
london england explosion
robbery guy fawkes night
exploding body fireworks
mugging three word title
eaten alive entomologist
monster nurse
gore housing project
animal killing shot to death
jumping through a window throat ripping
written by director exploding car
stabbed in the head firecracker
bonfire night set on fire
drug addict hit by a truck
chase tower block
swat team street gang
bitten on the leg character repeating someone else's dialogue
gate human versus alien
unlikely hero f word
hiding in a dumpster skyline
burned to death crime boss
bicycle police
helicopter falling down stairs
dog biologist
killed in an elevator covered in blood
blood spatter profanity
location in title blood
anti hero pistol
beating revenge
arrest meteor
hit by a car social decay
cell phone creature feature
hit with a baseball bat stabbed to death
urban survival
stabbed through the chin child in peril
axe stabbed in the chest
revolver killing an animal
police officer killed outrunning explosion
death of friend death of child
independent film

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