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An example of the tragedy of modern Hollywood - spoiler alert kinda sorta
daleholmgren18 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I haven't watched a modern comedy in years, but on a whim, I decided to watch this one. Comedies, when mixed with drama, usually are effective when bad things happen TO the protaganist, NOT when she causes her own pain with jealousy, envy, and acting out. This movie hits rock bottom when Kirsten Wiig explodes with jealousy when a pretty friend of her best friend tops her wedding shower gift. She tries to destroy everything in her path, lashes out at strangers, causes herself to lose her job, dumps a man who sincerely cares for her, refuses to accept apologies, and generally emits poison everywhere she goes.

And this is a COMEDY. No, it's not. Nor is it a drama. What it is is a depiction of what happens when a person is so mentally ill that they know that while life does not always go there that there are still people that treat you nice, but they are so self absorbed they don't even care, because they are not getting the fairy tale life.

I'm trying to limp through the last 20 minutes of this, but it's hard. I am not rooting for Kirsten Wiig. She's not someone that evokes pity in this movie, but rather someone who everyone should stay away from. The Ugly American.

I actually am watching the timer on my computer to see if I can stand to get to the end. 17 minutes. Apologies between the two leads at 15 minutes. The rage is real, but the apologies are those half-assed apologies you get from people who are sort of still self absorbed.

So why do I give it two stars? It's the first movie I've seen with Rose Byrne. Yes, people like to look at a lovely woman, but she acts lovely on the inside, a behavior this movie desperately needs.

With 8 minutes to go, the guy comes back. Why? Because of her half-assed apology a half hour earlier?

An anti-climactic, soulless ending. Thank you Hollywood.
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Funny but nothing that particularly special
joaofilipeafonso-353743 January 2018
Bridesmaids is an entertaining picture that does come with beliaveable characters and a story that never stops being entertaining, and is on a much higher remark than similar comedies. Kristen Wiig's contribution to the film, both as a writer and an actress, allows the film to showcase the talent among female comedians, but it is not without a bland story to pull it all together.

In a nutshell, Bridesmaids comes up with a generic story and bland direction to deliver a picture that has some genuinely funny actresses and gags, though it is nothing to write home about as being a landmark of comedy.
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Diarhea and farts, with girl parts
cncsurf2 January 2018
Fart jokes and toilet humor, while charming and funny for teenage boys. It just doesn't work with a bunch of middle age unattractive loud women. There was not one scene that was funny. I watched with some friends and we all had high hopes for a gross out humor movie like "Bad Santa" or "Bad Teacher" which both featured crude, yet likeable characters. Nothing was funny about this. Nothing at all. No one was laughing. The scenes that were suppose to be funny were so gross and predictable it ranks up with the reprehensible "Freddy Got Fingered." Avoid this movie. It is a 5 minute unfunny SNL skit stretched out to two embarrassing and unbearable hours.
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Laugh out loud funny, but don't expect a Rom Com!
debbiekirk242 January 2018
I can't believe all the poor reviews on here. I absolutely LOVE this film. It is hilarious and it is one of the few films I could watch over and over again without getting bored. A talented cast bring to life a hilarious script and I lost count of the laugh-out-loud funny moments. The worst part of the film is the title. I ignored this film every time I saw it listed because I had confused its title with Bride Wars with Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway which I found irritating rather than funny, but when I eventually decided to give Bridesmaids a go because there was nothing else on TV, I got such a fantastic surprise. I can only think that the viewers who gave this film such scathing reviews had been expecting a rom com, and this is nothing of the sort. Think of The 40 Year Old Virgin or even Two and Half Men and that is the kind of humour you get from Bridemaids, but with superbly funny women in the lead roles. Thank you so much to everyone involved: I can't wait to see it again!
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i'm so glad you were free..
amheretojudge30 December 2017

A smart funny writing filled with semi-comic sequences surprisingly not irrelevant making the audience rooted for the characters; Bridesmaids is a done deal.
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JP14 December 2017
I love Bridesmaids. The cast, the dialogues, the story are all amazing. It's probably the funniest comedy I've seen.

Annie Walker becomes her childhood BFF's maid of honor. Annie meets the other bridesmaids at a party and begins to dislike one of them, the elegant and beautiful Helen, who competes to be a better friend than Annie.

It is really funny. The characters are endearing. Melissa McCarthy is really hilarious and her character is my favorite. She is really fantastic. I also wished Rita had more screen time, I simply like her character.

It is also my first time hearing the song, "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips, and I just love it. The ending is so sweet.
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Bawdy, Raunchy Humor
kz917-118 September 2017
Funny, just go in knowing the humor gets very blue at times. This was a rewatch and I did not remember several of the scenes. A good majority of the actors are now quite a bit more famous than when this movie was filmed.

I would watch Chris O'Dowd read the phone book! Check out The Sapphires if you are a fan of his.
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Not even close to The Hangover!
batbhai25 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie has not set any standard, to be honest! It it is basically about a woman going through a really bad time in her life, and we are all supposed to find that funny, which isn't

First, the main focus will be Kristen Wiig- she blew me away in this film. Not only is she consistently and uniquely funny, but her character is surprisingly well-developed, more than the script itself. Few women possess the comic timing like hers and an ability to be cute and awkward at the same time which is so required for being the main protagonist.

In addition, three scenes- The argument with the 13-year old customer at the store, the airplane scene and the fight with Melissa McCarthy are absolutely classic.

Finally, the story isn't neither ground-breaking nor revolutionary in any terms; the film ends up being quite heartfelt and even rather sentimental in places. The stomach flu scenes in the bathroom and on the street were an absolute embarrassment. It tries to be derivative from the stupid standard comedy of Hollywood, and ends up more being a black comedy/dramedy.
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Sweetest confection, a comedy binge
Mike Beranek12 July 2017
Wow, I'm left having to seriously question my gender after I so much enjoyed watching this comedic tour de force. On a second viewing too I was again crying tears of joy and empathy for the company of girls who pull this off so well. The writing is perfect, and the gross-out slapstick and wisecracks traditionally given to a bunch of dudes are doubly enhanced delivered by this feminine ensemble. Men are very peripheral here - the only more fully-drawn featured fella has to mostly remain on the stage margins. However Chris O'Dowd is perfect as the chatty, selfless but not creepy match for poor Annie. They have such a lovely no frills off-beat romance. This contrasts with the elaborate wedding the movie might appear to be about but of course is not. One cant but wonder if Annie has learned never even to entertain the idea of wedding in the future i.e. on the day she she bags her knight in shining armor. Is this movie devaluing weddings? A bit. Pehaps it's just life events challenge us all and we find ourselves viewing the wedding from Annie's perspective: essentially a loss of a friend with one's youthful hopes & dreams given away to a bland indefinite future. The downward spiraling situation of Annie's played by the waifish Kirsten Wiig serves as the central comedy fulcrum. Her friends are unable to pull her out as she stumbles around and observes so recklessly various absurd truths. She fights a lonely battle trying to stop her friend's wedding becoming a charade masterminded by loathsome Helen Harris the Third. But there's a naive lack of cynicism and mutual high regard in the air so that by the end, miraculously the value of the titular wedding has not been completely undermined, just a little though, quietly upstaged by Annie's unconventional romance. There's numerous mad and funny characters throughout like weird lodger Brynn played by Rebel Wilson. Ultimately it's the cogent story that has the touch of Jane Austin about it, the great bits of dialogue and the star-quality acting that distinguishes this film as top class.
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Look Away!
kevinwhitehead-0909929 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is a future classic with so many laugh-out-loud quotes that stay with you. I'm a guy and this is one of my favorite movies.

Negatives: Only one and it is slight. The romance between Wiig and her boyfriend. There was just something missing. They had great chemistry it was just the scenes with them were below the rest of the movie. But they were needed.


First of all Melissa McCarthy is great, her best performance, obviously. She deserved the Oscar nomination and maybe deserved to win. Wiig is good, her best performance. Her writing in this movie is also Oscar-worthy. The rest of the cast is phenomenal with Rose Byrne, Maya Rudolph, Ellie Kemper, Wendi McLendon-Covey, and Rebel Wilson who steals every scene she is in.

Just look at all the great scenes; Engagement party, dress scene, airplane scene, car scene and my favorite the giant cookie scene. This is by far the funniest movie of the 2010s so far, and maybe one of the funniest of all time.
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Funny movie misuses German
Doin'this4Eliza17 May 2017
Hate to be that guy (just kidding I don't), but the German phrase used in this movie (Auf wiedersehen) more literally means "until we see each other again" rather than goodbye and this recently caused my dear friend to misuse it on the Facebooks. I would encourage better implementation of foreign languages in film so as not to confuse its largely American audience. After all, foreign relations are becoming ever more important in our Trump-filled global age. Also, the movie was quite funny.
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Absolute rubbish
Kingslaay12 May 2017
This film is just painful to watch and should be a huge pass. I do not understand why people call it funny because all its humor was flat and downright stupid. We see transparent and useless women all have a meltdown for their friends wedding. The performances, story, romantic interests and direction all make a poor combination and atrocity for a film. How did this film even get approved to be made? The studio must be desperate for quick cash and approved something that could cater to a number of people. Well it doesn't, it is a poor excuse of a film. Hitting your head and losing your memory after watching this film so you erase it would be a godsend.
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The Irony of Marriage
disinterested_spectator16 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"Bridesmaids" is a comedy about a bunch of women that are getting ready to be bridesmaids for one of their friends who is getting married. I thought this movie was funny and I enjoyed it, so there is no criticism coming from me in that regard. What struck me about the movie, however, was the irony of marriage that was obvious to the audience but seemed to escape the characters in the movie.

On the one hand, the women in the movie that are single want to get married and look forward to being married as something wonderful. There is, of course, Lilian (Maya Rudolph), the woman who is about to be married. Then there is Annie (Kristen Wiig), who is going to be her maid of honor, at least initially. Annie is single and wants to get married. Unfortunately, she is having a succession of one-night-stands with the same man over and over again. That man is Ted, played by Jon Hamm, whose good looks are almost painful to behold, especially if you are a man who has had to compete for women with the likes of him. Ted will never marry her, of course, for he doesn't even like her to spend the night, but wants her out of his place as soon as they are through having sex. When she finally breaks up with him (if you can call it that), he utters a classic line as he drives away: "You are no longer my number three." Finally, there is Megan (Melissa McCarthy), who is in the movie strictly for laughs.

On the other hand, the women in the movie that are married (or had been married) find marriage to be either sexually frustrating, sexually repulsive, disappointing, or just plain miserable. Annie's mother (Jill Clayburgh) is divorced and still resentful over being left for another woman over twelve years ago. Helen (Rose Byrne), Annie's nemesis, admits that her husband travels a lot and she is lonely. Rita (Wendy McLendon-Covey), who is stepmother to children that despise her, dreads having sex with her husband. And Becca (Ellie Kemper) is sexually frustrated because she is married to a neurotic man for whom sex has to be done under specified conditions so exacting that they often end up not having sex at all.

But the women that are single are oblivious to the unhappy situations of the women that are or were married. Unfortunately, that only means the movie is true to life.

While the women are getting ready for the wedding, Annie meets Nathan (Chris O'Dowd), a police officer. They seem to be suited to each other. They have sex over at his house, and he has no qualms about letting her spend the night. He even wants to spend the day with her when they get up. But she gets cold feet, saying, "Last night was a mistake." Then she refuses to return his phone calls. Annie feels bad about the whole thing, but no matter what she does, he refuses to accept her apology.

Life is full of misunderstandings and hurt feelings, but I have never rebuffed an apology in my life. The minute someone indicates that he or she is genuinely sorry about something that happened, I find it impossible not to be forgiving. That does not mean I will let that person back into my life, for that is another thing entirely.

In other words, Nathan could have accepted her apology and then said that, indeed, the night they made love was a mistake, but they could still be friends. And "being friends" need not mean socializing together on a regular basis, but only that they smile at each other and exchange a few pleasantries when they meet. The way he held a grudge against Annie for so long was a warning sign against having a relationship with him. And for what? She really did not do anything so terribly wrong. In fact, it was not even the sort of thing for which I would have expected an apology. Our search for love is full of false starts and blind alleys, and we don't know how things will end up when we start them. But then, I guess the way Annie refused to accept Helen's apologies means she is not much better than Nathan. Maybe they deserve each other. But it's going to be a rough marriage.
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Watch it for Wiig, I didn't find anything else worth watching here.
Rameshwar IN9 January 2017
Reviewed February 2012

In some ways it reminds me of 40 Year Old Virgin for it's over the top gags, realistic and affecting emotions and an excellently written and performed central character. Through the movie, you laugh, you cringe and you connect. But sadly, by the end of it - you don't care.

Annie (Kristen Wiig) couldn't get her life together be it her love life or her professional. Lillian (Maya Rudolph) is Annie's best friend from childhood who is about to get married and she chooses Annie as the Maid of Honor. Though Annie has the best intentions, everything she plans and tries backfires with some help from the other bridesmaids led by Helen (Rose Byrne) and she loses it at some point which leads to her getting fired. While the entire engagement to marriage episode is panning out, she meets a lonely patrol officer Rhodes (Chris O'Dowd) who guides her to sanctity.

It is Kirsten Wiig's show from start to end. I became an instant admirer from her role in Paul and she shot through to the top with this. Few women possess the comic timing like hers and an ability to be cute and awkward at the same time which is so required for these roles. Apart from Wiig and a little from Byrne, by the end I cannot say I have enjoyed it as much as other Apatow's treats.

Watch it for Wiig, I didn't find anything else excellent here.
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Wet my pants laughing
Mark M15 December 2016
Look out all those girls getting married! One of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time! The food poisoning scene is so funny, and the airplane is great! I would love to see these ladies come back to do another Bridesmaids movie - sequel 2! Not to give anything away but the love affair with the Irsh police office was lovely - he was gentle and kind. The ending is great and I couldn't stop laughing or the way though. I love love love this movie.

Annie Walker (Kristen Wiig) is a single woman in her late 30s. Following the failure of her bakery, she lost her boyfriend and her savings, forcing her to take a job as a sales clerk in a jewelry store and to share an apartment with an obnoxious roommate Gil (Matt Lucas) and his sister Brynn (Rebel Wilson). Her business's failure was so painful that she has given up baking entirely. She has a no-strings-attached sexual relationship with the self-absorbed Ted (Jon Hamm) but hopes for something more from him. Her best friend, Lillian (Maya Rudolph), is virtually her only source of happiness.

Lillian becomes engaged and asks Annie to be her Maid of Honor. At the engagement party, Annie meets Lillian's bridesmaids: cynical cousin Rita (Wendi McLendon-Covey); idealistic friend Becca (Ellie Kemper); the groom's raunchy sister Megan (Melissa McCarthy); and Helen (Rose Byrne), the rich and beautiful wife of the groom's boss. Helen and Annie, who are jealous of each other's friendship with Lillian, take an instant dislike to each other, but Lillian persuades them to spend time together.

Annie takes Lillian and the bridesmaids to a Brazilian steak restaurant for lunch before going to a chic bridal shop. However, Helen must use her influence to gain entry to the shop because Annie didn't make a reservation. While trying on gowns, the whole party— with the exception of Helen, who chose not to eat before the fitting —becomes sick from food poisoning. Later, Annie's suggestion of a bachelorette party at Lillian's parents' lake house is overruled in favor of a trip to Las Vegas planned by Helen. Worried about her finances and too proud to accept a ticket paid for by Helen, Annie books a ticket in coach although the rest of the party flies first-class. However, the trip is cut short by an outburst from Annie, who had accepted a sedative from Helen because of her fear of flying. The plane makes an emergency landing in Casper, Wyoming; and the party takes a bus back home. Annie apologizes, but Lillian decides she wants Helen to take over planning the shower and the wedding.

Annie continues to hope for a relationship with Ted, but Nathan Rhodes (Chris O'Dowd), a friendly State Patrol officer who had earlier let her off without a ticket for broken tail lights, begins flirting with her. Nathan encourages her to open a new bakery, but Annie refuses. Following a night together, Nathan buys baking supplies for Annie to start baking again. Offended and overwhelmed, Annie leaves. Annie is later fired for being rude to a customer and kicked out of her apartment by her roommates, forcing her to move in with her mother (Jill Clayburgh, in her final film appearance).

Annie travels to Helen's home in Chicago for the bridal shower, which has become a Parisian-themed event, an idea that Annie previously came up with but Helen turned down. Helen also upstages Annie's heartfelt, handmade shower gift by giving Lillian a trip to Paris, an idea Helen stole from Annie. Enraged that Helen has taken credit for the Parisian theme, Annie throws a tantrum. Lillian kicks her out of the shower and the wedding. On her way home, Annie is involved in a car accident due to her still-broken tail lights, but the other driver flees the scene. Nathan is the responding officer, and he admonishes her for not fixing her tail lights and taking responsibility for her life. He storms off when Ted arrives to give Annie a ride. On the ride home, Ted asks Annie to perform oral sex on him. Angered, she breaks off the relationship and walks home.

Throughout the next several days, Annie becomes reclusive, refusing to leave her mother's house and obsessively watching television. Eventually, Megan arrives and gives Annie a pep talk, telling Annie that she must stop blaming the world for her problems and take control of her life. Annie realizes her errors and begins to repair her life, beginning to bake again and getting her car fixed. She tries to make amends with Nathan, but he ignores her. On the day of the wedding, Helen appears at Annie's doorstep distraught; Lillian has disappeared, and Helen begs for Annie's help in finding her. While driving, Helen apologizes to Annie and opens up to her, revealing that people only involve her in their lives because she is good at planning events, but she does not have any true female friends, leading to a reconciliation between them. The two enlist Nathan to help, and he grudgingly agrees. The group finds Lillian at her own apartment, discovering that she ran from her wedding because of Helen's extravagant planning and from fear of leaving her life in Milwaukee. After reconciling, Annie helps Lillian prepare for her wedding.

Annie resumes her place as Maid of Honor. After the wedding, which Annie agrees with Helen is "perfect", Helen again apologizes to Annie and states her hope that they can be friends in the future. Realizing that Annie and Nathan were falling in love, Helen also arranged for him to pick up Annie after the wedding. Nathan and Annie reconcile and the pair ride away in his police car.
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But why?!
alcohollica9113 November 2016
If you have any intent on watch the movie, let me be clear - watching it free is still too much to ask for this piece of crap. Get ready for 2h of over exaggerated fart jokes, which seem to be the works of a 10 year old, unfunny dialogue written by morons and a depiction of human behavior characteristic to the mentally ill. Don't waste your time watching this movie, better look at paint dry.. On the up-side some of the characters are very well depicted by the actresses and Chris O'Dowd performance of an actual, normal, human being is really refreshing. He was probably the one who drew the long straw, thus wining the only well created character...Bravo!
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is this what Emily Davidson threw herself under a horse for?
ianlouisiana27 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
..ok,it was the King's horse and it was at the Derby,so it was a pretty big gesture back in the day when women were regarded a as second - class citizens,so all the more reason to doubt that Miss Davidson intended her sacrifice to pave the way for "Bridesmaids" to portray the gender as equally as foul - mouthed,sex - obsessed and gross as the male. And some perverted reasoning we have reached this stage where women are applauded (mostly I must say by other women)for exhibiting the worst traits of their opposite numbers. If you want to see women swearing,vomiting,defecating and fxcking then here's your chance. All the women in the audience were hooting with laughter. Miss Davidson,I suspect,would have had an attack of the vapours and wished she had contented herself with waving her fist at the jockey.
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Effortlessly hilarious, great characterization
maxastree23 July 2016
Bridesmaids is a hilarious piece of social realist comedy; behind the dull patina of day-to-day suburban life for a group of Midwestern women is a constant stream of fearless, hilarious one liners. Mainstream critics largely applauded the film also, for building up it's sense of character arc and having a bit of comedic depth, the film celebrates the diverse identities of modern American women, and the casting is excellent.

As with most funny comedies, Bridesmaids riffs on a relatable theme. Central character Annie Walker is in her late thirties, driving a bombed-out second hand car, depressed, incapable of finding a decent relationship, and already has a few age wrinkles. Her lifelong friend is getting married and Annie's stricken with jealousy because her lifelong (read: former high- school) friend is basically being stolen by an American socialite trophy wife; a young, attractive second partner to an anonymous businessman who's away from home most of the time.

BE AWARE: virtually ALL Hollywood films feature a male protagonist, with female cast members appearing only to react to or enable a plot point in relation to the central male ego that the narrative serves. In Bridesmaids, the leads are all female, and the male characters mostly exist unseen or somewhere else in the story.

The film goes a tad sentimental in the closing scenes, ending as all such films do, with a romantic conclusion - Bridesmaids isn't really about romance though, more the idea of life's failures and a type of crass, caustic humor that's very funny because of it's disarming honesty.
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An amusing, if somewhat course, comedy with a predominantly female cast
Tweekums29 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Things aren't going to well for Annie, her business has failed and the man she is seeing only wants one thing and once that has finished he'd rather she left. Then her best friend Lillian invites her to be her maid of honour; this should be a good thing but things quickly get worse. Annie tries to organise things but Lillian's new friend Helen starts to take over proceedings. While this is going on Annie starts a relationship with the police officer who pulled her over. After a string of disasters to looks as if Annie and Lillian's friendship is doomed and Helen takes over the arrangements. At this point everything starts to get worse for Annie; she loses her job, her home and her new relationship appears to be over before it has really begun.

This film shows that women can do gross-out humour just as well as men but that doesn't mean that all the humour is like that. There are plenty of laughs to be had; to my mind the best were provided by silliness rather than the more course moments. The story itself is fairly simple and predictable but it does serve to provide humorous situations. Kirsten Wiig carries the film in the role of Annie; she makes the character believable and sympathetic. She is ably supported by Maya Rudolph, Rose Bryne, Melissa McCarthy, Wendi McLendon Covey and Ellie Kemper as Lillian and the other bridesmaids. Chris O'Dowd is likable in the role of the policeman Annie falls for. One could be excused for thinking this was a 'chick-flick' given the amount of pink on the DVD case but while I'm sure women will enjoy it there is no reason that men won't enjoy it too. Overall I'd recommend this to anybody who wants a good laugh but isn't too easily offended.
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The second most gross comedy i have seen
Vlad Alexandru26 June 2016
Guess Hollywood its out of good comedy screenwriters. Otherwise i cannot figure why almost every of the latest ones have at least one horrible gross scene. I am aching to see a really intelligent comedy like Oscar ( the version with Stallone ) or a brilliant series like Friends or even The Nanny but all i can find is this new style where the most "funny" scenes are supposed to be where someone is vomiting, p**sing, s**tting, having his neck broken etc.

I have barely gotten over the "death at a funeral" diarrhea scene and now i am stuck with the "bridesmades" ones where a women in a bridal dress is sh**ing in the middle of the street while their maids of honor are puking each on each others hair.

This is contemporary humor i guess. For a new generation of viewers.
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Not enough truth and pain to be consistently funny
Gino Cox6 April 2016
I feel I should hate "Bridesmaids" much more than I do. It has a few good laughs, so I am prepared to forgive a lot of faults.

The movie is filled with caricatures, rather than characters, and they epitomize the worst stereotypes of women. They are obsessively insipid, banal and superficial. They talk trashy, but one manages to maintain her modesty through several sex scenes, then flashes another character with her hands covering her breasts. This makes sense for an actress who does a lot of work on television and in children's cartoons, but seems so awkward, contrived and unrealistic for the character as to shatter the audience's willful suspension of disbelief. Melissa McCarthy, who is probably my least favorite comic of all time, presents her usual mishmash of wildly inappropriate, brash and uncouth behavior which quickly degenerates from shocking to mildly amusing to tedious. The dialogue is saturated with exposition. The plot is contrived. One character who claims to have no female friends is nevertheless able to obtain preferential treatment through her close relationships. The actions and reactions of the characters might make sense in a cartoon, but seem exaggerated in live action. Much of the plot involves relying upon conspicuous consumption to alleviate feelings of insecurity. The expenditures seem so grotesquely unrealistic that one character even stands in a crowded room and asks the other characters if any of it makes sense. Some of the gags seemed unfinished. There needed to be more resolution and consequences to two trips, one out-of-state and the other out-of-country.

John Vorhaus defines comedy as truth and pain. Much of the humor fell flat because the characters and situations seem too exaggerated and forced to be real. But there were enough attempts at humor that other jokes and gags made me laugh.

Many of the supporting cast provided strong performances, particularly Chris O'Dowd and Jill Clayburgh, including some in very small roles, such as Franklyn Ajaye, Terry Crews and Tom Yi. The main characters generally delivered their lines well, but were weaker with physical comedy, which often seemed poorly choreographed.
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Surprisingly good
Cody Konior26 January 2016
I don't like dumb movies and so I avoided this one for a long time, dodging it for a good 4 years. When I see people referring to The Hangover and other "hey we are dumb guys getting drunk chasing skirt and getting in trouble" movies I just switch off; I don't want to live in that kind of world

But today I saw this movie and it was fun. The acting was fairly solid. The story was good and had its own emotional roller coaster going on. Some stuff was crass but overall it worked and made for an enjoyable movie.

I highly recommend it, and I think it's safe for guys to participate in this one.
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Disappointed over the awful fat shaming
gustavsson-amanda15 January 2016
I've heard that the movie "bridesmaids" was really good and I looked forward to see it. Especially the humor would certainly be good. "Great! Fun with a movie to laugh with!" I thought naively... I can say that I'm very disappointed. Sure, the story was pretty nice but the jokes was a disaster. It is not funny at all that every overweight character in the whole movie is supposed to be stupid. Seriously? Haven't we get passed that? The conflicts between the bridesmaids and the relation between the main character and her love interest is interesting. Sadly that the awful fat shaming takes down the vote a lot. I'm really disappointed and I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone.
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Hilariously unpoetic
Troy Putland10 January 2016
Bridesmaids proves (not that it needs to) that women are just as funny, if not funnier than men. Rudolph Maya's five bridesmaids are boldly colourful. Her oldest friend Annie (Kristen Wiig) is constantly at blows with Rose Byrne's super-rich Helen. Exceedingly raucous and chaotic events take place on the lead up to Maya's wedding. Wiig is the central character to this story, and alongside Melissa McCarthy in her first major role, have the biggest laughs. There are too many strong moments, but if I had to pick two, one would be a scene involving a battle of emotions during an engagement party speech, and the other is Wiig trying to catch the attention of police officer Rhodes (Chris O'Dowd), who's the only real male representative in Bridesmaids. The shoe's on the other foot with Wiig's love-interest O'Dowd, like a gender-swap needed to happen in the big, bad Hollywood. It'll all make sense when you watch this alarming comedy.
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Anca Riglea9 January 2016
I have to say i'm a bit disappointed with the people writing reviews about this film...I can' imagine people hating this movie.But hey,i'm the kind of person that thinks "Into the wild" is the most boring,most pretentious film ever made,and it has a 8.2 here.

I really don't understand why this movie has such a low score..and why people are so offended by it?! It is the funniest,most original movie i've seen in years!! Cast and acting are top notch,and the writers did an amazing job!! You would think from the title that it's a chick flick but it's great entertainment for both women and men (my boyfriend loved it) If you enjoy original,funny dry/black will love this movie!
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