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When Annie approaches Lillian and Helen on the plane while intoxicated, Helen's right hand switches from resting on top of her drink glass to being down by her side between shots.

Character error 

When Annie and Rhodes are on the side of the road with the radar, Rhodes says for her to aim at the license plates of the cars, which gives the best reading. This is not true, as radar is a frequency that emits a cone that will respond to any moving object within range, and its range is infinite. Radar doesn't react to reflective license plates, but to moving objects.
Rhodes is seen in a bar drinking alcohol while in uniform. Law enforcement officers never do this in uniform and if they did would be subject to extreme disciplinary procedures.


When Annie receives the shower invitation it reads "Sat." as the day. When Annie's car breaks down on the day of the shower, and Ted picks her up, she asks him, "Were you busy?" and he answers, "Well, it is Friday."
At the shower, Annie furiously rips a portion of the cookie but in the next shot, the cookie is intact before she goes to punch it.
When Rhodes first has Annie pulled over doing the DUI test, a car's headlights can be seen coming up behind him, but it never passes them and disappears in the next shot.
After her accident, Annie is picked up by the guy in the Porsche - when he drives off with her, the scenery in the back suddenly changes, including the weather.
When Annie and the cop are standing in front of her car after the accident, the wrecked car behind them is a Honda Civic and not Annie's Toyota Celica.
When Annie leaves the bridal shower, followed by Lillian as she leaves the backyard to walk through the house, she is wearing shoes, and you can hear the sound of the shoes as she walks on the floor. But when she walks out of the front door moments later, she is barefoot.
In the dress shop, Annie's sweat spot on her dresses switches from big to small and back again.
When Meghan visits Annie, Annie closes the front door door behind her. When they are seated together on the couch, you can see the door in the background, open.
Moments after Annie leaves Lillian's shower Lillian's mother moves from the right side of the screen to the left side in a matter of seconds without any sound of movement.
When Annie is asking Rhodes to help them find Lillian, when Rhodes is standing at her car door he has what looks like a couple days worth of stubble on his face, but when he is back in his squad car, he is clean-shaven.
In the Brazilian restaurant scene, Megan's blue napkin that she is wearing goes from tucked in to missing and then between tucked and not tucked for the rest of the scene.
When Ted pulls up to give Annie a ride after her accident, his car seats have the optional Porsche crest on the headrests. But in the interior shots after she gets in, the crests are gone revealing that two different cars were used.
When Annie and Helen are singing a duet of "That's What Friends Are For", during the last verse, Annie has the champagne in her left hand and the microphone in the right. In the next shot, she has them reversed.
While Annie is making the carrot-shaped cake, she uses a liquid measuring cup instead of the dry measuring cups for the flour. She pulls them out of the kitchen drawer but the next shot she is using a liquid measuring cup to pour flour in bowl.
After Annie leaves the bridal shower, she is seen driving down a two lane rural road. Megan, with numerous puppies in her van, pulls up next to and passes Annie. The street they are driving on suddenly has changed to a five lane highway with a more urban background. Megan pulls in front of Annie and speeds away. Seconds later, Annie slams on her brakes to avoid hitting a porcupine, and once again is on a two lane rural road.
When Lillian is opening her gifts at the bridal shower, Megan's hand brace is on the wrong hand. During this scene it was on her right hand, while during the scenes before and after it was on the left hand.
When Officer Rhodes is talking to Annie and Helen on the side of the road in the shot looking into the car (from Rhodes' POV) his hand is on the frame of the car. But from Annie's perspective (looking at Rhodes) his hands are by his side. This happens numerous times throughout the scene.
The plane seen taking off to Las Vegas has two engines and appears to be a Boeing 767. However, when the plane makes an emergency landing in Wyoming, the plane seen landing is an L-1011 (three engines; the third mounted via S-duct in the tail).
During the conversation in the coffee shop, the woman in the blue dress in the background changes positions several times,appearing and disappearing in the scene.
In the bridal shop scene, Becca retches and covers her mouth with her right hand in the first shot but in the next shot she is shown covering it with her left hand.
When Annie is lying in bed at Rhodes's house, there is nothing covering the window in the door leading outside. When Annie leaves his house through the same door there are blinds covering the window.

Errors in geography 

An Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) public bus can be seen in a background shot. OCTA operates in Orange County, California. The film is set in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Twice throughout the film the Officer Rhodes says the names of intersecting streets in which characters live in Milwaukee, but when the location is shown, the street signs have different names on them.

Factual errors 

Throughout the movie, Officer Rhodes' squad car has standard Wisconsin license plates. Police vehicles in Wisconsin have special issue plates.
There is no partition between the front and back seats of the police car.
When the girls go to the Brazilian restaurant for lunch, everyone inside is speaking Spanish, not Portuguese. Also, the music playing in the background is Hispanic in nature.
When Annie and Rhodes are on the side of the road with the radar, the radar is actually a Kustom Signals HR-12 model which is not wireless. The cord has been removed, meaning that what Annie is holding is a dead, non-working unit.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

The Wilson Phillips CD Lillian gets as a present is a greatest hits compilation featuring the song "Hold On", rather than the original album this song appears on. It isn't the wrong CD, just a different one.

Revealing mistakes 

Megan turns on the camera to record the sexual encounter with air Marshall Jon. At first she is very close as if camera is on a tripod, and she has just started recording. Next we see camera movement which is clearly being filmed by a second person.
When Annie is hanging on the gate, a Jeep pulls up. The rear-view mirror of that vehicle has been removed.
The rear view mirror of Megan's minivan has been removed.

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