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The Great Storm Is Coming
Claudio Carvalho15 January 2017
When the shipment of cryogenically frozen heads is stolen by a mysterious man, he shots the security guards and one of the guards helps him to kill the guards but is also killed by one of the guards. When Dr. Bishop analyses the corpse, he discovers that the body has blood and mercury; therefore the man is a shapeshifter and Walter concludes that the nurse killed at the hospital was human. The Fringe Division finds an intact device with the shapeshifter and Olivia gives it to Nina Sharp in order to help the Massive Dynamics to find the identity of the shapeshifter that tried to kill her. Meanwhile, Dr. Bishop recalls his former patient Rebecca Kibner (Theresa Russell) that was able to identify shapeshifters with the power developed by the drugs. He brings her to the laboratory to help the investigation. Out of the blue, Olivia faints and recalls her meeting with William Bell in the parallel universe and his warning about the great storm that was coming. She heads to the Massive Dynamics and schedules a meeting with Nina Sharp, but Charlie stops her telling that Nina Sharp is the shapeshifter. When Olivia meets Charlie, she tells the secret disclosed by Bell about the location of the device hidden in a frozen head. Will Olivia learn that Charlie is the chased shapeshifter before it is too late?

"Momentum Deferred" is one of the best episodes of Fringe. Olivia recalls her conversation with William Bell and finds the truth about Charlie. It is good to see the mature Theresa Russell still a beautiful woman in the role of a youngster submitted to the earlier experiments of Dr. Bishop. The intriguing conclusion indicates that the next episode might be fantastic. Looking forward to see the great storm that is coming. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Momentum Deferred"
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Walter's Closet
XweAponX20 May 2012
This pivotal Episode covers these four arcs: Olivia's trip to Belly's office on the other side, Shape-Shifters stealing Vacuum-Sealed Frozen Heads, Walter's secret relationship with Rebecca Kibner and *her* secret vision, and the Charlie Francis: Shapeshifter saga.

That they made us wait for this episode is a tribute the greatness and cleverness of Fringe: It wasn't just dumped on us in the first episode of Season 2, but rather they further developed the story with little hidden clues: Rebecca's Videotape in "A New Day in an Old Town," Olivia's "Flashbacks" where visions of the "other side" are always red - Images of William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) imposed over her view of Peter, and we see flashes of the note Bell wrote that has the name of the Cryonics firm on it - Plus the symbol which represents the "Leader of the First Wave" Thomas Jerome Newton. And once again, we have a Kudos to another series: Sci Fi Channel's excellent "First Wave" in which Shapeshifter Roger C Cross played a role very similar to the one he plays here: A Genetic Clone, Human/machine hybrid much like he was in First Wave as "Joshua."

The Shapeshifter activity in the teaser of this episode hands Walter, Peter and Massive Dynamic a working Shape-Shifter device: Which will reveal the body in which the shape-shifter is hiding. We already know it's Charlie, but can Olivia find out before it is too late?

What do Shapeshifters stealing Frozen Heads, Rebecca Kibner's ability to identify people from "The Other Side," Olivia's Flashbacks, and the Shapeshifter Charlie, guzzling down Mercury from Thermometers have in common? Lots: and You'll have to watch this to find out.

Walter thinks that by asking the older Rebecca (Played by Theresa Russell - Emma Marko from Spiderman 3, the younger version played by Tegan Moss) to repeat an experiment performed by him and Belly when she was 17 which involved massive Hallucinogenics, that they can have her identify who the Shapeshifters are: But even Timothy Leary called them crazy back then. Walter is clearly ashamed of having taken advantage of her. But Rebecca is more than willing to repeat the experience, is even excited about it. It becomes evident, that she and Walter were intimate, as she knows the location of every item in Walter's lab, including "his slippers."

Using Spacial Orientation, they speed up the experiment. At one point, she almost blurts out something about Peter that was being kept top secret from the other characters.

But in the middle of the process, Peter rings a "Bell" which causes Olivia to receive a flood of memories of her meeting with Bell.

Can Olivia get the information to Nina before Charlie can get it out of her? Olivia apparently makes mistakes after she is brought out of the trance, but she was just doing what Belly had told her to do.

In the end, Walter receives solace from Rebecca herself that she was a willing participant in the earlier experiment. And for a second time, she almost blurts out something about Peter that we know, but has not been revealed to the characters yet.

"The Other Side" as we came to know it was still being developed at this stage as it was in Season 1: So views of the other side have to take that into consideration, we see no Dirigibles in flight, and no strange buildings in the NYC skyline other than what ought not to be there in our universe. I always had questioned, was this other side the same as the one that we eventually became familiar with? As the show progressed, the "other side" was given a particular look and feel, which simply hadn't been thought about yet.
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This is the TIUAN episode
A_Different_Drummer20 February 2015
One thing that all highly successful series have in common these days -- and make no mistake, this 5-season barn burner is right at the top of the list -- is a TAKE IT UP A NOTCH episode, Thats an episode where the producers basically say to the fans, you like our characters, you like our weekly adventures, you are quite happy with the show, BUT WE ARE NOT ... so lets throw in a pinch of salt.

For FRINGE FANS a FUN FACT .. time changes when you are having a good time.

This episode speeds by in a blink because so many interesting things are happening.

Great writing direction editing.

They could also have called this episode WALTER GETS LUCKY.
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