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Sweetness makes the raunch in this honestly funny movie even funnier.
To ensure customer loyalty, Hollywood should promote more movies about workaday life in the provinces, but until there's a new wave of midcoast comedies, Cedar Rapids is the big kahuna.
The main thing about Cedar Rapids is that it makes you laugh-often and out loud.
In addition to being funny and endearing and having a lively script and lots of nicely observed performances - is something of an education.
This is a Frank Capra-meets-Judd Apatow comedy with a sweetness-laced ribaldry.
Cedar Rapids had me smiling at hello.
For a movie loaded with ear-scorching profanity, oceans of booze, and illegal drugs enough to keep all of Cedar Rapids in high spirits for a month, there is something fundamentally decent about the film.
As a satire of the insurance industry, and more implicitly of religious hypocrisy, Cedar Rapids is mild stuff. But the movie has a nice lived-in feel, and a sense that its comedy has been earned.
It's not exactly "The Hangover," but the dialogue and situations often get distinctly gamey.
Its appeal comes almost entirely from the cast members, who appear genuinely excited to invite us to their party.
It's a movie that needs to look down its nose for its laughs, which generally isn't the best place to find them.

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