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Season 3

10 Apr. 2011
The Mutilator
Jeremy Wade travels to Papua New Guinea to investigate a spate of bizarre deaths on the Sepik River. An island renowned for cannibalism, macabre rituals, and head hunters, Wade is on the trail of creature reported to devour certain male body parts.
17 Apr. 2011
Flesh Ripper
Jeremy Wade is on the trail of a mysterious man-eater described over two hundred years ago by a famous explorer. Is the eight-foot beast in question a mere legend, or could it be the same, flesh and blood creature that has attacked divers and children?
24 Apr. 2011
Silent Assassin
Jeremy Wade travels to the Paraná River in the remote corner of Argentina to investigate the death of a young girl. This creature is not armed with bone crunching jaws or razor sharp teeth but a razor-sharp blade tipped with tissue destroying venom.
1 May 2011
Chainsaw Predator
Angler Jeremy Wade heads to the Australian outback to try and catch the rare and fearsome Freshwater Sawfish. This shadowy predator is said to be 18 feet long and attacks boats - but does the fact that it could slash Jeremy to shreds make it a killer?
15 May 2011
Electric Executioner
Jeremy Wade travels to Brazil's 'wild west' in search of a river monster that has killed three cowboys. Jeremy finally corners his elusive prey in the most unexpected place. All he has to do then is catch it, without getting killed.
22 May 2011
Cold-Blooded Horror
Jeremy Wade travels to Japan, to try and uncover the truth behind two of their most extraordinary River Monster legends. He is about to discover a monster like nothing he has ever encountered before.
24 May 2011
Jungle Killer
Jeremy Wade sets out to discover the true river monster of South America. Piranha get all the press. There's a more fearsome predator lurking in its rivers? Tipped off by an attack on a diver, Jeremy soon discovers that there is a real monster to find.
3 Apr. 2011
Special: The Deadliest
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8 May 2011
Special: The Most Bizarre
Jeremy relives his encounters with some of the strangest and bizarre freshwater creatures.
27 May 2011
Special: The Lost Reels - Amazonian Giant
This two-part special - featuring long-lost footage never before seen by U.S. audiences - captures some of the biggest moments in Jeremy Wade's life. Journey back to 2002 in part one, "Amazon," as Jeremy searches for one of the world's largest freshwater fish: the arapaima. And in part two, "India," Jeremy travels to India in 2005 in search of a man-eating catfish called the goonch.
29 May 2011
Special: River Monsters Goes Tribal
Jeremy Wade attempts to survive alongside some of the world's best tribal fishermen using spears, bows and arrows, and even spiders webs to catch his prey. These master fishermen live in a tropical island paradise, where they fish and swim in some of the most shark-infested waters on the planet. As Jeremy throws himself into South Pacific tribal life, he comes closer than ever to one of the world's ultimate predator.

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