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Welcome back to "Project Runway." Mitchell is "concerned, worried and frustrated" after finishing in the bottom two the last two weeks -- and understandably so. No time for moping, however. Heidi tells the contestants that they're heading out for "a little field trip." And where are they headed? The beach, baby. Tim, wearing flip flops, welcomes them. He explains that the designers will create a "fun and fashionable surf-wear look." But it gets worse: this will be a team challenge. Everyone groans. Time to pick the two-person teams. Shirin picks Carol. Logan chooses Christopher. Nicholas picks Gordana. Mitchell chooses Ra'mon. "I wanted to work with someone who could carry me in this challenge," Mitchell tells the camera. Hey, at least he's honest. Althea, in the meantime, chooses to work with Louise. Qristyl takes Epperson. Johnny has the last pick and has no choice but to team up with Irina. Time to get to work!

Ra'mon isn't too happy to be paired with Mitchell. Qristyl feels like she is being talked down to by Epperson. This could get ugly. Or uglier. One frantic shopping trip for supplies later, the gang heads back to FIDM. The sewing, measuring and cutting begins -- and so does the tension building. Epperson and Ra'mon are clearly upset. Qristyl and Mitchell aren't doing much better. Just when you think it can't get any more uncomfortable, Tim decides to raise the stakes. "Each team must create a second look," he explains. WHA-WHA-WHAT? Exclaims Ra'mon: "Ladies and gentlemen, capital WTF!" Exactly, dude.

The second look will be "avant garde." Both designs will walk the runway and must be somewhat complementary. The next morning, Tim takes one half of each team back to the fabric store for a little more shopping. Ra'mon shops for material that will help him achieve "the concept of the wetsuit." Back at the design studio, Mitchell admits that he is in "big, big trouble." Epperson and Qristyl continue to bicker. "We have to understand each other!" Epperson says in the most condescending of voices. Tim enters with bad news for Carol: Erika the model has decided to take a "commercial opportunity" and won't be available for the show. Carol decides to go with Valerie, one of the previously eliminated models. "I think things are going to turn out OK," Carol tells the camera. Crisis narrowly averted! Ra'mon, meanwhile, is hugely frustrated with Mitchell, who seems more concerned with making stupid jokes than working.

One hair and makeup session later, Tim enters to do some evaluating/ mentoring. Almost all the teams get passing grades -- with the notable exception of Mitchell and Ra'mon's wetsuit design. "It's jumpsuit or a scuba suit?" Tim asks. "I fundamentally don't get it." Ouch. After Tim leaves, Ra'mon decides to scrap the wetsuit look. "I dont know what he's doing," Mitchell says. "I don't think he knows what he's doing either." In the meantime, Epperson and Qristyl are now openly snapping at each other. Epperson wonders if they might both go home, which doesn't make any sense at all.

The next morning, it doesn't appear possible that Ramon will finish his reinvented avant-garde look. "Get something together and make it work," Tim instructs. Thanks a million, Timster. Qristyl warns that she will inform the judges that "my work got done over by Epperson." Runway time! Heidi struts out and decides to chuck the script and be spontaneous: "Allo! Welcome to the runway. As you know in fashion, one day you're in and next day you're out." Or not. She then introduces the judges: Max, Nina and Rachel. "Let's start the show," Heidi squeaks. Epperson loves the looks of his team's creations, while Qristyl does not. For the most part, though, the designers absolutely LOVE their outfits. But will the judges? Heidi asks the following teams to step forward: Althea-Louise, Logan-Christopher and Shirin-Carol. Those scores have qualified the six for the next round. The remaining eight contestants -- four teams -- represent the highest and lowest scores.

Johnny and Irina get high marks for their macram creation. "Beautiful and exciting," Nina says. Mitchell and Ramon also receive good grades -- especially for the last-minute neoprene creation. Heidi then demands to know who did what. It quickly becomes apparent that Mitchell didn't do much of anything. "At the end of the hour, I found myself working on both pieces at once," Ramon confesses. Says Mitchell: "He did pretty much all of it." Next are Epperson and Qristyl, who doesn't waste any time saying that her partner more or less took over. Epperson rolls his eyes. "It was a bad marriage," Qristyl says. No kidding. Nicolas and Gordana get dinged on their avant-garde look, which is a bit too sexy and bizarre for any of the judges tastes.

But who was the best of the best and the worst of the worst?

After a brief judge huddle, the designers remerge onto the runway. Once again, Heidi decides to prove that she is not simply a wind-up doll. "One of you will be named the winner and one of you will be out," she says. Or not. The winner is Ramon, who gets credit for doing all the work on his team's wonderful outfits. So, in the end, it all comes down to Qristyl and Mitchell. "Qristyl, your leadership skill was nonexistent," Heidi says. "Mitchell, we're disappointed and confused." The final verdict: Mitchell is OUT.

"I wasn't as assertive as I should've been," Mitchell says. "It was a wonderful opportunity and I don't regret being myself. In the end, I'm going home with a smile on my face." Us too, Mitchell. Us, too.


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