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Leave it to Jane to make a messy fun.
Elizabeth23 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
What happens when you take Patrick Jane off the Red John case, complete chaos. At least for now we have a silent fury, but next episode could be filled with utter madness.

The Mentalist Season Premiere opened with that exact front and he was quite ready to pack his things up and go home before it dawned on him how much his colleagues meant to him, with Lisbon being the cherry on top.

This week's case file was the traditional million dollar rip off where Jane set a web to catch the unknowing culprit. Don't mind that it has been done several times before, but clever Jane seems to put a new spin to it which brought out the glamor in this mystery filled episode.

The one question we should ask is what Jane would do next? He's off the case and some stuck up snob wannabe has taken his place, what was that mysterious call about in the end scene? What was he up to? Lisbon would need to put a tighter leash on him, because she's the only one he trusts to even put a leash and don't care what she said, I just don't like that crazy replacement guy.

For now at least, I loved the opening act wit the lover boy and the jealous husband, hilarious. Leave it to Jane to make a messy fun.



Four and a Half out of Five Stars

Grade A-

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Episode Blooper
heidiweber446 September 2013
Love this show! If you notice in the scene where Bosco is eating a hot dog there is mustard on Patrick's shoulder that was there before Bosco touched his shoulder. It's not there, then it is, then it's not. Wonder how they could have missed it? Can't wait to see what happens next. This is one of those shows that you can't stop watching once you've started. I love discovering a good show that I never knew about and having so many seasons to look forward to watching. If you've not tried it yet it is totally worth a look. It's a refreshing change from the usual cop show. It's like a more serious version of Psych. It's nice to watch a show that's entertaining and isn't full of gratuitous sex and violence. Two Thumbs up!
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darbski16 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
**SPOILERS** Okay, my title was kind of a Bond ripoff; well... why not? Starting out with a little gambit we've all seen before, and will nodoubt see again. To wit: anytime the person investigating the crime scene tries to belittle or insult Patrick Jane, he tricks them into letting him practically solve the crime right in their grilles. In this case, he fixes up the cop quite nicely by describing the deceased's lifestyle, and then levels the Karma of a self-important Milf by first telling her that her Huz is unimportant, and then using her to self-direct (with subliminal clues), him to the murder weapon. It's a fast slide downhill for the bad guy from there on. Here's a problem I have. Having belittled the gorgeous lady he used (Laura Niemi), it would have been cake for him to graciously charm her into being his biggest fan, wouldn't it? He's a professional at charming people. I agree with another reviewer that Bosco is a snotty, arrogant twit, that thinks he's gonna best Patrick for Teresa's respect; NOT.

Cho once again comes down solidly in Jane's camp, and almost regrets it until he sees what Patrick's up to. They are clearly friends, albeit risky, and wary friends. This one was possible trespass, but Jane will slide out of that one, and cleanly solved. The daughter (played by solid actress Stacie Rippy), is given the understanding of her mother, but will they be able to keep their unbelievable house with that terrific view? Hope so. Absolutely a 10. P.S. "Lady Bullfrogs"?
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