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I wish this was "The Adventures of Natsumikan" instead...

Author: CantripZ from a small island near Europe
28 July 2009

This is a show which shoots itself in the foot with its own gimmick. Which is maybe a bit strained etymologically, but trust me on this.

As the title suggests, Kamen Rider Decade celebrates ten years of modern Kamen Rider, with a plot which sees its protagonists switching from world to world, experiencing the different universes and opponents (and, of course, the Riders and their powers!) from Kiva, Ryuki, Den-O et cetera.

Unfortunately, it comes up severely lacking, especially when compared with last year's offering, Kamen Rider Kiva.

If you love tokusatsu shows, there's guaranteed to be something in here to entertain you, what with the diverse assortment of Riders and monsters, but the world-switching is horribly badly done, and the swift succession of different plots and casts of characters makes it difficult to care too much about any of them.

The central characters who travel between worlds also suffer somewhat from this, as the constant need to introduce and explain every new world (each with its Riders and villains and regular humans) reduces their scope for development significantly. Although I confess I'm rather smitten by female lead Mori Kanna as "Natsumikan" - she's cute, she's funny, and she has some great outfits! This is basically a show for Kamen Rider fanatics, who want to see "which rider would win if..." or "which monster is more badass?". And it's very much a kids' show, whereas Kiva provided enough story and character alongside the comedy and fights to generate more of a family feel. So while this show IS fun, there's really nothing more to it.

I actually wanted to comment on Kamen Rider Kiva (a superb series which I was utterly addicted to for the whole of 2008!) but it doesn't seem to be listed on IMDb... however, if you get the chance, watch Kiva rather than Decade!

UPDATE: Well, the series finished... and even though the storyline is left hangin until the theatrical movie release, I have to admit that the last story-arc was more compelling and that the action and character development did in fact both improve.

However, having by now seen two episodes of the new KR show, Kamen Rider Double (or Kamen Rider W), I'm still forced to say that in my opinion, Decade is a bit weak. So... watch Kiva or Double instead! Sorry to the fans who rated me un-useful, it's just how I feel.

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A Disgrace To The Name Kamen Rider

Author: alucard_castlevania86 from Malaysia
21 September 2010

I decided to give the show a 5 out of 10 overall out of sympathy due to the fact that the creators included Black and Black RX to the series but still, it did not serve the series much justice either

I would like to start by saying I HATE DECADE. He is the most arrogant and annoying main protagonist of all my years as a Kamen Rider fan. How could have TOEI came up with this idea anyway? The plot didn't help much either since apart from where he would go next, it was pretty obvious that the only thing about this series is that Decade/Tsukasa only enters from 1 world to another for in my opinion nothing whatsoever and this got boring after a few episodes. Even though I was grateful for them introducing Black and RX back into the series, I feel that after the Hibiki world, they should have just skipped straight to Diend's world, let Decade find his Decadriver there and then straight away moved to the finale of the series since introducing more of these mysterious worlds didn't help changed my mood either. Most of all, I would really have preferred it better if they turned Decade evil at the end and let him get destroyed by possibly Rising Ultimate Kuuga, Double (who made a cameo appearance in the first movie) or even better yet Black or RX himself

The part where I find disgusted the most is that this was suppose to be a celebration for TOEI's 20th anniversary for producing the Kamen Rider show but sadly in my opinion, they ruined it by creating Decade. I hated Decade himself more than I hated the series since he does not have his own powers and most of the time likes to depend on the rider forms (transforming into other Kamen Riders) in order to beat his enemies. Of course he would still be strong without the cards but in my opinion, he would have had a more challenging time winning his battles if he could not turn into any rider forms and it got worse with the introduction of his complete form which was just totally plain horrible and disastrous. I mean what was the deal with sticking all of those cards all over his body. To add more insult to his complete form, there is no originality at all in it and to add up with Tsukasa's bossy and arrogant attitude just made me hated him more than ever

In the end, I appreciate TOEI for bringing back all of our favorite past Heisei riders as a treat to the fans but in my opinion, the way they did it was not to say that it was bad but it was not that good either. I feel that like this was really an unfair show for fans like me especially when they introduced back the showa riders only to make a mockery out of them by letting them get defeated so easily by Decade. I feel that it would have been better if the creators have scrapped out the Decade idea and took Kamen Rider Double/W or Accel as their main rider instead or created a movie version of their Kamen Rider Seigi No Keifu game. That would have really made a lot better than we were given here

So sorry if I am giving too much negative comments here but I just had to since I am totally sad by what I had been given here and because of this also, I decided that I couldn't be bothered to watch this show and focused on watching the US Kamen Rider Dragon Knight instead which was way much better in my opinion

So to sum things up, this was like a epic failed show for me. However, I am sure and have faith in TOEI that they will come out with a much better series in the future

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A Big Hit and a Huge Miss

Author: mr-ucantcme from United States
20 August 2010

The series starts out with a bang with the first episode filling you with suspense and excitement. After the first episode, the suspense and excitement that you get from the first episode noticeably drops. For people who are fans of the hensei Kamen Rider series, you're going to be very disappointed. I watched the series expecting the original actors/actresses from the previous series to be in it but wow was I disappointed.

The show has some good parts, but most of the parts in the Decade was very bad. The jokes are not funny whatsoever. The main hero Tsukasa calls Natsumi, Natsumikan, which is suppose to be funny, but the acting and execution from Masahiro Inoue(Tsukasa/Decade) is utterly horrible. There are only a couple of jokes/puns that are well executed, other than that, horrible. The jokes (F).

The plot is interesting enough for an average person to watch up to halfway through the series. The only problem with the plot was that Tsukasa was just doing the same thing over and over again when he got to a new world. It also got very confusing when Tsukasa traveled to different worlds that can get a viewer to think to themselves about what is happening. The plot (C+).

Now about the characters. Again, I was very disappointed that the original riders and people in the rider worlds weren't played by the original actors/actresses. What i'm most angry about is the fact that the show used the old kamen riders more as props, meaning they were just there to be there and do there thing(especially during the fight scenes where there are many riders fighting). The main characters were poorly acted from the actors, most of the time the acting wasn't very convincing especially from Masahiro Inoue(Decade) if you compare it to the acting from the past rider series. Diend also shouldn't have never been created because nowadays in kamen rider shows there are usually more than 3 riders in a rider show and with Diend it feels like u've already seen it before so you know that a second rider would appear, but it would've been better to have just one rider for a change since its been a trend to have more than 2 rider in a rider show. One a the few good things about the show is that they got Black/RX in the show, but then i think to myself "Isn't the show suppose to be about Decade and the hensei era riders?" giving myself a headache from that. The characters (C-).

Acting from the show was very poorly done. While watching the show, when Tsukasa/Decade got madangry, I just wasn't convinced at all, I kinda just went like "That's how he looks and sounds like when he's mad?????!!!!!!!!!!" I was very disappointed with the acting and its the reason why I stopped watching the show before the end of the series. The acting (D-).

The writing for the show is OK, but like I said before, Diend shouldn't have been in the show. The writing (C).

The fight scenes were poorly done when comparing it to the epic fighting scenes from Agito, heck its still poorly done when comparing it to kabuto. The fight scene in the 2nd episode weren't that great. The fight scenes are not compelling and one bit exciting, but at the least were one of the only things about the show that viewers want to see. The fight scenes (D).

Well to wrap up the show, it had a powerful and probably the best first episode of all the kamen rider series, but slowly descends into a boring show that feels like there nothing new or exciting about it. The show greatly depends on the fight scenes to carry the show on since its greatly the one and only things in the show that is interesting. I compliment the show for having better fighting scenes then Kiva and for bringing back the old riders. The show started with an A++ first episode to a B- second episode and later on even lower. Over all I would give Decade a D+. Last thing, I've noticed that the recent rider shows that are meant only for kids, have a worse storyline and worse acting than the ones not meant only for kids.

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Another Great Story

Author: fatemaster2003 from Indonesia
11 September 2009

When I first know about the story, I'm really excited to watch this one. Imagine, a world where all kamen raider that ever existed, fight with each other and eventually lead to the destruction of themselves by an individual called Kamen Raider Decade.

Well, I must admit that I really like the story. Although I'm a little bit confused by Decade's design (which I thought to be the most ridiculous and the weirdest I've ever seen), it's still OK.

So, I guess this is another movie that's quite entertaining to see. A lot of Kamen Raider (actually, all of the new generation Kamen Raider and a few addition) will make an appearance here and you will be quite surprise about what you'll find here, because I do.

A twisted plot, mixed world, mixed heroes and mixed villains; all of them have become something that's worth watching. Try and watch it.

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