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From its thinly sketched teen protagonist to its deluge of hero-will-rise clichés, Max Steel evinces all of the imagination and ambition you'd expect from a movie based on a bestselling line of action figures.
At its best, “Max Steel” shares elements with “Smallville” and “Teen Wolf,” using the supernatural as a metaphor for awkward adolescence. At its worst, it's more like “Transformers” - an extended toy commercial, noisy and forgettable.
If the past is any indication, Hendler, Winchell, Bello and everyone else involved have the capacity to create interesting, original, and engaged art. Max Steel is none of those things.
As the stuntmen duke it out and we see close-ups of the two actors making silly faces, it's hard not imagine a Mystery Science Theater 3000 feature in the making.
[A] drearily lame time-waster.
Max Steel may promise a change of pace from all the Marvel and DC adaptations, but it's subpar to both those shared universes on every level, telling an origin story that brings little new to the table and a cast that deserves far better.
A movie based on a toy should be a whole lot more fun than this.

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