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Never underestimate...
Lindsay Filz21 January 2014
The power of a well-timed f*@k.

That was a piece of advice I heard years ago when I was just starting out as a writer, and it has always stuck with me. Apparently, the writer of this film did not hear the same because the characters are foul-mouthed little twits who curse like their high school principal was Quentin Tarantino. The worst part is that when they do it in front of authority figures (parents, teachers, etc), there's no reaction. I'm in my 30s, and I'm still afraid to curse in front of my parents! Trust me, there's a reaction!

Amateur hour for sure. It's like the writer went, "I have no clue how to write high school students. Hey, let me give them a mouth like a sailor on leave and maybe that'll work!"

It didn't. It so didn't.
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Movie Made Me Uncomfortable
J Pugs28 January 2014
This movie made me uncomfortable. The dressing, the way the characters spoke, the way they act is completely unrealistic. I'm not sure the writer had any knowledge of how teenagers really are. There are no schools on this planet who allow teachers and students to interact like that. Some of the actors were so bad, I wondered how they even got hired. Some of the parts were so cringe worthy I wanted to hide under a pillow. The music is awkward too, and the sex scenes, language and drug use is ridiculous. The plot is horrible too. this stuff would never happen in real life. The two main character speak in complete monotone the whole time, display no emotion, say ridiculous things. All around bad.
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It's just ridiculous
Warning: Spoilers
I don't even know where to start. This movie probably doesn't even deserve the time it takes to write a review. But I have to steer people away from this movie.

I'm usually okay with bad movies. I may hate them. But I can suffer through them. I saw this on Netflix and skipped through most of it just to see if it got any better. It didn't. It literally got worse for every minute. I almost watched the whole thing just so I could actually count all of the "dude", "word", "f*ck", "f*cking", "dawg" just for principle's sake.

Nathaniel Coffman has no idea what the he's doing. It's a blessing that he has only made one movie. I would have preferred it if he never had made this one either though. It's not just the fact that he has no idea how teenagers act, speak, dress etc (I mean absolutely no idea whatsoever). There is also so much drugs... And not in a dark way, just in a really weird way. I don't know if Coffman thinks that this is the way people actually act? The script (and the movie for that matter) is also an abomination. The main girl's father is really weird. I actually thought he had some sort of mental disability because of the weird things he said. The actors are also terrible. I can't even believe how an of them accepted a role in this movie. The Tommy character... I don't know if that is the way Coffman wanted him to act or... I just don't know. But he actually acts as if he's at least got an IQ below 70. He acts like a child.

And what is with the "I love you" after 2 weeks, and the ring... And it's apparently the I love you which makes everything okay in the end. Really? As if that would ever happen. And the masturbating... what the f*ck? What type of person does that in class?

Plus this is so extremely homophobic, it's ridiculous. There's at least one "f*g" in every scene. Even the teachers call the students gay. I don't get offended by creative discrimination. If it's part of a movie and it actually contributes to the point of the movie, it serves a purpose. It's not actual discrimination, it's a presentation of discrimination. This movie, though, was just blatantly disrespectful. It served no purpose whatsoever, and I truly believe that Coffman is homophobic in real life.

It's a terrible movie.
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Terrible movie
themadzak-887-1567776 February 2014
There are two people that rated this movie 10 out of 10 stars. The only explanation for that rating is that those people (or that person with two separate ID's) have a vested interest in the movie. They gain something if people watch the movie.

I watched the first 20 minutes of the movie, and couldn't figure out if this movie was a satire like "Scary Movie" or if it was being played straight up. I came to IMDb to read some reviews to find out.

This movie is not a satirical take on a high school teen movie. The viewer is supposed to believe that the characters in the movie are portraying realistic people. However, the world the writer creates is so far from reality that it actually confuses the viewer as to what kind of movie this is.

For example, in the beginning of the movie, the popular girl in school arrives late to class, uses the f word to her teacher multiple times, and calls him a name in front of the class. The teacher does nothing. Seriously. Name me one high school in the nation where a student can call a teacher "Mr. S--t for brains" in front of an entire class and not get in trouble for it.

The characters in the movie are so incredibly unrealistic that I thought it was satire. That's how bad the beginning of this movie is. I say "the beginning" because I couldn't get past the first 30 minutes.
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Dumb movie.
Morgan Lorenzen1 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
100% the dumbest movie I've ever watched.The dialogue is ridiculous.The scenes are random. The plot makes no sense, the characters are not interesting or even realistic. Being a teenager myself I know how they act and this was pathetic. One of the boys in the movie is this annoying blonde boy who talks like he's entertaining children. Thats the only way I can explain it. The couple in the movie dates for 2 weeks then break up because the boy jerks off in class because he didn't have sex for 3 days, um? then he has sex in the bathroom? Oh my gosh. If you're in the mood for a teenage drama or a good love story check out the first time, or triple dog. Spare yourself the pain of watching a horrible horrible movie.
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I'm not sure if this is serious, or if it's a satire, what it's satirizing. So bad it's good?
Ben Paco17 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Let me preface this by saying I've been seeking answers, like anything at all, that would suggest what this movie is supposed to be.

Disliked stoner is this main character. (Note that the actor says that this character is the most popular guy in the school, despite the fact that no one except himself ever suggests that he has any value.) The girl that he falls for is a new girl at the school, who falls for him instantly and has oral sex with him basically right off the bat, eventually ending up in with the popular girls and at a variety of parties. (Note that the actress who plays this character refers to the character as "the good girl".) This trend continues even for the most minor characters, every actor got interviewed about their character and offered some summation or fact that doesn't line up with how they were actually presented in the movie. I'm not sure if they were supposed to be in character and the narcissists they are in the film, or if this explains the strange characters.

Imagine if John Hughes decided to make another rom com, but set in 2011, and knowing nothing of modern youth except what he sees on Dr Phil, Nancy Grace, etc. Even the director acknowledges the "modernized John Hughes" idea, but he also writes himself in as a weed dealer.

The actors call the script "pretty accurate" but "a little bit more intense" than reality. The actors also say they recognize the "absurdity" of some scenes. Call it something you "can't take too seriously".

And really, what I've been avoiding in this review is what happens in the movie. The attempted rape, halted only momentarily by a nerd yelling "STOP THE MADNESS!", the near-Shakespearean performance of a teacher, walking through the halls, only to find the main character cheating on his girlfriend. Why was he cheating, you may ask? A girl accused him of having a penis that felt like "warm cheese". The dildo, given by a character who may or may not be actually mentally handicapped in the film to another character that he had spoken maybe 3 lines of dialogue to. Teachers cussing in class. The entire character of "Ferrat Barret", whose room is plastered with pornographic magazines he cut apart to customize (dude knows photoshop is a thing, yeah?). The popular girl - not someone trying to look popular, mind you, the one who actually is popular - being quoted as saying "Smoking's the best, dude. Especially when it's like a big fat joint, the bigger, the better". Bizarrely enough, none of these are really main plot points, but I've marked this as spoiler-y just because the attempted rape was one of the only genuinely surprising moments in the film.

One of two things happened here. The first is that the director is so far removed from reality and youth that he through darts at a board covered in cuss words, stapling them together haphazardly while blowing most of the film's budget on fake (and, I think, real) drugs. The film does officially call itself "A high school love comedy, which authentically depicts the lives of today's ever- evolving and parentally subversive youth culture."

The other is that this is intentionally bad. This is the scenario that lets me sleep at night. That the director decided to make satire and present as reality for a shock value. And if you take the movie like this, it becomes something more interesting. The humor is already at levels of "so awkward it's good", whether intentional or not, but the commentary may actually be something interesting. Either the director is pointing out that teen movies, as they are directed by people far removed from that world, will never be accurate, will always be cheesy, and that this is the result, or he's satirizing the way that concerned parents view their kids. In actuality, there aren't many high schoolers actually doing as much cocaine, smoking as much weed, having as much sex, cutting as much class, etc. as is shown in the film, but a lot of parents have it in their head that that's what every kid does today.

So if this was a satire of how adults view the youth, bravo, you've made something special. If this was actually a serious film, you've missed the mark entirely, but made something great for laughs.

I've seen the movie 3 times now, watched the cast commentary, the trailers, etc., and I still can't decide which it is. Watch this for yourself, and you decide.
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bobflewis23 May 2014
One of the top ten movies of all time.

It's in the pantheon of the greats such as Citizen Kane, Rashomon, La Doce Vita, The 400 Blows and Weekend at Bernies.

100 years from now people will still be talking about this movie in films schools across the world.

And the actors... they are all on track to have great careers.

The actor who plays the lead reminds me of a young Lawrence Oliver

And the star actress has the screen presence of a young Meryl Streep

The cinematography was exquisite

If you see one movie this, or any, holiday season, make it "Getting that Girl".

A story that more than entertaining, it's life changing.

I walked away after the movie feeling like I knew what I want to do with the rest of my life
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The Bomb Date Movie!!!
TommyDaCat5 March 2014
This movie seems to strangely upset certain types of people, primarily the "haters" (ineffectual people who are jealous or fixate on the accomplishments of others who are much more worthy than themselves).

What's wrong with good looking girls, tons of drugs, and weird high school shenanigans? I mean this movie was a spitting reflection of what I just experienced back in the day.

I usually stray from teen films but man this one sure turned me on in the best way possible - and I'm pretty old for this kind of stuff. I'm giving it a 9/10 just because it's no Schindler's List but for what it sets out to do this movie is a scorcher.

Let me offer a piece of great advice. I'm personally a bit too old to rock this with my girls, but if you're in high school and likes to get super high and lose your virginity, this is the bomb date movie of all time! I mean it doesn't get any better if your a young buck want to "get your girl" to the next level. Trust me... it's a great icebreaker!

In summary, this movie knows how to press all the right buttons in all the wrong places. The BOMB!!!!!
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Getting that Girl ~ An awesome Movie!!! 2 Thumbs UP!
hollycorvera1 January 2012
A modern day "Fast times at Ridgemont High". Very entertaining, with laugh out loud times to make your sides hurt! I enjoyed the plot. It has come at a time when teenagers need it most...Peer pressure seen for what it truly is. I will be engaging with my teenage daughter to show her how to laugh at herself...LOL...I fell the director and writer Nathaniel Koffman did a wonderful job with details and script. I would watch this movie over and over... Looking forward to part 2, maybe set in the college/adult genre...Keep up the good work! We need more movies like this! Laughing out Loud is the only way to watch a movie these days!
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Not so bad
mykidsweare27 June 2014
This film isn't ground breaking but neither is it the load of crap a lot of reviewers claim it to be. As a person who's travelled I can honestly say that there are all kinds of people. I've met and spoken with such an array, almost nothing seems impossible when it comes to personality or views.

This is my first opportunity to have seen a film featuring a pothead hero but I do know potheads and good people with rough edges. None of that dialogue was so unbelievable.

Of course the film relies heavily on much abused troupes and some of the less pertinent aspects stretch the bounds of belief- a first rate school shouldn't have the teacher-student dynamic that this one has, but there are schools with teachers this tired and students this disrespectful. This was a second thought though and not important enough to destroy my enjoyment of the film's core.

I found the romance very sweet. And there were humorous as well as touching moments. The emotions displayed, especially between the hero and his friend and the hero and heroine, were poignant even. The last scene I've watched over and over.

I thought Holloway did a great job and this film has made me a fan of his. I've been scouring the net in search of more by him. I fully expect for him to make it big in this next decade.
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Great Movie!
donnierose31 December 2011
I saw Getting that Girl and thought it it was completely awesome! I sure do hope they make a part 2... That would be sweet... Boozer was my favorite character over all... I love his opening scene... Hot chicks and Awesome parties... This movie is like the modern day "Grease" without all the singing... Getting that Girl is a must see movie (that is... if you like movies). When this movie was over I wanted more... I couldn't believe it was over that quick... I felt as if I was just starting to get used to everyone in the movie and then it was over... not too mention the soundtrack to the movie was sweet too. Great opening! Great Actors! Great Script! But I Still want more! Please make a part 2... I would rate this movie up there with Harold & Kumor. Maybe make part 2 in 3-D (just a thought)... Overall... I loved this movie... If I owned it now I would watch it over and over.
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