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"Desperate Housewives" - "Being Alive" - October 4, 2009

Mary Alice is telling us about how Mrs. McCluskey met her current beau Roy. They smiled at each other shyly and then got it on. Mary Alice tells us that McCluskey's falling in love and wondering if Roy feels the same way. They're on their doctor-mandated daily walk and he's grumping about it and she's telling him about how she feels. She tells him she loves him. He doesn't say anything. He says she knows how he feels. She says she needs to hear the words. He's about to tell her when he sees Julie lying on the ground and rushes to her. McCluskey is both shocked and pissed and screams.

We cut to Ten Mintues Earlier

Mary Alice tells us about what a lovely morning it had been up that point. Bob reads the paper. One of the Solis girls plays with her doll. Roy and McCluskey walk. Susan primps and puts in a breath mint while Mike sleeps. She wakes him and they kiss. He compliments her breath. They talk about starting their honeymoon and then MJ walks in. She tells him to go play, they grimace but invite him into bed. She says she can't wait to start their lives again, especially with Julie here. She says when she pictured her happiness recently this was how she pictured it. They hear McCluskey scream.

Anna is trying to get Danny Bolen to go out with her. He's shooting her down. Gabriella advises her to ignore him and that's how she got Carlos. She basically played "The Rules." He's mad. They hear McCluskey scream.

Mr. and Mrs.Bolen are going about breakfast. We hear Danny's side of the Anna call, blowing her off. His dad asks where he was the night before. He says out. His dad says he was looking for him and starts to yell at him. Angie waves him off and goes to talk to Danny. She asks what he really did. He says he went out drinking and that there's nothing else to do here. She says she knows the move has been hard bu tto try and that it takes more effort to be unhappy. She kisses him and thanks him for his honesty. They hear McCluskey scream.

At the Scavo house they ask after Lynette vomiting in the bathroom. Parker? Preston? thinks if she wasn't so old she was pregnant. Tom wants to tell them but then Lynette claims she had bad seafood. As the boys leave she says she's not telling anyone until everything's okay. Tom wonders if that's the only reason. They hear McCluskey scream.

Orson answers the door at the Hodge house and it's Katherine. He's hungover and Bree is out. He's not sure where. Katherine is taking the morning off. Orson says he's sure she'll understand given what she's been through. She says she's not upset about Mike and Susan because she doesn't think it'll last since Mike married Susan out of pity. They hear McCluskey scream.

Karl and Bree are breathing heavy post-coitus. She's amazed she can enjoy sex without any emotional commitment. It's wild to her and she complements Karl. Karl's phone rings and it's Mike. We cut to Mike's end of the call and the amublance pulling up and Susan crouched over Julie freaked out. Everyone wonders about who would want to hurt nice, sweet Julie. McCluskey looks over at Danny, as does Carlos.

The ladies head off to the hospital. The guys chat and Tom wonders what Carlos is looking at. He says he wonders where the Bolen's were. Tom wonders what they even know about them. Carlos says he saw Danny with Julie at the movies. Tom says it's time to get to know the new neighbors.

Angie sees them all staring at her. Danny says he had nothing to do with it. His dad asks about the fight that McCluskey saw and says if she talks to the police they're in trouble. Angie asks where he was drinking the night before. He says he was too drunk to remember. Dad wants to say he's home. Angie says if people saw him out they're done. She says she's going to make Susan and Mike a manicotti and then they're going to get out and start hugging people.

McCluskey wonders what she should say to the cops. Roy says to tell them the truth about the fight she saw. She's afraid to start pointing fingers. He says he'll be right there with her and now he wants to say what he was going to before which is if she got hit by a bus he'd really miss her. She says he's showering alone tonight. Then he says I love you.

At the hospital Susan talks to the police and says Julie's a great kid and everyone loves her and no one would want to hurt her. She's freaked out about where the doctor is with news. She gets understandably lippy with the cops. Lynette and Gaby arrive. The doctor arrives and says Julie's still unconscious and they need to run tests. He wants to run blood tests and x-rays. Lynette tells them not to and admits that Julie told her that she might be pregnant. Susan is bereft.

The Bolens emerge with their manicotti and run into Orson, Tom, and Carlos. They invite Nick to join the neighborhood watch. The three of them start asking after Danny being close with Julie. Nick says they were just friends. He asks after the neighborhood watch meeting. He asks if there's a really a meeting cuz it sounds like the only one they're watching is Danny.

Katherine arrives at the Delfino house with a plate of food. She says she heard about Julie and wanted to do something. She follows him in and asks after Julie and then hugs him real close. He asks swhat she's doing. She says she's just letting him know she's here for him.

The cops come in and ask Anna about where she was at the time of the assault. Gaby says she was in her room. Anna admits she climbed the trellis and met Danny. Danny says they bought beer. She confirms it. Gaby starts freaking out. They ask if anyone can verify her alibi. She says Danny.

Karl is pacing and talking about killing the person who did it to her. Susan tells him to stop being negative in this room. Bree arrives and Susan says they're waiting for the test results. Bree quietly says hi to Karl. Susan leaves to find the doctor. Bree says, over Julie's unconscious body, that Susan must never know about them. Karl says Julie was attacked so he has bigger problems. He says they have to put off their tryst. She says she completely understands. They kiss and of course this is the moment Julie wakes up.

Susan brings a coffee to Lynette and tells her Julie's not pregnant. Lynette explains about Julie coming to her and confiding she might be pregnant. Susan wonders why she didn't call. Julie asked her not to. Lynette doesn't know who the guy is, only that Julie said it was complicated. Susan is mad that Lynette didn't tell her and that she is Susan's friend not Julie's. Susan calls it a betrayal and yells at Lynette.

Reggie a handyman arrives to dismantle the trellis for Gaby. He can't believe Anna climbed it since it's so beat up but figures why would she lie. Gaby thinks about this and starts climbing the trellis herself. Of course, she falls.

Julie has fallen back into unconsciousness. The doctor says he's confident she'll recover. Bree's worried that Julie will remember what she saw when she wakes up for good. The doctor says she probably will.Bree is, obviously, worried.

Gaby confronts Anna about lying about the trellis. Anna calls her fat. She asks if Danny asked her to cover for him. She says he didn't do it. She says Gaby is just mad she didn't take her advice. She picked a different route, aiding and abetting. Gaby calls the police to make Anna tell the truth.

Bree returns with some biscotti. Susan says the doctors are very optimistic. Bree wanted to tell Susan how much she enjoyed the wedding and how she made peace with Katherine. Susan says she can't believe that Katherine is acting like the injured party when she took Mike from Susan first. But, they were divorced, Bree points out. Susan says it doesn't matter, women should never sleep with their friend's ex-husband. Bree wonders if it would be different if it was Karl? Since she doesn't love him anymore like she did with Mike. Susan laughs that off saying Katherine's a lady and wouldn't fall for Karl's lame come-ons. She adds sleeping with him would be worse given how much Karl hurt her and that her friends know it. She says she doesn't need a friend like Katherine when she has a friend like Bree.

Orson goes to get Katherine to sign a get-well card for Julie. She says she knows he thought she was crazy when she said Mike and Susan wouldn't last. He says he didn't think that, exactly. She says she stopped by the Delfinos earlier with a casserole and claims he made a pass at her. He finds this hard to believe. She tells him not to tell Bree.

Lynette goes to talk to Susan in the hospital cafeteria and says she's sorry Susan's mad at her. Susan says she's not mad, she says she just can't understand why Susan went to Lynette not her. Lynette tells Susan the reason Julie opened up to her that day that she saw her crying is because Lynette told her she is pregnant. Susan hugs her but wonders why Lynette was crying. She explains why: sole breadwinner, in her 40s, doesn't know how she's going to do it and because there's a voice in her mind that keeps saying maybe I shouldn't. Susan doesn't know what to say. She says Lynette can do whatever it is she thinks she needs to do. Lynette says she knows, lucky her. Susan reminds her, nicely, that kids are a gift and she knows because she spent the last few hours worried that she was going to lose hers. She says she's not telling her what to do. Lynette says, actually she is.

Karl comes back to visit. Susan and Bree are both in the room. Susan calls her a saint and takes a call from Lee checking in on MJ. Karl sits and says it's been the longest day of his life. He says he thought he needed time to himself but was wrong and needs Bree. He says he booked a room at the motel and offers a key and says he doesn't want to be alone. As she watches Mike arrive with coffee for Susan outside she says she doesn't either and takes the key.

Gaby comes to visit Angie, who says she's given Danny an ass-kicking for taking Anna out. Gaby tells her it's not true and that Danny told her to tell the cops that to cover for him. Angie says she doesn't know what Gaby's implying since Danny's a good kid. Gaby says it doesn't matter because Anna is speaking to the police right now. As Gaby walks away Angie sees McCluskey give her a long look.

Angie races back in the house and tells Danny she screwed up asking him to ask Anna to be his alibi. She says the police will be over any minute and that he should tell them that he waves his Miranda rights and will talk once he has a lawyer down at the station. He asks him: How does a fish get caught? Danny answers: He opens his mouth.

Mary Alice is back telling us about the bad day on Wisteria Lane and we see each family in the midst of doing their end of day business: Lynette breaking the news to the family, Gaby grounding Anna, Bree making plans to meet Karl as we see the flashing police lights reflect in the house windows. The Bolens, including a tearful Angie, watch as Danny is taken away and across the street Susan gives them a long look. As we see McCluskey look at the Bolens, Mary Alice tells us that today might have been bad but the thought occurred to one old woman that the days ahead could be worse.
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