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A reason of why we love the movie villains

Author: Rodrigo Amaro ( from São Paulo, Brazil
16 July 2010

"Starz Inside: Unforgettably Evil" is an hour documentary about the concept of villains in the motion picture, who are they, what they did, and where all the evilness comes from. Many still photographs from many famous movies with some of the greatest villains of all time, some scenes too and lots of interviews with actors who one time or another played villains, a psychological look is presented by a psychiatrist and some other interesting accounts.

It was very interesting to see a sharp and interesting perception of how the villain is important in the film culture, after all without him or she you don't have a movie. Better saying: without a antagonist you don't have a great movie because they make things work out, they are the ones who makes things more interesting, mysterious, dangerous, the need for a hero, and sometimes they're so much better than the good guy.

Actors like Joe Mantegna (Joey Zaza in "The Godfather - Part 3"), David Carradine (Bill in "Kill Bill"), Eric Roberts, Daryl Hannah, Kurtwood Smith, William Fichtner, Kristanna Loken, Robert Patrick, Malcolm McDowell; director Eli Roth and many others tell us about their favorite villains of all time, the aspects that makes characters such as Hannibal Lecter, Anton Chigurh, The Joker, Alex Forrest, HAL 9000 (although James Cromwell says that HAL's not a villain) so important, and so villainous.

Good interviews that really shows us this necessity for evil characters on films and that all the scary and terrible things these villains do are nothing less than a reflection of what's happening in our society, and or possible fears that people have all the time. One good example is the non human villains, the Terminator, computers with a few human touch but with some dangerous instincts on inside, monsters (it is only mentioned the "Alien", no Godzilla, no Cujo or stuff like that, not even the fearful animals that appeared in some other films).

For those who are only starting to watch movies and doesn't know too many evil characters here's a chance to discover many great names, to find out the root of all their darkest moves. For those like me who happens to know many of this villains it is good chance to see the actors interviews and their opinions on villains. Sadly it wasn't showed some classic villains like Freddy Krueger (there's so much you can say about him) or unknown villains (but there's a detective who talks about "Arsenic and Old Lace", good point of view he tells us).

Closer to the ending the documentary seems to run away of its subject, and sometimes some pictures of villains aren't well explained, what type of villains they are or were. Except that it's great film and it's highly entertaining. 9/10

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Our perception of evil

Author: jotix100 from New York
28 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What compels audiences to watch films in which a person at the center of the story is evil personified? That is the question Sebastian Bauer and the Starz network teamed up to ask several actors and personalities that have been involved in movies where a horrible man, or a woman, a thing, or even a computer, with no apparent redeeming qualities, is the main attraction.

Take the case of Anton Chigurh, the horrible character that dominates "No Country for Old Men". This man is pure, unadulterated evil. Yet, we, as viewers, are mesmerized by his every move. The panel of invited artists discuss the film with intelligence, dissecting the role of the man in the context of the film. Like Anton, there are others that have left a mark in the way we watch them on the screen, among others, Hannibal Lechter, Batman, the Wicked Witch of the West, and a string of characters one can't easily forget.

Other monsters are also analyzed. Other perverse characters discussed by different guests who know first hand because most have been in front of the camera acting and getting under the skin of these horrific human beings one doesn't wish on ones worst enemies. Women and even computers aren't spared, as the interviews give a full account about the way they are perceived.

Tobin Bell, Stan Lee, Bruce Greenwood, James Cromwell, Daryl Hannah, Kristanna Loken, Joe Mantegna, Robert Patrick, Eric Roberts, Hugh Ross, Malcolm McDowell, Eli Roth, give an excellent analysis of the subject matter in articulate and personal ways that surprise us. Credit must be given to director Sebastian Bauer for his choice of material and the way it is presented by serious artists that know first hand about evil.

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