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Big Bad Wolf
Jon takes his pets along on a forest picnic. Garfield can barely resist stealing the cake, but Odie finds and 'adopt's a wolf cub, which eats the cake while Garfield is blamed. The wolf young is even smuggled home in the picnic basket, but it's mother follows the scent.
On Halloween, Garfield prefers stealing candy rather then distributing it to kids. When he hears that the Siberian feline monster Catzilla escaped from the zoo, he disguises as it to scary everyone into abandoning their whole candy baskets. But the real one arrives at Jon's home while impersonator Garfield is locked in his cage, so he needs to escape and rescue his house-mates.
Famous feline actor Sir Leo, one of Liz's patients, needs a rest away from the media, so she gets Jon to put him up. Lookalike Garfield being envious of fame and perks, they soon agree he shall secretly stand in for Sir Leo indefinitely. Garfield soon feels he's doing all the work but missing out on the credit, later Leo fears the lazy amateur may be wrecking his reputation, yet it all works out.
Plunder Blunder
Jon grudgingly pays a painful visit to the dentist. Home alone, the pets get scared by a radio message about roaming intruder Silent Jack. In the dark, they and their mouse friend mistake Jon, who lost his key, for the fiend and set up defenses, like mouse traps.
A Gripping Story
Garfield and Odie enjoy TV horror and urban legends, like an octopus in the sewers, but not as much as another donuts supply. The fight over it and Odie starts dropping box after box, dropping the donuts in the sewer. Trying to recuperate some, Garfield faces a giant octopus.
Brownie Horror
Jon tries to bake brownies by TV chef Eddie's recipe, but rushes off in search of a utensil. Meanwhile Garfield cheerfully multiplies the unhealthy ingredients. When Jon returns, the channel gets switched, so he continues with Dr. Frankenstein's method for lightning-powered monster. The result is a giant, aggressive brownie, which chases them trough town.
Dr. Goodfellow
Garfield and Odie are inconsolable when their TV breaks down. Jon digs up an ancient set, black and white without remote. Weirdly, it airs only one channel, Dr. Goodfellow's moralistic show. To Garfield's horror, Dr. Goodfellow turns him black and white as punishment for mischief to Nermal. The only way to regain his color is proving he can be a good cat.
Love & Lasagna/True Colors
Garfield and Odie are shocked to hear that Vito is closing his pizzeria, their favorite restaurant, after losing his beloved Angelica to a real estate mogul. Worse, the tycoon plans to buy it and tear it down to make room for a tanning shop. Eddie Gourmand joins their protest.
Medium Mouse
Garfield's mouse friend make him believe he can predict the future and allows the cat to play the psychic to Jon, while in fact his trick is to tape Garfield show episodes. Jon enters Garfield for a TV show, but the mouse accidentally deleted the episode without seeing the end.
Stay for Dinner
TV food critic Eddie Gourmand is fired when the station chief, a health freak, decides to present a nearly calorie free alternative, which nobody likes to watch. Jon invites Eddie for a consolation dinner, but the glutton proves so much worse that even Garfield can't eat anything, then trips, breaks his food and threatens with a lawsuit unless waited on hand and foot during his weeks of recovery. While the pets try desperately to get rid of him by pretending to have turned into health freaks, the station manager decides his rating require restoring Gourmand. Alas, Jon...
The Big Sleep
Inspired by his friendly squirrel neighbors, Garfield decides to try hibernation. An all you can eat diner is cleaned out to supply enough fat. Catching sleep is harder, and staying asleep impossible as Nermal invites all cats for a party, which is ended by a furious Jon.
Up the Squirrels Tree
The only thing Garfield enjoys no less then eating and/or sleeping is pestering Odie, and especially watching the flashy squirrels do so. By his own bumbling, one squirrel gets caught by Odie, which no dog achieved before. The squirrels expect a mournful drama, but find Odie non-vindictive, so the become his playmate, even turning on tormentor Garfield.
2 Nov. 2009
Orange and Black/Freaky Monday
Once more, Garfield locks out Odie. A green alien finds the dog, scans its brain and decides to help him bu switches his mind with its orange tormentor's. Garfield now experiences Odie's dog life and soon experiences the dangers of trying out canine fun. Worse, the dumb pup is in danger of wrecking his new feline body by taking crazy risks. When the alien checks on them, disaster seems inevitable.
4 Nov. 2009
Bone Diggers/The Robot
Bone Diggers: Unwiling to throw Odie even a second bone from the pork chops he steals from the fridge, Garfields sends Odie digging up one from the garden. When the dog drags in a giant one, Garfield realizes it must be from a Dinosaur and brings it to the city museum, bent on a huge finders' reward. Only there he discovers the home where it was found will be expropriated and torn down, so he flees with it. Then he trick the mean chihuahua guard dog next door and the archaeologists.
5 Nov. 2009
Catnap/Agent X
To Garfield's dismay, a fat cat claiming to be heroic secret agent X finds all other pets his captive audience and is served all treats, even Garfield's dinner. So his mouse friend is recruited to impersonate the fictitious foreign master spy who is supposedly out to kill agent X. Thus they find out he truth.
12 Nov. 2009
King Nermal/Desperately Seeking Pookie
King Nermal: To Garfield and Odie's horror, Jon has accepted to host sanctimoniously 'sweet' neighbor cat Nermal while his owner is away. When kicked out like Garfield usually does with Odie, the tomcat pretends to have badly hurt a paw. Commiserating, Jon now promises Nermal the royal treatment and gives him a bell to instruct his own pets. Garfield's plans to end their servile peril keep backfiring, even after Nermal's paw is exposed as healthy.
13 Nov. 2009
High Scale/Jon's Night Out
Jon pays vet Liz another visit just to be with her. However her new, speaking scales find the tomcat obese. Unless he looses 2 lbs. in two days, he'll be sent to a 'spa'. Initially Jon despairs as Garfield continues his glutton ways. However a nightmare about a gulag-like spa provides ample motivation.
16 Nov. 2009
Not So Sweet Sound of Music/Turkey Trouble
[II- Turkey Trouble] Jon won a Turkey, but it's alive and he refuses to kill it. Garfield wants a turkey dinner, but finds the bird a formidable adversary. The butcher refuses to take the live bird back, after some Garfield tricks even without compensation.
18 Nov. 2009
Pup in the Pound/Odie in Love
The city has imposed a dog-license. Jon got a dog badge for Odie, but when Garfield kicks him out as so often, it gets loose from his collar. Garfield wouldn't care even if he knew the prancing pup was caught and locked in the pound, until unsuspecting Jon decides dinner won't be served until both pets are home. For his lasagna, Garfield goes to great and imaginative lengths to free his imposed table-companion.
19 Nov. 2009
Pet Matchers/Lucky Charms
Pet Matchers: Jon takes Garfield along to Jake's TV show which promises to test if pets and owners are ideally matched. His computer finds lazy glutton Garfield utterly unfit for Jon and splits them up. Garfield has a hellish time as knavish rascal Freddy's abused new playmate, while the frog assigned to Jon bores him and Odie. Jake has to admit his mistake, but the make up present 'ideal holiday' is no better.
20 Nov. 2009
Curse of the Were-Dog/Meet the Parents
Curse of the Were-Dog: A rare astronomic constellation renders the dumbest dogs 'lunatic' at night whenever the moon isn't covered. In Odie's case, that means turning into a giant canine werewolf, without his sweet puppy inhibitions. Garfield initially gets blamed for his shenanigans.
2 Dec. 2009
Down on the Farm/The Pet Show
The Pet Show: Nerwal gets a hostile welcome when he comes challenge Garfield to enter the city's pet show, until he mentions the prize, a lasagna subscription. The jury refuses Garfield as candidate, so he claims the lion share of the prize as Odie's agent. Garfiels fools all other competitors, except Nerwal, who still puts up as good a fight as Garfield can cheat. The winner faces a reemerging problem.
3 Dec. 2009
Curse of the Cat People/Glenda and Odessa
Curse of the Cat People: When Odie plays with a necklace Liz bought on Egyptian holiday, it transports him and Garfield to a Pharaonic culture in another dimension, where a feline cult plots to regain power over humanity. Garfield enjoys being enthroned as Pharaoh for a thousand years, until he realizes that means a sarcophagus. He escapes and suggests a revolutionary alternative.
4 Dec. 2009
Underwater World/Family Picture
Underwater World: Jon takes his pets along fishing from a small boat at the coast. Dough balls prove terrible bait, but a young fish mistakes Odie's tongue for a worm and pulls him down to the sea bottom 'city' where an air bubble is provided. Garfield dives after Odie and saves the fish from a shark.
8 Dec. 2009
Time Twist/Time Master
While John is shopping, an alien parks his sports-car-resembling spacecraft besides his car to get some supplies. Garfiels, who was waiting inside, chases a spider and thus accidentally enters and starts the ship. It takes him to frightening planets, like one ruled by cat-eating mice. luckily the alien has a retrieval control.
9 Dec. 2009
Fish Fry/Little Yellow Riding Hood
Fish Fry: Jon reluctantly accepts to mind Liz's aquarium fishes during her short trip. Garfield was warned not to touch them, but can't resist. Alas, the feline glutton painfully experiences they all are dangerous, leaving him hungry as well as electrocuted and otherwise abused.
10 Dec. 2009
Fame Fatale/Virtualodeon
Virtualodeon: While Garfield watches the experimental cable channel Virtualodeon, virtual reality physically materializes in the living room. Due to a studio glitch, Garfield gets sucked into the set, or rather into any program it plays. The professor running the experiment comes round to help Jon retrieve the tomcat.
11 Dec. 2009
It's a Cat's World/Mailman Blues
It's a Cat's World: While Garfield watches a TV documentary, he's suddenly pulled into a wormhole and switches places with his counterpart in a parallel world, where humans are idle pets and felines carry all the responsibilities. Unwilling to work, Garfield finds the professor who created the wormhole, eager to return.
14 Dec. 2009
Extreme Housebreaking/Heir Apparent
Extreme Housebreaking: Jon enters Garfield for Dr. Whipple TV show, where the worst behaved felines are shown one evening and cured to model-behavior after his therapy. Garfield battles trough the abusive procedure, finds out the previous cat, whom he knows, was bribed and pretends to be cured.
15 Dec. 2009
Caroling Capers/From the Oven
Caroling Capers: Hearing carolers are give edible treats, Garfield tries it alone, but his feline falsetto arouses anger rather then generosity. Nerma and Odie are successful, so Garfield tries 'directing' them, or a mice choir. Ultimately, he finds his improvised instrumental calling.
16 Dec. 2009
Neighbor Nathan/History of Dog
Garfield can't resist, while Jon is away, with the usual threat, to bully Odie. This time it's so bad that the terrified pup, believing to be hunted down by the law, seeks refuge with new neighbor boy Nathan. Hungry, Garfield gets jealous of the spoiled dog, but can't lure him back. Neither suspects Nathan's evil hidden Frankenstein agenda.
17 Dec. 2009
Up a Tree/It's a Cheese World
TV food critic Eddy Gourmet starts an edible theme park, Cheese Land. Jon threatens to stop the lasagna supply unless Garfield chases his mice friends, which the lazy fatso can't. However they agree to say away if he gets them into Cheese Land. That proves hard as Addy hired street cat Harry, who quickly catches on all feline tricks. However, humans don't enjoy the park, which proves unprofitable, opening perspectives.
18 Dec. 2009
Nice to Nermal/Out on a Limb
Nice to Nermal: When Jon misplaces Pookie, Nermal gets hold of the cuddly bear and uses it to blackmail Garfield into 'being nice to me' for a whole day, which proves ever harder just to have it returned. When the torment becomes unbearable, humiliated Garfield resorts to a desperate move: an e-mail inviting Jon's horrible brat girl cousins, who will 'cuddle and nurse to death' cute Nermal. But after his cruel victory, Garfield pays a horrible price.
22 Dec. 2009
The Amazing Flying Dog/The Last Word
The Amazing Flying Dog: Odie keeps dreaming of impressing a girl poodle by performing superhero rescues as the caped Amazing Flying Dog. Garfield keeps dragging him back into depressing reality, rendering Odie listless. Then Garfield needs help.
23 Dec. 2009
Ice Man/T3000
The chief dog catcher fires his incompetent staff and replaces them with a robot, the T-3000. It's ruthlessly efficient, but unreasonably targets almost all pets. Garfield and Odie team up with the fired dogcatchers to get them back instead of the horrible machine.
20 Feb. 2011
Planet of Poultry
An evil alien chicken restaurant owner has invented a ray to transform any creature into poultry and plans to use it on all earthlings and transport the 'harvest' throughout the galaxy. The only protection against the ray are 'insane quantities' of lasagna ingredients, so only Garfield isn't affected. He bravely intrudes the spaceship and takes on the aliens.
1 Mar. 2011
The Art of Being Uncute/Night of the Bunny Slippers
The Art of Being Uncute: Garfield is eager to help Nermal win a national cuteness contest because the prize is a 6 month trip to Greenland. Jury president Edie Gourmand however chooses to look for a 'new cuteness', which he defines as the contrary of Nermal. Garfield manages to transform the cute kitten into an ally horror, yet neither the outcome nor the prize turn out like they expected.
2 Mar. 2011
Blasteroid/The Big Sneeze
The Big Sneeze: Jon is sneezing constantly near Garfield, so he fears a cat hair allergy. He consults a TV therapist, who concludes the problem is frustration over ingrate Garfield's hateful behavior and bully abuse of Odie. But the suggested cure is too radical for Jon.
3 Mar. 2011
The Spy Who Fed Me/Meet Max Mouse
The Spy Who Fed Me: Garfield systematically outsmarts Jon in enforcing his latest strict diet. A spy robot does a better job, so the feline glutton decides to convince Jon the diet is far too depressing, by faking an exodus as stowaway on a cruiser to Tokyo.
4 Mar. 2011
The Haunted House/Which Witch
The Haunted House: Jon has writer's block and complains about his distractive pets. His editor lets him stay the weekend somewhere but fails to mention it's a reputedly haunted house, which Garfield knows. The feline ghost can only leave if he can make a human believe in his existence, but isn't visible to men. Garfield is determined to help him, but keeps being mistaken for the haunter.
6 Mar. 2011
Gravity of the Situation
An alien arrives from a planet without gravity. He uses a device to cancel it in the Arbuckle house after feasting on the vilest green stuff Jon ever cooked, being depressed after failing to get a job as cartoonist. Food critic Eddie Gourmet now offers Jon a job if he can cook him a perfect meal. Garfield realizes Jon's naive enthusiasm won't nearly do the job.
7 Mar. 2011
Cyber Mailman/Odie for Sale
Cyber Mailman: Due to Garfield's incessant mean tricks to and abuse of the mailman, the mail HQ lab selected his neighborhood for a project, the holographic mailman. While the project is explained to Jon and him, Garfield spills taco sauce into the mainframe. The short-circuit causes the virtual mailman to deliver to Jon tomorrow's mail. He thus wins the $1,000,000 lottery 42 times in a row. Then it starts going wrong.
8 Mar. 2011
Farm Fresh Feline/Dog Days
A friendly alien rewards Odie's help with stocking up on marshmallows with an inexhaustible dog biscuit. Alas, everyone he licks afterward is turned into a dumb 'canine' too, at least all humans. Only Garfield proves immune. Together with the alien, who came to check up, he seeks a cure.
10 Mar. 2011
The Bluebird of Happiness/Inside Eddie Gourmand
Inside Eddie Gourmand: critic Eddie Gourmand suddenly gives everyone bad ratings, even Garfield's favorite pizzeria Vito's, so he drags Jon along to find out why. The studio's doctor's experimental machine is used, and Garfield is sucked into Eddie's mind, finding out it's frustration about his doted, devoted mother, so she's the key.
14 Mar. 2011
Honey I Shrunk the Pets/Garfield Astray
Garfield Astray: Furious that Jon invited Nermal to stay for months, Garfields physically ejects him, but accidentally gets amnesia when a bowling ball hits himself. Vindictively, Nermal makes him believe to be just a stray cat. He bonds with two real ones and gets into trouble. Only the smell of lasagna rekindles his memory.
15 Mar. 2011
Master Chef/Guest from Beyond
Master Chef: After a failed microwave lasagna, Jon takes the pets to their favorite pizzeria. Vito waves their praise, claiming his mentor Giuseppe Cuistone makes the world's best lasagna but disappeared years ago. Trough chattering mice, Garfield tracks him down and won't rest until he can taste the ultimate Italian delicacy. the results are striking for them, Vito and Jon.
16 Mar. 2011
History of Cats/Black Cat Blues
History of Cats: Garfield presents a self-produced movie on the glorious history of felines, the superior species since the saber tooth. It states how cats made countless inversions, including cheese and lasagna, and were responsible for masterworks attributed to humans like Leonardo da Vinci or Beethoven. The unamused audience of Odie and mice however enforces a revised version.
17 Mar. 2011
Depths of a Salesman/Night of the Apparatus
Night of the Apparatus: Jon is delighted with a new computerized domotics system, which is supposed to run his whole household smoothly a intelligently. Alas, the female computer, besotted with pleasing Jon, gets jealous of Liz and decides, 'scorned', to supplant the residents. An ITC nerd finds overpowering her harder then expected, so Garfield takes her on.
18 Mar. 2011
Land of Hold/Penny Henny
Garfield leaves home while Jon's nasty nieces visit. However as they keep asking about him, his fictitious namesake stars in a modifies story Jon tells them about a corn farm, where chickens are easily made to believe heaven is falling down. A hungry fox needs to be outsmarted by the feline to save the fowl.
22 Mar. 2011
A Gripping Tale/Wicked Wishes
When Jon takes his gang to the beach, Odie finds a bottle with oriental decoration and message. Realizing it refers to a spirit, Jon takes it home, hoping like Garfield for a wishes reward. In fact, Omar imposes on liberator Jon to grant him wishes and punishes the first refusal with transformation in a frog. Garfield does his homework and fights back.
23 Mar. 2011
Jumbo Shrimpy/Pirate Gold
A TV show's evil scientist's 'tame' elephant Shrimpy can't cope with constant abuse and escapes, but is scared. Garfield and Odie find him and decide to help him in canine disguise. The klutzy dog-catcher helps capture the elephant, but the police concentrates on another's crimes.
24 Mar. 2011
Me, Garfield and I/Detective Odie
Garfield discovers TV scientist Dr. Leifer invented a cloning machine and steals it, so his clones can take over the less pleasant aspects of his life, such as jogging with Jon, throwing Odie's stick and even being Nerwal's fan club. However he overdoes it by by cloning Vito, the clones becomes his and each-other's rivals and the machine gets damaged.
25 Mar. 2011
Stealing Home/Full of Beans
A jealous ally cat always envied Garfield's luxury life, waited on hand and foot. Seeing Jon leave for days, the giant cat invades the home, determined to take Garfield's place, so he throws him and Odie out. Their attempts to get back in keep failing, so the impostor can raid the fridge. To lure him out, Garfield takes up residence in his dumpster home, which is apparently remodeled into all neighborhood cats' envy.