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Monsters holds our attention ever more deeply as we realize it's not a casual exploitation picture.
With Monsters, Edwards transcends the special-effects auteur label, creating a memorable sci-fi story in which the hero and heroine are true equals in the adventure. How's that for an alien concept?
Monsters is really a road-movie romance that tracks the burgeoning relationship between two strangers as they travel through the "infected" zone.
Monsters, like a serpent eating its own tail, comes back on itself in ways that haunt, and hurt.
Edwards is a wizard with his laptop's effects program. The squiddy things he conjures up look like the real deal - thoroughly creepy and a gazillion feet tall. Too bad his screenwriting software didn't have an equivalently impressive plot-twisting algorithm to get him to the final fade.
Monsters is a sharp little low-fi monster movie operating from a tantalizing premise.
Monsters works not because of its representation of alien creatures or its somewhat derivative back story but because of the atypical manner in which it approaches the character-based narrative.
The Hollywood Reporter
Although the tentative performances of his two human leads proves less satisfying, and the story's not-so-underlying sociological context can be hard to miss -- it takes place along the U.S.-Mexico border -- the overall picture still impresses.
Wait a second, is this a horror movie or an episode of The Hills?
San Francisco Chronicle
An arty, ruminative and slow-paced film that's being marketed as a big ol' alien-invasion flick. Just don't expect an invasion flick.
Wall Street Journal
What brings Monsters down from its extremely low perch is a conspicuous lack of monstrosity.

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