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Reviews & Ratings for
MacGruber More at IMDbPro »

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7 out of 16 people found the following review useful:

Not-funny, not-clever, not-worthwhile at all

Author: John Holden from United States
11 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Will Forte seems be in the same "I'm the comedy" mode as Stiller, Chevy Chase, Ferrell ... other boring comedians. You just somehow believe that people want to watch you walk around or fall down or stare at the camera. That you are so funny people will laugh at anything you do.

It's much like news reporters being the news - telling you how they feel about an event.

This movie is unwatchable. The humor turns on various bathroom & dick jokes. A crude (if this is even possible) "Dumb and Dumber".

Maybe teenage boys like this kind of thing. I don't know who would see humor in someone crapping in the upper toilet tank. And a dozen other stupid gags.

Kristen Wiig was decent. But not enough to make this movie worth seeing.

Forte is about like the 85-IQ jock in the frat house who thinks any prank he does is funny. If you were that guy - or his friend or just enjoyed his antics - maybe you will like this movie. Otherwise don't bother.

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9 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

Exactly what you'd expect from an SNL film, except that it's kind of funny

Author: Critomaton from United States
23 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

MacGruber has all of the faults you'd expect from a film based on a Saturday Night Live sketch:

1) Squandered talent and wasted comedic opportunities. Kristen Wiig plays a very understated role in this movie. Her character doesn't have any of the rapid-fire or goofy speech patterns she's known for on SNL, or anything very funny to say for that matter.

Also, an important plot point about MacGruber's hand-picked team is drawn out way too long in a scene that was totally spoiled by the trailers anyway.

There aren't really any cameos or supporting roles by anyone else with comedic talent either.

2) Sloppy, lazy writing with an underdeveloped plot. Not much happens in this movie. There are no really big action/chase scenes, just some stock warehouse/factory shootouts. All of the special effects budget seems to have been spent on throat-ripping and bullet-wound effects.

There are also a bunch of jokes about how MacGruber only uses household items, not guns, but since he doesn't really use the gadgets to get out of sticky situations - except a celery stalk and a mop - these jokes fall mostly flat.

So, it's definitely not Beverly Hills Cop - it's barely even Beverly Hills Ninja.

3) Lowbrow humor. There are way too many repetitive, juvenile scatological gags in this movie, such as MacGruber's fixation with promising to give or receive sexual favors in order to keep his mission going or his threatened mode of revenge against the villain.

Even the villain's name is used ad nauseum throughout the whole movie in order to justify exactly one funny double entendre that occurs in the first few minutes (think Alec Baldwin's "Pete Schwedde" character on SNL - this movie probably had the same writer).

Despite all this, I was laughing pretty hard throughout most of the movie, because the MacGruber character is just so stupid and over the top. Kind of like Ace Ventura meets Dumb and Dumber without the limits of a PG-13 rating.

Also, Ryan Phillippe did a good job as the straight man.

The TV ads are saying this is the funniest SNL movie since Wayne's World. That's a pretty apt description even though it doesn't mean much, since Wayne's World was also disappointing.

Anybody who watches SNL (or used to) knows what to expect. You sit (or fast forward) through 90 minutes of mostly crap hoping for a few good laughs. When MacGruber is over, you realize that this movie is also mostly crap, but since it provides more than a few good laughs I guess that makes it a qualified success.

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1 out of 5 people found the following review useful:


Author: SanteeFats from United States
9 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I thought this was suppose to be a funny movie. After all it was on Comedy Central and had a 2.5 star rating. So I thought funny movie. WRONG, SO WRONG. First I quit watching after about 25-30 minutes. It is that bad. They do a direct rip off of a combination of Rambo and Hot Shots Part Deux. MacGruber gathers a team that then proceeds to be blown up by his home made C4. Then in his desperation to continue the mission he goes through several homosexual propositions to the lieutenant to get him to join the new team. This is where I stopped watching. Not because of the content but the total absurdity of the scenario. The entire movie until I quit was terribly written, directed, and acted. The, well lets call them actors, either over or under acted their roles, usually well over acted. I also thought that there was no real funny moments, again I only could stomach the first thirty minutes +/- so while I can not imagine it improving it may have.

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1 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Not stupid enough

Author: tieman64 from United Kingdom
8 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"MacGruber" is a mostly unfunny parody of both the "MacGuyver" TV series and 1980s Hollywood action movies. Our hero is "MacGruber", an inept special forces agent tasked with taking down a madman with a nuclear weapon. The film isn't stupid, ridiculous or inane enough, is derivative of the "Hot Shots" franchise, few of the film's high concept gags work, and MacGruber only elicits giggles when swearing or making raunchy jokes. These dumb, vulgar moments are hilarious, but too infrequent.

The film stars an actor called Will Forte, who has the coolest name since Lance Thrust.

5/10 - Worth no viewings.

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1 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Not a great comedy, but passable

Author: KineticSeoul from United States
11 September 2010

If you enjoy films with some crude adult humor with some action, than you just might enjoy this film. Although I never really found the jokes hilarious or anything, I got a few chuckles than and there. And if you liked the Saturday Night Live sketch of MacGruber the chances are you will like this full length version of it. The funniest parts of this movie is when MacGruber acts super obnoxious and crazy, and his obnoxious stupidity is actually sort of entertaining to watch in this film. You can tell the guy that plays MacGruber would do anything for a laugh and it really shows in this film, even going as far to do really embarrassing stuff on screen. He is just one of those types of comedians. The story is this, the bad guy has a nuclear missile which he will use on the US for a reason and it's up to MacGruber to stop him and lot of random crap happens along the way while MacGruber comes up with the most useless and random plans in order to infiltrate. This movie isn't about the story, but it's okay because of the direction it goes and it basically works as much of a parody and multiple sketches. Plus it made and written by the same guy that worked on the skits on SNL and the crew in the movie worked well with each other. The acting isn't good, but it's fun and that is what matters and it's still fun. Worth a rent and watching it with your friends when there nothing better to do.


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2 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Totall waste of time

Author: CirAndreasSiCorneliusAh from United States
27 June 2011

Not even worth having on in the background while you are doing something else. I like a lot of silly, ridiculous comedies. Many with low budgets. But this was as if they took one of the worse Saturday Night Live skits, one of those you can't believe they really thought was going to be funny, and stretched it out into a movie. I tried to stick with it, thinking it had to get better, but had to turn it off after 45min. Even running at higher speed from my DVR didn't help. Not every review requires 10 lines. This new requirement of 10 lines minimum is total idiocy. Or, is it an attempt to skew the submitted reviews toward the positive since it is a lot easier to think of more things to say about decent movies. When a movie is completely bad throughout with terrible acting, directing and writing, how many words does it take to describe that? IMDb change your policy!

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3 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

Celery never looked so gross

Author: MLDinTN from TN
15 March 2011

SNL skits do not make good movies. Hopefully this will be the last attempt. In the beginning, we are told Macgruber is the most decorative US soldier, with all these purple hearts and so forth. Well, during the movie he is portrayed as being a bumbling idiot. I guess that is supposed to be the joke, but it wasn't funny.

This movie was rather offensive. It is a made for TV character and in this movie, they throw all this cussing and adult language that just doesn't go with the SNL Macgruber. That was a huge mistake. Who wants to hear a grown man tell other guys I'll >>>>(perform a certain act) or let you #### me if you'll do this for me. That was disgusting.

Then there was the celery distraction. It definitely was very distracting. Ryan Phillippe must have hit rock bottom to be in this film. I know Val Kilmer has been on the slide, so I could see him in this but not Phillippe.

FINAL VERDICT: Just a gross movie. Don't watch it.

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3 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

by far the worst movie I have ever seen

Author: rpgfan173 from Uruguay
10 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is by far the worst movie I have EVER seen, I had high expectations on this movie because I love the MacGruber sketches, but this... this was even worse than "Superhero Movie", it was not funny at all, slow, tedious and boring, and the sex scenes were just awful, I can't believe that someone actually liked this movie, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone ever, and I think every copy should be burned, because it was an insult for the fans of the MacGruber's sketches, and to all comedy fans in general, I feel like my time has been robbed and I want it back.

If you want to see the REAL MacGruber then go to NBC web page, don't waste a penny in the movie.

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4 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

MacGruber, you only have 30 seconds! The Audience is leaving the theater!

Author: reluctantpopstar from North Hollyweird
1 June 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The director of "MacGruber" is named Jorma Taccone. Like the Tacone (a mall food stand; taco + cone= tacone), the similarly named Mr. Taccone had the problem of taking some indeterminate parts that do not belong together and shoving them into an enclosure, creating what is supposed to be a coherent whole. Like the foodstuff, Mr. Taccone did not succeed in reaching this goal.

While the parts making up "MacGruber" seem to make sense on their own, their juxtaposition ends up creating a context that is too confusing. Is this a parody of an action film, or an actual action film as such? Usually, action films of this ilk (see the Lethal Weapon series, Rush Hour series, etc.) already come with a significant dose of comedy therein, even bordering on self-parody. Many would argue that most of Schwarzenegger's flicks cross that self-parodic line throughout their running times.

What to make of a "comedy" film that goes for minutes at a time with no obvious "gags"? The overheated dialog, macho posturing. Recruiting of the hero out of retirement. The deliciously evil villain who plots to destroy the world. The history of bad blood between protagonist and antagonist. The awkward buddy pairing of MacGruber and Piper, the free-wheeling, rule-breaking, eccentric hero-genius who "gets the job done" but has "unorthodox methods" and the clean-cut, by-the-book rookie who comes into conflict with the hero's wild methodology. Arrgh! These things are all played with the straightest of faces. But in my book, they've gone far beyond the straight-faced parody of the Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker school (see "Airplane"), and actually made an honest-to-Pete bad action movie, and not a parody of same.

One can only grade on a curve here. I will compare this film, such as it is, only to others based upon sketches from Saturday Night Live. Is it as good as "The Blues Brothers"? No way. That movie was awesome. How about "Wayne's World"? Nope. That one was much funnier. Umm…"The Coneheads"? No, even that one was better. What about "It's Pat"? Okay. "MacGruber" is better than "It's Pat" was. But only by a hair. "It's Pat" made me want to sell my own liver.

Seeing as the "MacGruber" bit from SNL was a one-joke sketch only lasting 30 seconds, the filmmakers had very little to work with here. Even though it was repeated four or five times per episode, each time the sketch was identical: MacGruber was trapped in a power station control room with a bomb about to go off, its countdown timer ticking away in a trope beloved of screenwriters since Thomas Edison first invented the movie camera. MacGruber is to defuse said bomb with whatever happens to be at hand, in an obvious rip on "Mac Gyver": paper clip, cotton swab, masking tape. But he never does it, because each time he gets distracted, or gets into an argument with his female assistant, or starts talking about something stupid, and the bomb goes off, killing everyone. Yet, MacGruber comes back yet again, apparently not killed, in the next segment, still trapped in the room with his female helper and the bomb, counting down to Armageddon. Never truly dead, but always dying, MacGruber is trapped in a Sisphyean world of never-ending torture. Just like the audience of this movie. Samuel Becket would have a lot to think about here.

Of course, expanding this from a repetitive 30 second TV sketch to a 90 minute feature film required that an actual plot be constructed. Not worth going much into it here, except to note that MacGruber must save the world from a madman who has stolen a nuclear missile and plans to blow up the President of the United States with it, a man named Cunth (har har) who MacGruber just happened to go to college with, and who killed MacGruber's wife on their wedding day because (SPOILER ALERT!) MacGruber stole her away from Cunth to begin with.

In spite of all the problems evident within it, I have given this movie a score of three for providing the following helpful pointers to assist the viewer in getting through life:

1) Of all possible hairstyles that exist, the Shag-Mullet is one of the few that exhibits a timeless sense of style and is appropriate in all situations from laying around the pool to a corporate board meeting to defusing a nuclear missile.

2) If you are an armed evil henchman guarding the bad guys' secret hideout and/or rendezvous/drop spot, do NOT get distracted by a guy with his pants around his ankles and a celery stalk up his butt shuffling along in the middle distance. It is merely a ploy to get the drop on you.

3) If you're going to be using C4 plastic explosive, bite the bullet and buy the real stuff, don't make it yourself at home. And if you do make it yourself at home, don't pack all of it in the van carrying your entire team of operatives.

4) If you're going to get a Blaupunkt car stereo, pay the extra few bills and get the one with the detachable faceplate, which you can jam into the pocket of your orange down vest, so you don't end up carrying around your pull-out stereo like some sort of robotic man-purse.

5) Don't have your wedding on a bluff overlooking the ocean, with a drop off of hundreds of feet to the jagged rocks below, even if this will allow you to duck when your evil nemesis whom you thought had already burned to death when you blew up his secret hideout lunges at you in an attempt to kill both you and your bride-to-be, sending him plummeting hundreds of feet to a certain death on the jagged rocks below. It just isn't sporting. But, since he did fall, you can shoot the guy with a machine gun while he's on his way down.

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5 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

my god it is amazingly stupid!

Author: mileejones2000 from Malta
26 September 2010

this has maybe been the worst movie i have seen in my short life. i really hope that i don't have another experience like that, this is ridiculous and really hope that this movie will have absolutely no success and it will be nominated for nothing but worst movie of all times.cheers and thanks god it's over. the plot is do ridiculous that not much movies can come to this frontier.i have pushed myself to watch it until the very end and in the end and have been closer to suicide more than anything else. I don't know what Ryan does there, but this has been an enormous downfall in it's career. please don't do that mistake again. Not only reviews will say that but also normal people. it is amazingly terrible. don't do that ever again to the audience! the world deserves better!

Was the above review useful to you?

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