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The Andy Griffith Show (1960) (TV Series)
Chris says 'Who is Commanding this Operation? Gomer Pyle?' Chris then Quotes Gomer Pyle's Catchphrase, 'Well Gaaw-aawl-ly!'
Alien (1979)
Chris says at the Alien's Hideout the characters encounter an Enemy whom looks remarkably like the Alien from the film Alien.
Super C (1988) (Video Game)
Chris says the Aliens we not fully defeated and will be planning a second attack, The Game Cover is visible when Chris says this.


Contra (1987) (Video Game)
Footage shown in the Review.


Dr. No (1962)
In The Prologue Chris is seen through a Gun Barrel and Chris shoots the screen
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977)
A Holographic Figure appears when Chris gives up on the game and says 'Use the Code Luke'.
24 (2001) (TV Series)
The Ending shows Three Screens and a Clock in the middle much like this show does before an ad break.

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