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Meaningless Waste of Time
Nektarios Antoniades29 October 2010
I was tricked into watching this film by a review, so I feel obligated to give my own so there will be no more casualties..!

This movie can not really be called a thriller: there is no real suspense and nothing is surprising;you can tell how things will evolve from the first minute that the actual "plot" starts.

I actually fast forward it many times and compelled to rerun it, only to find that nothing had happened in between.

All in all, this was a wooden, disturbing presentation of a lower class youth, with a completely unsuccessful attempt to portray a dysfunctional family, lacking all definitions of any meaning of film.
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A spoon full of nothing.
Greenzombidog10 February 2011
Another hoody film.

A boring couple have their home invaded by some scumbags looking to exact revenge on their son. The usual tying up and degradation of the main characters takes place. The problem is I didn't care about them. The characters were so clichéd and one dimensional that I felt nothing for them.

The lead thug is just a ridiculous ball of unthinking testosterone that he's unbelievable. Couple this with his sidekick thug with a heart and it just gets stupider. I spent the whole film just hating the main thug, which I suppose was the intent. But I was just waiting to see him die and had no interest with anything else. Then just when you think the limits of believability can't be stretched any further, the thug's girlfriend shows up with her little brother in tow to watch. I think even an idiot would doubt a school child's ability to keep his mouth shut about witnessing the events which take place, but they let him stay all the same.

I'm not really a fan of the this kind of film but I had enjoyed the directors other films so I thought I'd check it out. Now I've seen it I never want to see it again.
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Dire and amateur attempt that has no zero substance or reason
phillamg25 June 2010
Over nearly a decade of seeing films at the EIFF you naturally come across some bad films. Cherry Tree Lane falls into the category below that, the one were referring to it as "film" is an insult to other films. In short the whole "film" is a padding out of a 5 minute scene from a drama club or the like that doesn't even manage to make a full 90 minutes (estimated 75 minutes). The dialogue could easily have been improvised by the very young cast and the only directing tricks Paul seems so posses is ultra close-ups or foreground-object whilst we watch the scene in the background.

Leaving the second screening the audience were shocked at how bad the film was and for the second half, people were laughing at moments of apparent tension due to the complete lack of any substance or idea. The most laughable thing of all is this was actually up for the Audience Award! With one exception this is quite possibly the worst British film ever made (the worst being The Great Ecstasy of Robert Carmichael).
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An effective and disturbing house-invasion movie
Red-Barracuda21 June 2010
Cherry Tree Lane is an urban thriller about a couple whose home is invaded one night by a gang of youths who wish to harm their absent son. While they wait for the boy, they mete out some physical and psychological torture. Like all house-invasion movies this is a very disturbing film. It's not entirely dissimilar to notorious exploitation films such as House on the Edge of the Park (1980). Although, admittedly, the sexual violence in this thriller is committed off-screen unlike that earlier film's non-stop barrage of sexual assault. Nevertheless, Cherry Tree Lane is certainly in the same general ball-park, just toned down and with better acting performances.

All of the action is restricted to the interior of the house at the fateful address, generating considerable claustrophobia. The villains are typical London gansta youths - this is a house invasion movie for the hoody generation. It plays on middle-class fears of gangs of violent working-class youths. The young hoodlums seem to have come from a different world from their victims. They have no use for the contents that make up the unfortunate couple's home such as bottles of red wine or their DVD collection. This uneasy chemistry adds to the tension and adds a different undercurrent to proceedings. The film does stretch believability a little with the introduction of two teenage girls and a young schoolboy into the fray; they act as if this is a normal night out but it just seems inconceivable that they could be so blasé in this extreme situation. Nevertheless, the introduction of these characters does allow for the set-up in the final scene in the movie, in which things are left hanging on an unanswered question that leaves the viewer wondering if the horror of the night has in fact ended at all.

Overall this is not an easy film. It's intense and sometimes difficult to watch, and it truly offers no respite by the end. So Cherry Tree Lane is certainly not a film for everyone. But for those with a mind for something dark and troubling, it's a journey worth taking.
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Britains disconnect of the classes
dschmeding3 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I guess a lot of people will be disappointed by the movie expecting either a funny games rip off or a modern day torture-porn movie by the straight plot of "Cherry Tree Lane". Thank god its neither... the plot is simple... a middle class couple sits at the dinner table when some gangster friends of their son turn up, take them hostage and hint to plans of killing their son for snitching on one of the gangsters cousins. The couple is bound and gagged and they are waiting for the son to come home. That is the basic setup... there is little dialog, the unfolding is slow and all physical violence is shown off screen. So this is no exploitation movie. From early on its playing on the differences between the couple and the teenage gangsters. There is no common ground here and its all in the little things like when they flip through the DVDs, the choice of drinks and TV channels with lack of interest. There are many similarities to movies like Eden Lake here, especially because this movie takes things to one and another extreme until the credits roll. At first I thought the idea of introducing 2 girls and their little brother in the mid of the movie was a bit off reality but it made total sense in taking hints (like the constant tossing of things) in how they all are as ignorant towards each other as they are to the couple and the situation itself to a more direct level.

Its quite a different approach for this subject and many will focus on the violence itself or complain about a lack of on screen violence. This is not a movie for you, so stay away. And although I wouldn't put Funny Games and Cherry Tree Lane in one drawer this is a movie that serves many Haneke elements up until an end that does not resolve anything. Its a pretty bleak movie and its one in a row with many like Eden Lake, Harry Brown, London to Brighton etc. ... I guess its a sign of the times ... and Britain seems a lot more damaged than the rest of the world today.
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MikeHell4 January 2012
"Ultimate Urban Horror" - only one thing in this tag line is correct - "urban" as it all happens in a city. Chery Tree LAne is one of the worst, pointless, slow moving films I have ever seen! Absolutely no suspense, no tension, no ... nothing! There is nothing you'd expect from a good thriller (not to mention a horror). After 30 minutes you feel like shouting at the thugs "Come on, guys, do something". It is like a 5 minutes worth of script (not very original script at that) made into 75 minutes worth of film by pointless and boring camera action and close ups. The baddies are as threatening as toothless pensioner on her way to a Bingo - she can hit you with her purse, but will ultimately do no damage. If you have 75 minutes to spare, have nothing better to do and you think watching this film might be a good idea, then ... don't! Just don't. You'd probably have more fun sliding down a banister made of razorblades into a pool of acid - which would be a preferred option to dying of boredom watching this piece of ... 'art'.
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It feels like you're watching a Crimewatch reconstruction video...
Bookworm649021 October 2011
Despite noticing that this movie had probably gone straight to DVD I thought I would give it a chance, but boy was I wrong.

From start to finish the whole movie was a 'must turn off' rather than a 'must see what happens at the end'. Not only did it take around about 10- 15mins to actually get into the plot (already taking up a sizable amount of the 74mins running time) but the plot never really happened- or if it did happen, I didn't really care. The storyline felt more ad-lib then written and almost felt as if it was meant to be a comedy, and a poor one at that. In fact the only redemption of this movie was the feeling that this film could be used as a perfect example of how not to do crime.

The only horror in this film was the acting, script and randomly thrown in spurts of unnecessary crude violence. A huge disappointment despite the 4 star ratings detailed on the box.
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Unsettling latest instalment of home invasion horror.
Spikeopath25 October 2010
Cherry Tree Lane is written and directed by Paul Andrew Williams. It stars Rachael Blake, Tom Butcher, Sonny Muslim, Jumayn Hunter & Ashley Chin. Plot finds middle-class couple Christine (Blake) & Mike (Butcher) suffering the ultimate home invasion hell when one night three youths force their way into the house looking for their informant son.

It's the sort of plot that could have been gleaned from The News Of The World on a Sunday morning. Whilst not as horrific as Eden Lake, or as far fetched as Harry Brown, Williams' third film unsettles from the off and has much to say along the way. We begin with a slow zoom in shot of the front of the house, a middle-class suburbia that's comforting and a world away from the horror about to be unleashed. Then inside and Williams appropriately films an untended cooking pot coming to the boil as Christine chats on the phone in the back ground, the simmer to boil motif neatly setting us up for what is to come. Told in real time, Cherry Tree Lane's story never leaves the house, claustrophobia reins as our couple are trussed up and subjected to a terrifying ordeal. Pretty sparse in set up and location, then, but this is not just an excuse for some terror. Williams goes a bit more deeper with his themes, daring to delve into the psyche of Britain's unruly youths, neatly observing cultural class division and the ever widening gap between the generations. It's darkly humorous at times too, the bleakness of which has a cheek about it as the story runs its (collision) course.

Where Cherry Tree Lane differs from other film's of its ilk is that the violence is mostly done off camera, mercifully so during one extreme passage. The power of suggestion really comes to the fore as we hear but don't see. This lack of on camera violence will disappoint those who need it in their horror diet. So be advised gore seekers, this is unlikely to be the film for you. Williams also faces the problem of trying to avoid comparisons with the afore mentioned other film's, the likes of Funny Games and The Strangers. It can be said that the home invasion format is most likely now looking a bit tired, to that end Williams' British take is likely to only resonate with the self aware British public. But it is challenging and confrontational. The ending is a little too abrupt, and perhaps inevitably-implausibility creeps in. But for the most part this is unnerving stuff, a chilling tale executed with a realism that's not found in more glossy productions: with the final shot astutely serving to keep us agitated. 8/10
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The ultimate urban horror? Not quite.
Jessy Williams29 May 2011
Cherry Tree Lane is a 70 minute Funny Games/Eden lake-esque 'horror' that sees a bunch of teens terrorising a not-very-happily married couple in North London. Despite the ridiculously short running time, Cherry Tree Lane is LONG. Too long. I found myself drifting in and out of consciousness listening to the pointless conversations that this film includes. Moments include the leader, shall we say, eyeing up 42-year old Christine, telling her to stand up "to see how fit she is" whilst her husband, gagged on the floor, is yelled at "don't look round at me, blud!" So basically, it's a group of chavs armed with knives, stealing credit cards and biscuits. They aren't JUST after money though, they want the couples son who's apparently not been able to keep his mouth shut about someone cousin...or something along those lines. There were some nice slow motion shots, but other than that, it's a very simple film with the only location being the house, well, the living room. There were a handful of tense moments that had me remotely wondering what was going to happen, however, it's all rather predictable. I didn't REALLY care what was going to happen at the end, although, I did hope the couple would execute some revenge if they were to escape. Overall, it's not the worst film in the world, but it's definitely not the best of it's type; Eden Lake and Funny Games are a lot better..and the teenagers seem too stupid in Cherry Tree Lane to carry out anything too horrific.
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Depressing When A Good Hostage Movie Gets Slammed For Not Being Dynamic Enough.
Brakathor12 October 2011
It seems that British horror fans and perhaps horror fans in general simply DON'T like realistic horror films, as this director's first feature, which was absolutely ridiculous, received a great rating, whereas this film apparently left a lot of people bored. It's frankly understandable why, since it's basically a film for people who like real life mundanity brought to extreme and desperate situations "pain, horror, and torture mixed with mundane and lengthy dialogue.", and I suppose if you just want to see blood and gore, you don't necessarily care if it's realistic or not. If however you like close knit tension, accept that people say more than 2 sentences in a scene to each other before leaving, and like seeing extreme situations on film, you will like this film.

There is no question that it is nowhere near as ambitious as a similarly themed film such as "Sequestrados" or "Eden Lake", which have multiple locations and much more impressive camera work, but in the end, they fall short in terms of believability, because they make more mistakes, and in it's simplicity with "Cherry Tree Lane", you get a solid plot line that doesn't devolve into idiocy like a lot of horror that bothers me in trying TOO hard to be creative. The only questionable elements of this film you will have to accept are: 1. in this neighbourhood, if a gang of thugs break into your home, your neighbours either don't give a flaming scheisse about all the screams coming from your place, have their TV's too loud, have all gone out for the night, or are too British to show any compassion, and 2. that if you happen to be bound and gagged by thugs, and your son comes to the door with screams going on inside the house, that he will be inquisitive as to what's going on rather than fearful for his life. It's quite comical because I find the one aspect that so many directors have a problem with is picturing how sound travels in the CONCEPTUALIZED location, and rather think only within the bounds of their actual present shooting location.

In the end, I was never bored during this film, and I was relieved that there WEREN'T tonnes of early futile escape attempts crammed in just to please all the morons out there who get bored of people talking, or simply to needlessly increase the running time. We KNOW you won't escape.... It's only been 30:00 minutes. In addition, the ending, at least to me, was completely worth it, mildly shocking, nothing over the top, but enough to really make you think about how something like this, despite all the questioning of the character's actions, really could go down this way in real life; a frightening aspect which many more ambitious films simply cannot get across because they go too far. Overall; good effort, although not as hard hitting as his prior film "London to Brighton". I hope to see more from this director in the future.
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The dullest home invasion ever caught on camera
cuckookachoo24 September 2012
The film opens with a long static shot of a boiling pot in the foreground and some inaudible conversation happening in the background. I think, OK I get it - this film will be a "boiling over" type situation. And then I wait, and the pot still boils. Then I wait some more, and the pot finally boils over. What could've been an interesting open shot overstays it's welcome and becomes the embodiment of what's wrong with the film itself. A dull film where nothing really happens.

After the interminable pot shot, we're introduced to two wholly unlikeable people sitting down to dinner in a very strange dining setup in the middle of a livingroom. Anyway, they bicker and become more unlikable and then the "thugs" show up who are just three teens with minimal amounts of threat levels. Somehow they overpower the couple and then the film comes to a screeching halt as we all sit and watch the characters watch TV, eat biscuits, and watch some more TV. Some action ensues after awhile, but by then you're too bored to give a crap about characters you care nothing about.

I won't spoil the film for you, the film is spoiled enough, so I'll just say steer clear of this dullfest. If you're looking for a suspenseful and more believable British film about chavs, check out Eden Lake or Harry Brown instead.
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Keeganjj2 September 2011
Was not impressed with this film , the majority of the acting was poor although Ashley Chin who plays 'Asad' in this film was very good and played a very convincing character and he should receive a great deal of credit for this film, as he was the only person in the film that didn't look like a 'first timer'.

The film had a slight impact on me and has a good story line for the majority of the film which did keep me on edge and eager to find out what is next, but then ends bluntly which made me feel like I'd wasted my time watching it as there's no summary to the story line and in my opinion is a complete fail. I will not be recommending this film to my friends but that does not mean to say that other people won't enjoy the film, but I stand firm on saying it's just not my cup of tea!
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One of the worst movies I've watched....
rollexx7 February 2012
You know that feeling when the film suddenly stops short, you're left with no closure or satisfaction, and as the credits start to roll you begin to wonder why you watched this movie in the first place? This movie leaves that you with that awful taste after watching it. The majority of it takes place within a living room, alongside mindless distractions and unnecessary violence that prolongs an end to this horrid movie; the plot seems to be going no where. And you're continually wondering when this slow, drawn-out buildup finally leads to a climax or resolution, but it is very anti-climatic.

I would describe it to the likes of a teenager's first sexual experience; awkward, the other never feeling satisfied or seeing a climax, and a long sigh of disappointment immediately after.
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paultreloar7526 November 2013
Doing a bit of channel hopping tonight and we came across this movie. My other half almost instantly wanted to change channels as the description of a psychological slasher piece involving some revengeful teenagers didn't appeal to her on any level. I protested and said let's at least watch the start and see how it develops. And I'm so glad we did.

It's a quite tense and edgy piece that could easily be a stage show, all very contained. The acting is pretty good, the script is basic but it does the job, the plot is nothing more than you'd expect. Yet somehow the whole thing is greater then the sum of its pieces in my opinion.

Even though I don't have any great affection for the characters, I found myself rooting for them, or laughing with them, or sighing with them. I think this film does moral terpitude very well, I think it largely avoids cliché, even though the subject might feel that way sometimes. I don't know how I missed this three years ago, but I'm glad to have caught up with it now.

Elements of Straw Dogs perhaps, although this feature manages the central dilemma of that horror in a much more intelligent fashion. I think that's what I enjoyed the most really, the way it did horror through implication.
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"Cherry Tree Lane" explores the horrors of a home invasion
ersinkdotcom20 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Filmmakers love to exploit people's worst fears. Think about all the films made over the years about plane disasters, natural disasters, zombie outbreaks, airborne pathogens, serial killers, and any and everything else released in theaters or on DVD weekly. For some reason, we're all drawn to seeing what might happen in any of these situations and experience them from the outside looking in. "Cherry Tree Lane" gives us a "glass house" view of what many people would consider one of the most frightening horrors they could experience: the home invasion.

An ordinary middle-class couple named Christine (Rachel Blake) and Mike (Tom Butcher) arrive at home and settle in for an evening together. Their son, Sebastian (Tom Kane), hasn't arrived yet. You can tell the two have issues between them through awkward talk at the dinner table.

The evening takes a turn for the worse when Christine answers a knock at the door and returns to the dining area held captive by a thug with a knife to her throat. The couple soon find themselves bound, gagged, and beaten as their captors await their son's arrival. It seems Sebastian is running with a rough crowd and turned in one of the young delinquent's brothers.

"Cherry Tree Lane" is a slow-burning and tense movie that does its best to explore every aspect of a home invasion. However, instead of showing you everything, it leaves much to your imagination. It's not worse than seeing horrific actions on screen, but creates a more stressful viewing experience.

Director / writer Paul Andrew Williams definitely knows how to pace a good suspense yarn. This has been referred to as a real-time thriller by some people. Let's just say a lot can happen in 77-minutes. "Cherry Tree Lane" shows audiences that it doesn't take too much time for lives to be destroyed and bad decisions to change the course of one's future forever.

Williams does a great job showing how messed up these thugs are throughout the film. One calls their parents and argues with them about a TV show they want recorded. Another one invites their girlfriend over to the scene of the crime to hang out. She brings her friend and a young boy with her. To them, this is just business as usual. It reminded me of how Alex and his droogs acted after a night of ultra-violence in "A Clockwork Orange."

Another way of looking at "Cherry Tree Lane" is as a cautionary tale. You never know how your actions are going to affect others. Sebastian's actions caused his parents to come to harm. He not only set himself up to be oppressed, but got others involved as well.

Although the movie is Unrated, it features violence, partial nudity, and a whole lot of bad language. This is definitely not for the squeamish. It's also not something you probably want your teenager or young children watching.

"Cherry Tree Lane" only comes in a regular format DVD edition. There are no special features included in the packaging. It would've been nice to see a "Making of" featurette and get a little background on the project from director / writer Paul Andrew Williams.

At first, I felt "Cherry Tree Lane" was a bit slow-moving for my taste. After reflecting on it, I realized that it's actually a well-paced little film that explores an invasion of our privacy and humanity without being too exploitative. Don't get me wrong. It's disturbing and unnerving, but never steps over the line into "torture-porn" territory where a lot of movies like this tend to go.
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Unpleasant, Violent and Pointless
richard-8105 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I don't criticise films easily, particularly a Brit thriller as I believe that the home movie industry should be supported whenever possible. I'm writing this however because I found this film completely pointless and it left a bad taste in my mouth. Once the plot gets underway, the developments lack any suspense and are predictable. The violence (which is significant) distasteful and although you don't see the rape (thank goodness) you see the ghastly aftermath and the condition of the brutalised victim. I found the whole thing rather revolting and it taught me nothing new, no new or original insights, no unexpected twists, no meaningful character analysis.

What is more important is that many people watching this movie will feel uneasy and threatened at the thought of young criminals breaking into their homes and causing similar suffering to innocent victims. I'm not saying that such things don't happen but they happen very rarely and are a truly exceptional occurrence. Even during the recent London riots, there was not a single report of anything like this happening. I was born in a multi-cultural part of central London and lived there (mostly in local authority housing) for over 40 years. Not once did I have a remotely similar experience, nor did any of my friends or family and I was proud to have known all sections of the community. Sorry but I found this film devoid of any merit and an ugly waste of time.
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Another reviewer, another planet...
Chris Faulder22 June 2011
Do not listen to Mr Smoove! While it has its faults, this movie is nowhere near how he describes it. @Mr Smoove - you were either watching a different movie or you are, well, I'll not be impolite... My partner and I found it an excellent, gritty film filled with utterly gnawing tension and disturbing to the core. It would be interesting to know which movies Mr Smoove thinks are good, because he appears to rate this lower than, say, the Spice Girls Movie, or Johnny English, or anything vomited forth by Michael Winner - and that intrigues me greatly... Do not listen to Mr Smoove! While it has its faults, this movie is nowhere near how he describes it. @Mr Smoove - you were either watching a different movie or you are, well, I'll not be impolite... My partner and I found it an excellent, gritty film filled with utterly gnawing tension and disturbing to the core. It would be interesting to know which movies Mr Smoove thinks are good, because he appears to rate this lower than, say, the Spice Girls Movie, or Johnny English, or anything vomited forth by Michael Winner - and that intrigues me greatly...
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dermot-409-56847629 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This is a nothing film. Nothing original, no substance, no real flow to it, boring, predictable.

I find it hard to believe that this came from the same director who made the brilliant 'London to Brighton', maybe he should have retired after that.

Don't watch this movie. I'll save you seventy minutes.

-Couple gets attacked. - Mum gets raped. - Thugs wait on son they want to kill to come home. - Son comes home. - Dad saves day with candle stick. - The end.

I kept watching in the hope that the end would be OK, it wasn't. Seriously do not watch this movie.
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stelomas-960-21995027 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
One of the worst films I have seen. The cast is made up of a stereotype youth gang that break in to the house and stereotype middle class couple, I would say family but you don't see the son until the very last few scenes when he has been beaten to a pulp.

There is no plot, watch this film and you will just watch an event not a story. Basically it was like watching a Crime Watch reconstruction (without the budget).

The husband was a really annoying character, fortunately for most of the film he was tied and gagged, when he eventually freed himself he took on the persona of a Black Adder character.

I am not sure why I watched the film until the end, I rarely do this with a film that is so poor. I guess I was expecting a twist or at least an exciting ending but no, the film did not deliver. I suppose you have to give the film the credit for captivating the attention of at least one person.

I have ticked the box to say that I may have given away some of the plot in my review. However, I am only writing this review so that you don't spend your valuable time watching this trash.
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Nothing in the Film made any Sense at all
bobbybits1 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is a stupidly, awful, tedious film ultimately trying to unmask the inner workings of a mind of a crackhead. Can you see the problem here it is brainless. If anybody can make films, then with this film anybody has.

Why didn't they kill the father and mother to begin with effectively ending the pointless film at the start. Only as attackers to wait in their home and talking to them the entire film? Why would you give the victim a drink? Who brings a little kid into the house that is being attacked despite the bulls..t plot? Why if after raping the wrinkled mother are you going to call your girlfriend round to that same house, without killing the victim? Why did we need the endless dialogue from idiots, who are stupid to think? Telling their victims more and more details about themselves only to be identified later. Why was their reasoning with telling them that they would be let free because it was only their son they had any beef? Who can't break through gaff-tape with their nails? Why would you need an ashtray at the home your attacking? So many times said don't look at my face victim, you doughnut he watched you enter, attack him. Not wearing a mask, of course he seen your stupid face 100 times, he could close his eyes and still see your face.

That above list goes on and on almost never ending in its stupidity. If this film is classed as suspense then undoubtedly you are a moron who likes a lesson in boredom and retardism. Right after the film I flicked on the news to watch the headlines former Mircosoft executive plans a trillion dollar industry of importing cannabis into the United States via the president of Mexico and legally distributing his product to net a cool trillion. He had red-eye and was stoned it really is no wonder he got the sack. This film was complete bullsh.. Acting was awful, Plot was awful, Dailogue was awful, Camera-work any crackhead can use a mobile phone this what these kids use

1 out 10. Whoever makes these films should be drawn and quartered. Did this film promote awareness, don't trust youths you don't know banging on your door, Gad that is just so clever
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Absolutely dire
barnett-714 May 2013
The only good thing about this film is that it only lasted 70 minutes. Do not under any circumstances waste your valuable time on this film. The worst film ever made in the entire history of cinematography. The most tedious 70 minutes ever. Predictable plot. Appalling acting. No action. Bad direction. Overzealous 5 star sleeve reviews. An absolute stinker. How can anyone possibly write 10 lines of text on this abomination other than to re-emphasise the true awfulness of this film. All copies of this film should be incinerated as indeed as I have done with mine to save any unsuspecting viewer the agony of enduring this spectacularly dreadful offering.
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Horrible Movie!
Violet Skyes14 July 2012
Out of all the horror/thriller/realistic films that I have seen I have never ever thought that there would be a movie that would bring me to skip most scenes and still know what will be happening within the film.

This movie is about the most out of control films that I have ever viewed. The use of language and verbal abuse was out of control and none of which suited the characters portrayed or maybe it was because the atmosphere was n't created. The movie dragged on and I even had to watch some scenes again to actually analyze some of the actors expressions. The camera angles were of many close-ups of the actors when they had no emotions showing at all.

The plot was simple and realistic. The talk between the couple was long and boring and something should've happened within those minutes that should've brought my attention, but nothing.

The gang was useless and when the girls came in with the little boy, it was a big WTF moment. How most of the film stayed within the living room bored me to death.

I recommend NOT watching this film for anyone. Complete waste of my time.
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Short, sharp, and to the point......
FlashCallahan2 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Prosperous professional couple Mike and Christine are settling in for a standard evening of wine, TV and low-level marital hostility when a ring on their doorbell changes everything.

Their son Sebastian is in a little trouble with some local boys, who are quite prepared to camp out and wait for him to get home.

The resulting culture-clash is raw, revealing and nerve-split-tingly tense......

Be warned viewers, this is a grim and depressing movie, one not to be viewed with someone you have not known long.

The claustrophobic setting only mounts to the tension, and the feeling of dread right from the moment we see the boiling broccoli, stays with you right until the last reel.

There are some predictable moments in the film, The two main gang members are like good cop, bad cop. One having complex/complexion issues, the other being apologetic when the other isn't there.

The acting is good, and the camera-work and set is haunting and sometimes quite visceral.

There is no way out for anyone in this movie, and even the innocent are doubted in this, many will ask about the final frame 'did he have the knife/axe' or 'was he scared'.

The film doesn't let up for the duration, and there were many times i had to heavy sigh, as it was very uncomfortable to watch.

But coming from the director of 'from London to Brighton' and 'The cottage', I had a good idea it wasn't going to be a happy experience.

Be warned though, if you do want to see this piece, it is good, but you won't feel very good after watching it.
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Facts that make this movie disappointing
saund8315 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Straight to the point. In my opinion Cherry Lane Tree is not a movie worth watching and has been overrated. I would rate it 3/10. After watching Funny Games (US Version) and reading Cherry Lane Tree plot I was willing to give it a go. Unfortunately noticeable differences between the two movies took place. For example: The main characters have blank personalities and are unlikeable from the first moment as the movie starts, with a cold situation between the couple. Poor acting from all the cast and poor directing. Scenes Like one gang member calling another in order to bring him a drink from outside, or Calling his mother to record an episode on TV because he will be late home, or another gang member eating biscuits in the kitchen take place and are annoying as they get way off the movies storyline. The scene with the girls visiting towards the end of the movie with one also bringing along her smaller brother completely spoils whatever is left of this movie and is completely unnecessary. Seriously this movie has some very childish scenes and is disappointing overall.
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Uncomfortable, but....
e_dash894 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
On the surface, this appears to be a slightly amateurish, low budget, run of the mill thriller which seeks to exploit some of the fears of modern society.

Yet when the dust finally settles and the credits roll you will lean back on your chair, think about it...then realise that there was more to it then that.

This is a genuinely scary film, something that will unnerve you and set you on edge. It touches on the essence of what makes a film scary. There is no special effects, no malevolent spirits, no clever setup.

It leaves you with an idea of what might happen next, then your imagination fills the gaps while you can faintly hear what's happening in the background.

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