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A truly magnificent tv series with a misunderstood ending.
itstimetorecover14 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I've just finished watching the complete series of lost on Bluray. I watched it when it was originally shown and loved and after watching it all again, I love it even more Lost is just about the greatest Tv series of all time. It's production values are unsurpassable. The entire series was shot on 35mm panavision. It must have cost a small fortune. None of that digital rubbish with lost. There's nothing better than old fashioned celluloid. Bluray picture quality is magnificent at upscaled 4K. The final episode has come in for much criticism, and I agree with a lot of it. However, most of the reviews on here seem to totally misunderstood the ending or simply read too much into the entire series. When I watched the final episode the first time I felt cheated and angry that so much was left unexplained. And then it all fell into place. Lost ends exactly as it started. And that is the entire series in a the proverbial nutshell. Nobody escapes from the island. Sawyer, Kate etc don't escape on the plane. Nobody survives the crash apart from Jack. They all died apart from Jack. He lives long enough to stagger into the jungle. And we see him on his back taking his last breath of life. Jacks lives just long enough to create the entire nonsensical story. We don't know what happens at the point of death because death is final. Nobody lives to tell the tale. Lost is all a dream, none of it is real as everything that happens its created by Jack as he desperately tries to cling onto his life. The dream ending is the ultimate cop out. It's a cheat. Remember Fritz Langs, The women in the window? Everything is a dream and we the viewer always feel cheated. Lang was forced to change the original ending. Thankfully, the following year he finally got to make the movie with the uncensored ending. Scarlet street was exactly the same movie as The women in the window, with the same cast and with the ending he wanted. Lost is all a dream and the ending diminishes the whole series. Let's face it, how else could it end? How do you explain polar bears in the jungle and all of the other weird and wonderful things that happen? You can't. So much of the story, maybe all of it is totally inexplicable. So much so that no other ending is possible. Jack doesn't want to let go of life. He won't move on. In the church at the end everything falls into place as his dad makes him literally see the light. I almost died a few years ago when I was seriously ill and had a near death experience. I wasn't expect to live. I didn't see the light, my life didn't flash in front of me and I didn't create a story like lost. That's because I'm still here. When I watched the final episode second time around, I cried bitterly at the final scenes as it brought back so many emotions. It was beautifully acted. So many scenes were. I shed quite a few tears at quite a few scenes when our heroes whole existences finally fell into place when they found out whom they really were. Of course, they weren't anybody. And yet they made us think that they were. Lost was the long con. That's another reason to feel cheated as the whole point of the long con is that the victim never knows that they have been taken. Lost got away with. Almost. And this is why we are cheated by the dream ending. None of it was real, it was all a creation of Jack as he struggles to hang onto life and psychosis influences many of his bizarre creations. All directors and and writers use artistic licence in movies. Lost uses this in abundance and in such a way that they only can get away with it if everything is unreal. They use this to their advantage and use story lines etc that would not be possible if everything was not a dream. The real skill is not to overplay your hand.The amount of licence is incredible in lost but it never overplays it's hand. We see Jack as a superb poker player in one episode and he takes Sawyer in a game by pure bluff. It's not easy to outcon a conman. We the viewer get taken for six series. Lost is truly memorable. Yes I feel cheated by the last episode and the fact that none of the story is real. I also feel enriched by the whole viewing experience My advice to people to to watch the series for what it is. You will hate the series if you overthink it. The fact it is all a dream makes it easier to watch because you don't have to make sense of it. Give it a second chance and you will see it in a different light. After all, it's a TV series. So nothing is ever real. It's TV!!!
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cried ... huge tears!
debejere5 September 2017
WOW ... Read the previous reviews. Cautious as what to expect. This was just a grand ending. Every capturing moment of going back into each life made me cry. Life is so precious. Im sure my take on this, I'm older and have lost so many. This just broke my heart. And all the more made me realize, we are really lost in this crazy world. I just loved this series. The ending was grand.
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Terrible ending to a good series
danivn-7856725 February 2017
By far the worst ending of a series that I have ever seen. Solved nothing, satisfied almost nobody.

It made me really upset, so much I wish I hadn't watched this series. I truly mean that You will be better of not watching this last episode. The inconsistency in all the characters'story ending is baffling.
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Lost (2004-2010)
Ahmad Mehdizadeh15 July 2015
LOST is simply the greatest TV series of all time

I just finished this masterpiece. One of the greatest shows ever. I love lost of much. Great story lines, convincing actors, and very well written.

Visually stunning and wonderfully acted by an all-star cast, Lost is a creative enigmatic thrill ride with characters you can't help but fall in love with.

I loved watching every bit of it. The great story, best screen play and the best cast & the crew.

Lost is without doubt the greatest TV series of all time. There has never been a TV series with such depth, Both in character development and mythological intrigue, This show has everything you could wish for.

"Lost" was an incredible experience

I lived with it , I cried with it , ...
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Reflecting Back 5 Years Later on a 6-Year Journey
Brendan Resnick23 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
THE IMPACT OF LOST: The TV series LOST ended it's run 5 years ago today. After long discussions (that are still going on), we still keep asking ourselves; did the ending work? However, what we do come to realize is that the finale of LOST is one of the most controversial endings in TV history, which left us debating, theorizing and speculating endlessly. With mixed opinions on it, for some it did worked, for others it didn't. But with one thing we can all agree; LOST redefined television network forever.

REVIEW: While "The End" received the most nominations than any other episode of LOST, including eight Emmy nominations, there are still many people for who the series finale didn't work. The most negativity on "The End" came due to the fact for not answering the series questions and mysteries. However, as Lindelof and Cuse discussed the ending, they not only came to an agreement that it should be spiritual, they also decided to solve a mystery they never asked: What's the meaning of life, and what happens when you die? And that's how the ending came to be.

Beside the series great story lines, LOST has also an incredible use of mysteries, and especially an extremely philosophical background. But it's ambitious use of characters that we came to love and learn about over the six years is the main reason why LOST is one of the greatest character drama TV series ever to be created. The extraordinary well written stories of the characters, and their development over the years is also what will make LOST a hardly forgotten TV series.

From the big rivalry between Jack and Locke (MiB), to the amazing "awakening" moments of the characters "finding each other". LOST succeeds in ending the story based on the characters perspective.

The finale was an incredibly, perfectly emotional driven experience. Also, the use of a new device that was brought in at the final season was something special. The Flash Sideways was created for us to see the changes and improvements the characters made in their lives because of the time they've spent on the Island. It is a place were they where living out alternate scenarios. A place that they all made together so that they could find one another.

Did the ending of LOST work? Definitely. When the very first episode of LOST aired, ("Pilot"), we saw characters from a plane crash that were stranded on an Island trying to find rescue. However, the most important thing was for them to find what they had lost, themselves and each other. And in the end, they found that.

If the characters never would have met each other, they probably never would have forgive themselves for their past doings. If they hadn't spent that time on the Island with each other, they never would have redeemed themselves and come to a level of self awakening and forgiveness.

The development of Jack over the course of the six seasons was incredible and probably the most notable one. From being a man of science to becoming a man of faith is difficult to accomplish. But, as Jack's life seemed to suffer, he decided to return to the Island. Eventually, he finally became the man who Locke was.

Jack portraying being a man of faith in the finale was astoundingly. His performance was memorable to experience. All the things he did, he did with confidence. Jack trusted that everything he does will work, and he was relying that on faith alone.

Jack succeeded to kill the MiB and to help his friends to leave the Island. He finally found purpose in his life and as he laid down in that bamboo forest and watched his friends leave safely by plane. He found satisfaction from the things he did in the end.

THE LAST IMAGE: The opening scene of the series was a man laying down in a bamboo forest; confused, broken and lost.

The ending of the series was a man laying down in a bamboo forest; satisfied, happy and found.

Also, another worthy notable observation: As Jack laid down to die, Vincent came up running towards Jack to comfort him in his last moments, and so that he wouldn't die alone.

"The End" is one of the best TV series finales ever that left me with more satisfaction than I had expect. It's incredibly hard to find a proper piece that fits perfectly into a great puzzle. But the series finale found that lost piece for LOST.

I am also very happy that the writers could end the series based on their own terms, rather than trying to please everyone. That's the most important thing when getting a groundbreaking series off the ground. They wanna tell the story they wanted to tell, and they told it very well. (Damon Lindelof's response on the criticism of the finale: "I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really … I was alive.")

VERDICT: LOST is a remarkable series that pays off with a memorable conclusion.

While many questions were still being left unanswered after the finale, the story of LOST still managed to come full circle and wrapped up it's 6-year journey neatly. Some fans may be unsatisfied with the conclusion that the lingering mysteries and questions were not (satisfied) resolved nor answered. But however, one thing is for sure, LOST's story is finished and has most definitely found it's closure with the ending; it had a real, definitive ending, especially to the characters arc.

"The End" accomplished to give a perfectly emotional and satisfying conclusion to the series, and made the time that we've spent on the long journey feel worthy. Most importantly, it succeeded to give a fitting resolution and a deserved closure to the characters we invested in, and for that, I feel fulfilled.
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do not watch it
czekim3 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
you can not give this crap even one star. the people on the island are not only lost physically, they are lost mentally. simply retarded. waste of time. i regret I've watched one and a half season. they supposed to build a strong society on the island and defend themselves, instead they follow crazy ideas and let some strangers do what ever they want to them. you can not give this crap even one star. the people on the island are not only lost physically, they are lost mentally. simply retarded. waste of time. i regret I've watched one and a half season. they supposed to build a strong society on the island and defend themselves, instead they follow crazy ideas and let some strangers do what ever they want to them.
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Years later this ending still annoys me
Mike Jeynes30 September 2013
I doubt this review will say anything that hasn't already been said. I just want to note for the record that this is the most far off the mark ending of any TV series I've ever watched.

Maybe some people did watch it for the soap opera and they liked the ending. That's not why I watched any of it and not why I enjoyed it (up to a point). I enjoyed it because it was different and because it seemed to have interesting ideas. I enjoyed it because it made no sense and because I was looking forward to them explaining why everything happened, so I could go "Oh, OK, that was clever of you." I wondered how they would tie things up in an intelligent and comprehensible way, because that was going to be some feat of creative writing.

In the end they just said "oh, you weren't watching it for that, were you? Oh well. No, this is a story about people." A bog standard nothing ending about how people are all complex and in love / struggling with something / nasty / confused / bla bla bla bla bla. If I wanted that sort of mamby pamby nothing reason for everything, I would watch a soap opera or any other bog standard nothing drama.

For me at least, they couldn't have misunderstood why I was watching this any more than they did. IF they had already done a load of explaining in the previous 3 or 4 episodes, to acknowledge that's why most people watched, fine. THEN give the people who were watching for the soap opera their stereotypical barf ending, fine.

For the record, I was very invested in the characters themselves and thought that the characters were excellent in and of themselves BUT they were not the reason for watching. They were the glue holding the concept together but you still have to acknowledge the concept is what differentiates the show from other nondescript character drama.
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Just stunning
vinterback31 July 2013
I can't understand those who think this is a bad ending, it's absolutely amazing. It shows us why Lost has entertained us under six years, and how brilliant the writers are. If you say that there's a lot of loose ends and questions left you simply don't understand this episode, or the whole series and what it is about. The writers give us the opportunity to think by ourselves instead of having the characters spell it out, and that is another thing that separates this wonderful series from others. This episode makes a perfect ending for an incredible journey and I've could't imagined a better ending. Thank you, thank you so much
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LOST = answers, not questions!
Cirja Onisim8 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'm writing this review for all those who are so limited to believe that LOST is a show that gives you questions and no answers.

In this review i'll try to answer some of them, mainly from the 6th season and from the 5th also. Many might wonder why the hydrogen bomb didn't work. Well maybe because Jacob brought them again like he did the first time in 2004, that's why the bomb wasn't supposed to work. You may also be wondering why only some guys from the Ajira flight were sent back in 1977 and some of them didn't. Mainly because that was supposed to happen, but more importantly because we see in Season 2 of LOST that Pierre Chang says in the Orientation video for Station Swan that "shortly after the experiment began however there was an incident" referring of course to the incident with the guys from the future, that were supposed to come back to the island(just like Jack kept saying) in order for that time paradox to really happen.

Let's get to Season 6 however... because there are the bigger questions. Firstly to help you understand them, I'll begin with episode 7 from season 6, where Richiard says to Jack that he was touched by Jacob, and that if he would light up the fuse of that dynamite, it won't work. It didn't work for Jack either, because he was touched by Jacob to. So we see in episode 9 Ab Aeterno how Jacob explains to Richiard about the black smoke, and how "smokey" would need to destroy the island in order to get out. OK. So... we get to the weird episode 15 Across the See which in my opinion is one of the best episodes of LOST. So why did I tell you about Richard earlier? Because the same thing happened to the two kinds Jacob and MIB(man in black). Their mother used the light from the center of the island to make them unable to kill themselves just like Richiard wasn't able to kill himself. This makes any sense? Well another thing you might wonder is how that women that killed Claudia and stole her children was there before Claudia got there? Well mainly because she was one of the first to get on the island and discover it's unique proprieties. But she wasn't alone maybe. So that's why she started learning about how to protect that place, maybe because others tried to take more light than they needed, and so she became protector in order to keep the light going and also the life on and off the island. Later when Jacob became protector of the island, you might wonder how did his brother became the black smoke after being thrown into the light. Well this is the hard part. Maybe it was because the light there had this propriety: to give light and life to those with good heart and take all the light fro those with bad intentions. That's why the light took all the light and humanity from Jacob's brother and left only darkness and evil represented by that black smoke. And why did the black smoke became human again when Desmond putted off the light you might wonder. Maybe because the light was the one who kept him that way, and had stolen as he says all his humanity. Anyway the fact that MIB was leaving the island was not the reason why Jacob and Richard were saying that everyone is going to die. It was because of the light, that had to be put out in order for the smoke to finally leave the island. So turning it off, could have lead to everyone's death.

You may also be wandering why was the smoke monster always changing his thoughts about leaving, first he wanted to kill the candidates, then he tried to kill Desmond even though he needed him to destroy the island. Well the answer was given by Jacob in Ab Aeterno, where he shows Richard that the evil was trapped between the glass of the bottle and the cork. What was the glass actually? It was the island protector, but we see at the end of the episode that the evil was freed by breaking the glass. So it would make sense that after Jacob died, MIB no longer needed Desmond to destroy the island, he only had to kill "The Candidates" so he could leave. But failing to do so in the 14th episode, and Jack being coronated as the new protector he took the measure of last resort, with Desmond help to destroy the island, allowing him to leave, but ultimately destroying everyone in the world. Some people may think that the writers ere lost but they weren't. It was all very logic, MIB need to kill everyone who could or would protect the light and the island or destroy the island in order to leave. The thing was that he couldn't go into the light to turn it off himself and he also didn't know that turning it off would turn him back into human, that was what Jack knew, and prepared him a "surprise" as he said in the last episode.

In conclusion, don't judge this TV Show from apparent view, and try to think and understand this magnificent show that stunned the whole world with it's greatness.

So if this review brought any answers to you, I'm happy.

I've watched this show 4 times, and not even now I got all the answers, because maybe some of them are better left unanswered. Just remember that this is a personal opinion... it doesn't need to be like this entirely.

Indeed this show will remain a unforgettable masterpiece of television.

I guess maybe 10 isn't enough for this magnificent show.

See ya in another life brotha ;)
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The Most Deceptive Television Series of the Twenty-First Century
Claudio Carvalho23 April 2013
"Lost" was my favorite TV series and my priority on television. However, in the beginning of the fifth season, I decided to quit watching this series since it had become a mess with inconsistent time travels, and showing that the writers were completely lost. But I bought the six seasons on DVD.

On 17 March 2013, I decided to watch all the shows in sequence to find whether I had missed something with the interruption and I have just finished watching the 117 episodes in five weeks. Unfortunately, "Lost" only works until the fourth season; after that the genre changes from drama with action to brainless and incoherent sci-fi and supernatural genres without solving most of the mysteries of the island. The patchwork quilt, with the supernatural Jacob, was basically created to give vague explanation to a couple of mysteries in the island. It seems unbelievable that there are people that liked this mess. My vote is one (awful).

Title (Brazil): "The End"
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Time To Let Go
michielv-laarhoven27 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The main conflict of the plot is the final conflict between Jack and Locke. It is a delight to see that this conflict revolves around two characters that always had conflicts in the earlier seasons, though it now comes back in a completely different context. Jack is now the man of faith, while Locke (well, actually the never-named man in black wearing Locke's face) now is the man of science. Both men want to prove each other wrong about the heart of the island which reflects their conflict revolving the button in the hatch in season two. It is brilliant that the finale in fact resembles the season two finale so much without lazily copying it or without being too obvious.

After Jack and Locke lowered Desmond in the heart of the island, Desmond unplugs the mysterious cork. The light has been put out and as everything starts to tremble, Desmond screams. Was Jack wrong? Is the man in black actually going to succeed? Well, not exactly. Locke is now mortal. It is neat that this last reveal does not feel forced, but rather logical and fitting because the smoke monster, after all, was somehow created by the light. Tension now really starts to rise. As Jack goes after the man in black to confront him in a final battle, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley and Ben try to escape the island, which is slowly falling apart. Then there is also Richard, Miles and Lapidus trying to fix the Ajira plane before the island sinks to the bottom of the ocean. The raging storm and the trembling island allow a great mise en scene – the lighting is dark, the storm makes it all the more looming and the island feels once more like this dangerous and unpredictable place. An epic cinematography is used when Locke and Jack confront each other for the last time. Camera's are flying above the two actors jumping into each other, ready to kill. Locke manages to stab Jack, but Kate comes to rescue and shoots him ("I saved you a bullet!" she says, because, ironically enough, Locke earlier said to her that she could better save her bullets for later). The wounded Jack kicks the man in black off a cliff, which cleverly resembles the way the man in black kicked a stabbed Jacob into a fire last season. But it is still not over yet. The earthquakes keep going on. And as Jack kisses Kate goodbye and shakes hands with Sawyer, Kate and the conman hurry to make it to the plane. Jack returns to the heart together with Hurley and Ben.

Here everything is perfectly balanced, just like the finale of season three "Through the Looking Glass", considered to be one of the best Lost episodes. The writing is great: sharp dialogue, great tension, rich metaphors – the best maybe when Juliet tells Sawyer in the alternate time line that he should unplug the vending machine and then plug it back in (metaphor for unplugging the light in the heart of the island). And overall there is a perfect balance between tension (the island storyline mainly), some comic relief exactly on the places where necessary and emotion (especially in the alternate time line, where everyone 'remembers'). Furthermore, every character gets a moment to shine in the right places. Especially Hurley and Ben, after a wounded Jack plugs the plug back in and the electromagnetic light shines once more and the earthquakes stop. Hurley is left as the new protector of the island, stepping into Jacob's shoes. Hurley, who always was the comic relief of the show, is now one of the most important people in the history of the island – but why him? "You do what you do best, Hugo. Taking care of people." As Ben beautifully says to him. Benjamin Linus himself finally chose to let go of his power and redeems himself by having peace with working for Hurley.

Meanwhile in the alternate time line, Jack finally opens the coffin of his father and as he touches the wood of the coffin his island memories return. Suddenly his father stands behind him and he explains to him that everyone of them is dead in this place. Some before Jack, some long after Jack. Christian tells him that his friends are waiting for him in the church and as Jack joins them a montage starts where they cut from Jack on the island slowly dying because of his wounds and back to Jack in the church. This is accompanied by some of Micheal Giacchino's finest work (he already did some great musical work in the sixth season). It is brilliant how the writers complete the circle, as Jack passes by his father's old shoe hanging in a tree and slowly falls to the ground in the bamboo field. Suddenly we hear barking and Vincent the dog joins Jack and for the last time the leader of the group survivors smiles with tears in his eyes as he sees how the Ajira plane flies over the island – knowing he succeeded and that his friends made it off. Then... his eye slowly closes and the screen fades out. L O S T. It is great how this scene exactly mirrors the very first scene of Lost in the pilot and this is also one of the moments in the finale that I (as I have to admit) nearly cried.

And as this was the fourth time I watched the finale I found myself astonished that I was still thinking intensely about it for the next few days. So after this incredible experience I would like to thank Damon Lindelof, J.J. Abrams, Jeffrey Lieber, Carlton Cuse and everyone else that brought this show to life, because for me there will probably never be anything like it. And I will remember it for the rest of my life, until I have to let go.
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Great finale, great series
Warning: Spoilers
I don't often review t.v shows and prefer to review movies but I just had to review the finale of Lost. I watched the finale last year but I finally decided to get around to reviewing it now. Now the plot is that Jack has now become the protector of the island from Jacob and must stop the man in black who looks like John Locke from destroying the island. In the purgatory world, there are some great moments where the people realize that the world they were in wasn't real and the island was real and they remembered.Especially when Claire gave birth with Kate and Charlie there, Sun finding out she was pregnant with Jin and Juliet, Sawyer with Juliet, and so on. Jack in the end died trying to save the island. This truly was one of the great series of all time. I loved Lost and I highly recommend anyone renting or buying any of the seasons on DVD.
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Thanks LOST for every thing
Zooza nageeb31 March 2011
I really don't know what to say. This is my best show ever I can't say any thing bad, I can't forget all my feelings during all the 6 seasons. BUT, IS THAT THE END??? Where is the answers I have a lot of questions, there are a lot of details need to be cleared more, a lot of events we don't know where they came from and what is after that, of course I know that authors give us the chance for prediction and expect more things and try to find many answers alone, that's not enough for me I want more I feel that LOST 6 didn't give me what I am really looking for. They all died??I know that the point isn't that they all died but "when" they all died..I expect that the authors searched a lot and a lot to find appropriate end for this legend, and it's very tiring job after all this love from watchers, BUT from the other side I don't know what kind of ends I really wanted..By the way I love the music of season6 so so so much,I will always love LOST and like all actors, actresses, and all the crew, and I really hope there is a rest of it but it can't be. Every thing is finished :( I want to say to all the crew you did a great job. and I hope you achieve more success. When I talk from my own point of view I have honestly to say that: LOST has effected me so much, I lived with them on this island all the 6 seasons, not just me I think all of us did..Thanks LOST & Good Bye
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The whole series
gaskind1017 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
My hubby and I started watching this on netflix and got hooked. But by season 2 I thought yeah, it's a great show but not one I would buy to watch over again (should have withheld mo a while!)because I thought once you get the answers, I don't know that it would be entertaining to watch again. By mid-season 3 I got the point that while the sci-fi, supernatural angle was there and entertaining, it was more of a character study. By "The End" I knew I'd love to own this just to go back, rewatch and look for some of the nuances I know I missed before and because the journey of these characters is well, beautiful, in a way only personal journey's are. I really liked the last ep. and although a few more answers may have been nice the food for thought is actually more satisfying to me.
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Great, beautiful ending to an excellent show.
balgeorge27 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
In my opinion, the finale of "Lost" was breathtaking. End of. Of course, there will be some questions which will be left unanswered; for instance, about Jacob, MIB, and the rules. However, I feel that the writers' leave these answers up to our imagination, leaving our brains to be imaginative and creative. You must 'let go' and not be pinned to one question, just like Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley etc had to let go to 'move on.' Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof have in no doubt reached the needs and demands of "The End". The beautiful moments in this episode such as when our characters start to remember one-another in 'Purgatory' touches our hearts emotionally, as well as the action scenes taken place on Island,Jack vs MIB for example.

A sensational ending to a brilliant show. I'm just hoping that a great show like this will be followed on by by an even better show (not like anything can get better!) 10/10
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Oh boy, now i know how will the Bold and the Beautiful end :)
firkegaard24 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The End was the worst ending i've ever seen... Why? Because it could be the ending of ANY film/TV series... you name it we end it :) So they just all died, didn't they? OMG And nothing really mattered... You may ask ' wait a minute, what happened to the island???' for example. The answer would be: 'What island? They DIED, it was never about the island, it was about the people'... and what people ultimately do? Yes, they die :) And you know what? MIB was right, John was a sucker and so was I when I believed that the Lost would have a great ending...

I know many people have tons of questions left without an answer about the insignificant island and all, so ill just add 2:

1) If they all died and were in the afterlife, just didn't know it... Are the guys that Sayid killed (while being dead) really dead now? or dead dead, or dead square? Or maybe they weren't there? If so who was there if it wasn't them? Was Sayid really there? Not its THAT important, but it was kinda curious that u can be killed or hurt while being dead...

2) OK, White shirt protects the light of the island, because if its gone, its gone everywhere else, or something... Thats the story 'the mother' told to Jacob. The question: Why didn't she told him that the light could be switched back on? I feel it would be important to know things like that... Well, she probably told him this, just without any witnesses ( viewers ) :)

OK, one more. Since we can see Ben in the afterlife, i guess he wasn't evil, was he?? I mean he only killed how many people?? I don't even remember how many... The island would have absolutely no reason to keep his evil soul where its keeping all other evil people... right? Oh I forgot, what island?? It wasn't about the island, it was about the people :) And Ben was good in the end, its just we didn't see that happen...

I feel like i got one big lol in the face with this ending...
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Bruce Willis, you said it better.
sam_36 June 2010
Well, the only worth entertainment in season 6, and in "The End" was the scene where characters find each other outside the Island. Obviously little effort is made to explain what the story is all about. I kept telling people the writers will NEVER be able to tie up loose ends. I was right!

So what I think of the show. It's a sort of 21st century version of buddish re-incarnation baptized in western version of Christianity (or otherwise), attempting to incorporate multi- cultural worldview. They even finally managed to find a Japanese actor who could actually play a role in English-based TV show (although English didn't taste good on his tongue, lol)!

At the end, what this show wanted to say spending 6 series and multiple characters, Bruce Willis managed to say in less than two hours of "The Sixth Sense" with a help of a cute boy.
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The End of Lost
Warning: Spoilers
Watching The End was unbelievably scary, at first, because I was worried how the final episode might not satisfy me. After watching the episode, however, all my fears were cleared as the finale gave the series an extremely rewarding conclusion to Lost. I have concluded that The End is the most emotional and unforgettable episode that aired on network television.

Following What They Died For, Jack's group confronts the Man in Black, who is trying to destroy the island by using Desmond. At the same time, Richard, Miles and Frank attempt to fix the Ajira plane. Meanwhile, the flash-sideways continue to show the other reality, where Desmond is gathering the survivors and trying make them remember of their previous life.

To say the least, I had a strong feeling that everything was being tied down after watching five minutes into the finale. Jack's mission to stop the Man in Black was so inspiring; his faith in John Locke and willingness to save the island got my heart moving. Throughout the episode, there were many symbolic scenes that showed Jack as the savior. Jack has developed so much this season and The End gave him the spotlight he deserved since becoming the Man of Faith. It was also really good to see some of my favorite supporting characters play significant roles. Seeing Richard and Frank alive was such a relief. I was really glad they played an important role in the finale. Kate choosing Jack was great. In fact, this was the first time I cared for Jack and Kate's relationship or Jate. The flash-sideways were important indeed; the producers kept their promise. With the effort of the wonderful Desmond, we (the audience) got to see the characters get their resolution and Happily Ever After in the flash-sideways/afterlife. The final scene was a major tearjerker, it's so spine-tingling how it mirrors Pilot and that Jack did NOT "die alone." All of this is more than anyone can ask for.

It's just so sad to see Lost go, but we have to "move on." The series has been a wonderful ride and it was worth my six years, without doubt. Not everyone loved how the finale ended, but I loved it. All the things I've seen on Lost were game-changing and inspiring. No show has ever been as crazy and compelling like Lost. I think the legacy of Lost will live on forever and this is what I dream for the series. Lost has been my #1 show and it always will be. LONG LIVE LOST!!!!!!

Performances: 10/10

Character Development: 10/10

Writing: 10/10

Directing: 10/10

Story: 10/10

Episode Quality: 10/10
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Lost ending brought tears to my eyes
Joejoesan2 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
It is true. After six seasons of LOST there were so many twists and mysteries that no ending would be able to satisfy all fans. But to me the makers of this great TV-series actually did it. The grand finale of LOST was heavy on the soapy side but nevertheless very satisfactory. It even put tears in my eyes.

To me only four things really mattered in the finale. One: what was this alternative timeline about? Two: would Jack be the hero again? Three: give me some answers about the island. And four: please let Kate choose Jack. They were really meant to be together. On all four matters I got answers. And more.

The reason why the ending worked for me was because it treated the characters with respect. Us fans all have our favourites. We grew to care about Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sun, Hurley, Locke and all the others. But we had to be prepared to let them go, because the LOST show was about to end. So how do you say goodbye to your heroes? Yes, by giving them one great reunion. One final applause for our LOST survivors. Thank you!

After six seasons of LOST I cannot think of any other TV-series that kept such a spell over me. I will miss the show and I will miss all those marvelous characters. But at least the ending showed me that they all reached home safely. Too bad the journey has come to an end.

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Season 6: An enjoyable season but those seeking a season closing it all out or answers beyond "just because" will be disappointed (SPOILERS)
bob the moo1 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Lost is an odd show in that it has a large number of dedicated viewers but at the same time all of them cannot wait for the show to end. The announcement of this end point several years ago allowed the writers to pull the show out of the mire better known as "season 3" and actually have some forward motion. To date more or less each season has had a conflict involving the survivors of the crash with who is "right" and "wrong" (or good and evil) not always clear, having built up these conflicts through levels, the final season deals with the main conflict on the island – that between Jacob and his brother. At the same time we have the usual flashbacks/forwards in the form of a flash sideways to some parallel world where the characters all live "normal" lives in a world where the island is far below the surface of the ocean.

I have said before that seasons 4 and 5 were an improvement for me because, like a lot of viewers I cared about the mystery of the island and the significance of all the things which seemed to be coming together (or at least building nicely) during these seasons. This and the end date being set in stone meant that it is not unreasonable for a lot of people to be thinking that a bigger picture set of answers or conclusions was coming. In a way this does happen as the focus on Jacob and the nature of the island (although woolly) is the bigger picture and the conflict for the island has risen to a level beyond those of men (Ben/Whidmore for example) to immortal beings. This thread plays out in a way that sort of keeps the mystery as to who is "right" but not particularly well since it is mostly clear that this is a black hat/white hat thing without a lot of moral ambiguity or mystery to it. This thread plays out in an entertaining and engaging way and in fairness, as a season arch it does work – but those looking for this season to act as the finale to the entire series will be disappointed. A lot of questions or elements of the mystery appear to be only "solved" by saying "because Jacob/The Island made it so".

This does leave an anticlimactic feeling to the series and the season, even if I did enjoy both. It does not help that this is also combined with the flash-sideways going the same way. From the start of the season we are presented with this seemingly parallel world which it is not unreasonably to assume has either been triggered or somehow overlaps with the events being played out on the island. With Desmond appearing to be key in both worlds and events building in both towards the final episode, this was always going to be the impression. So, while some will be moved by conclusion of this thread and care about the characters enough to be happy to see them all together and moving into the afterlife from this sideways purgatory, those of us watching for the mystery of the show, it is disappointing to find that this thread is a brand new creation with no connection to anything that has happened this season or in other seasons other than creating a "ultimately they are all together again and happy" moment for all the characters. This sort of works as a tidy ending and the "sideways" scenes in the final episode are a little moving but I didn't think it justified the time and the endless "oh look its them" aspect of this narrative thread.

In terms of tying everything up, the season doesn't really do a great job and it actually hurts the "we knew where we were going from day 1" claim by making a big deal out of it when it does make a good connection. Specifically the need to spell it out in big letters that the bodies of Jacob's mother and brother were right there from the start by splicing in the clip from the first season – this was unnecessary, a bit smug and actually only highlighted the many, many other things that were not looped up this way or resolved.

If I'm sounding negative then let me just clarify that I did enjoy this season as a standalone thing, the problem for me is that this show was always about the mystery of the island, the many coincidences and odd things surrounding it and the attention of many viewers were held by such mysteries rather than the characters – indeed any viewer frustration with the show has always been based on the lack of progress on these mysteries, not lack of character development – while it was part of the show and of interest, I didn't stay engaged with the show because I really needed to know who Kate would end up with out of Jack or Sawyer and as such the "and they all lived (well, died) happily ever after" ending didn't really do much for me in the wider scheme of things.

So while season 6 serves as a solid conclusion to the two threads that it had, most of the mysteries in the show are only really resolved by shrugging and saying "because the Island made it so" – which is not what most people will have wanted from the concluding season, even if it was still entertaining and engaging on its own terms.
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A perfect ending, in a Lost sort of way
Austin Layne31 May 2010
I'm not going to give an overly-long analysis of the series.

I'm only going to say that The End is probably the best end to the best T.V. series I've ever seen.

For six years Lost was the only thing I watched. For six years I have been blown away, frustrated, entertained, satisfied, and emotionally exasperated by Lost.

The End is the best episode of the series. It satisfies emotionally, and for the most part, answers questions. It takes a good deal of swallowing The End whole and reflecting upon the series to understand exactly what happened, but I believe I understand most of the series now. In my opinion it wasn't cheesy, it was the only way Lost could possibly end, and,in a very Lost sort of way, it made perfect sense.
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The Writers got LOST!!! they aren't going to deny that
shanc_sk30 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
what i had fearing all along since the beginning of the final season - happened.

THE END was lame.. totally lame.

Making it an emotional heart-rendering blah blah finale didn't work with me & i am sure it ain't worked with a lot of fans. The flash sideways was a purgatory sequence, r u kidding me? I understand the series had strong characters & had shown relations to dharma, good vs evil, faith vs science, but 18 episodes of purgatory scenes- come on, i don't digest that. It was a waste of time making all those story lines within the purgatory world, better could have focused on the huge containers of unanswered questions. And whats happening in this episode: *Ben was stuck under the tree trunk with no sign of sawyer and Hurley getting him out of that & the next scene for Ben, he was free at the cliff!! * No incantation for Hurley (so, did he really become the next Jacob)!!! * The ajira plane left maybe 5-10 mins ago.. still its flying over the island when jack sees it!!!

Cuse- Lindelof -> please don't give us "its a character based" cop-out thing. After building some much on the mythology of the island, didn't expect the series was supposed to end this way forgetting the mythology (that was another unexpected turn from the LOST writers).

Numbers, the others, Walt-"special", dharma etc etc - forget them?!? or get answers by ourselves coz u don't have satisfactory answers. The series really got so amazing & complicated that it would have been a great pull-off if the writers did came up with a great finish.

Anyways - 3 cheers to cuse-lindelof for the series, but not for the series finale.
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Very Disappointed
RONNYHAAR30 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I have always watched this show on DVR and for the first few seasons I would always fast forward through the flash back and then flash forward scenes because I only wanted to watch what was happening in current time on the island. I still totally enjoyed the show and didn't feel like I was losing any continuity and was able to stay fully absorbed in the current island action of the losties.

For the final season I decided to actually watch the flash sideways scenes because somehow I thought that there would be something essential to the plot going on. I also thought these scenes were eventually going to inter-relate to the happenings on the island to create a greater understanding of the whole show. Boy, was I wrong! If I had just fast forwarded through all of the flash sideways scenes as I used to do, I think I would have enjoyed the final season more, just following the events happening on the island. The flash sideways scenes were a totally unnecessary diversion that did nothing to increase my understanding of what was happening on the island and a complete waste of my viewing time.
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A Load of Shite
tomcantwell30 May 2010
Very disappointing end to an often very entertaining series. Throughout the 6 seasons the best moments came when there was either conflict between groups, or mystery with the promise of revelation or insight. When a writer dangles these promises they'd better resolve them with some degree of satisfaction. This is the ancient art of storytelling and is just as important now as it ever was. To let down the audience in such an embarrassing and shameful way is unforgivable. Those who followed the whole series, putting up with the stupidity while enjoying some of the drama, expected, at the very least, to have an acceptable explanation of the story threads. To reach this conclusion and have it slammed in your face that, yes, the writers were just making up random bollox to keep people watching. No cleverness or art. Just stupidity and directionless lying in an attempt to keep people on the hook. Like teenage liars who make up stuff to get attention, or little kids playacting and altering their characters or storyline as they go, Lost inhabits a world where substance is nothing and shouting 'look at me' is everything. What a load of shite.
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