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  • In the island, Ben brings Miles and Richard to his secret room to get the C4 explosives to blow up the plane; however they stumble with Zoe and Widmore in his house. Widmore tells that Jacob visited him and Zoe tells that Locke is coming. Hugo sees Hurley and asks him to bring his friends. Meanwhile Richard decides to talk to Locke but the smoke monster attacks him. Ben tells Locke where Widmore and Zoe are and Locke kills Zoe; Widmore whispers to Locke why he brought Desmond to the island and Ben kills him. Jacob tells Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley that one of them should replace him to protect the island and Jack accepts the assignment. Meanwhile Locke tells to Ben that he will destroy the island. In the parallel reality, Dr. Linus sees Desmond in the parking lot and he tells that he does not want to hurt Locke. Desmond goes to LAPD and tells that he is the suspect of the hit and run, and he goes to jail where Sayid and Kate are. Alex and her mother Danielle invite Dr. Linus to have dinner with them.

  • Jacob appears to the survivors of the submarine explosion and tells them what they were chosen for, while Ben joins forces with Locke as they both have a final showdown with Charles Widmore.


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  • Previously on...: Fake Locke tried to blow up Jack and his group by blowing up their submarine. Sayid, Sun and Jin didn't survive, but Kate, Jack, Sawyer and Hurley made it back to shore.

    'What They Died For': We opened on Jack waking up with some kind of wound on his neck. Jack's son asked if he was going to come to his concert the next day and Jack said he would. His son's mother would also be there. Claire had spent the night. Jack got a phone call from Oceanic Airlines saying his "lost cargo" (his dad's coffin) had been found. The man on the phone, though, was Desmond.

    Back on the island: Jack sewed up Kate's bullet wound, and while that hurt, she was still stinging from the fact that Fake Locke killed Sun and Jin.

    "We have to kill him, Jack," she told him.

    "I know," he said.

    Sawyer and the whole group stared blankly as the ocean's waves delivered debris from their sub, including a life jacket. Jack said they had to go look for Desmond, who Sayid told him was hiding in a well.

    Back in L.A.: We saw Desmond in a car in the school parking lot as he watched Locke in his wheelchair. Locke was being welcomed back by students after his previous run-in with Desmond in the parking lot left him in the hospital. Desmond started his car, but Ben jumped in front of him and threatened to call the cops. Desmond got out and beat the hell out of Ben. He said he wasn't there to hurt Locke, but was there to "help him let go." Ben asked Desmond who he was, and Desmond said, "You want to know who I am?" He then proceeded to punch Ben in the face even more furiously, and Ben saw a flash of Desmond punching him in the face in another timeline. Desmond tossed Ben aside and drove off.

    Back on the island: Ben, Miles and Alpert were looking for some explosives that Ben his in his "secret room behind the bookcase" back in the Dharma village. When they got there, Miles was having all kinds of "dead stuff" speaking to him. Richard told Ben it was his daughter's grave they were standing over. Ben paused for a moment, said, "Thank you, Richard," and walked away.

    Ben found his C-4 stash and when Richard said they were looking to blow the plane to hell, they decided to take it all. They heard a noise and found Zoe hiding in the kitchen. Whidmore was with her. Ben was shocked to see him.

    Whidmore gave Zoe orders to take their equipment from the outrigger and sink it. Ben demanded to know why Whidmore was there, and threatened to shoot him, but Whidmore said his last chance at survival would be gone if he shot him. Whidmore told Ben that he was invited back to the island by Jacob, who convinced him the error of his ways and told him what he needed to know "for this exact purpose." Ben asked what purpose, but Zoe radioed Whidmore and told him Locke was coming to the island. Whidmore said that if they didn't want to die, they needed to hide.

    Back in L.A.: Ben was being treated by the school nurse and when Locke came in to find out what happened, Ben told him about his run-in with Desmond. "While he was beating me, I think I saw something," Ben said. Locke was getting ready to call the police, but Ben said he might not want to.

    "The man told me that he wasn't trying to hurt you," Ben said. "He told me that he was trying to get you to let go. And for some reason I believed him. Do you have any idea what he was talking about, Mr. Locke?"

    A cop waited for an answer from Locke's phone, which went silent, and we then saw Desmond show up at the police station asking to see a detective. Desmond went in to speak with Sawyer, who had just turned down an invitation from Miles to go to a charity concert. He confessed to Sawyer that he was the person who hit Locke and beat Ben. Desmond was locked up. In his jail cell, he found Sayid and said, "Good afternoon." In the next cell over, he saw Kate and asked, "And how are you doing today?"

    Back on the island: As they walked through the jungle, Sawyer asked Jack if he thought he (Sawyer) was responsible for killing Sayid, Sun and Jin. "No," Jack reassured him. "He killed them."

    Hurley saw a vision a young blond boy, who we now know is Jacob. He asked for the ashes Hurley took from Ilana's things after she died. The boy said they were his, then he snatched them and ran away. Hurley gave chase and wound up finding adult Jacob sitting by a fire. Jacob said his ashes were in the fire and "when it burns out you'll never see me again." He told Hurley to get his friends, saying, "We're very close to the end, Hugo."

    Fake Locke showed up at the dock and saw things stashed in one of the canoes. Zoe came to Ben's house and told Whidmore they had to go. Ben said he wasn't going to hide, but asked Whidmore to hand over his walkie talkies. He handed one to Miles and told Whidmore goodbye. Alpert said he wanted to talk to Fake Locke and Miles wanted no part of it. He took off for the jungle.

    Richard walked outside and waited. After a few quiet moments, the smoke monster came with little warning and quickly wiped Richard out. Ben sat on his porch and waited for Fake Locke to show up, and he did. He asked Ben to kill some people for him, and said Ben could have the island all to himself once he left. "Alright," Ben said.

    Fake Locke asked where he could find Charles Whidmore. Ben turned, looked him in the eye and said, "He's hiding in my closet."

    Back in L.A.: Alex saw Ben struggling to leave school because of his injuries, and she offered to give him a ride home. Well, Alex's mom gave him a ride. Alex's mom was Danielle Rousseau. There was a sense of familiarity when they met. That night, Danielle told Ben he was the closest thing to a father that Alex has ever had. Ben got a bit emotional.

    Back on the island: Ben showed Fake Locke the way to the closet. He began moving the bookcase, but Fake Locke told him to wait outside. Ben said he wanted to see what happened, so he went in with him. Sure enough, inside the closet were Whidmore and Zoe, and Fake Locke said it was nice to be able to talk without those fences between them. He asked Zoe who she was and Whidmore told her not to talk to him, so Fake Locke slashed her throat.

    Fake Locke threatened to kill Penny once he got off the island, unless Whidmore explained why he came back to the island. Whidmore said he brought Desmond back to the island because of his unique resistance to electro-magnetism. He called Desmond "a measure of last resort,." Fake Locke asked what he meant, but Whidmore said he wouldn't say any more in front of Ben. Just as Whidmore was about to tell Fake Locke more, Ben shot him dead. "He doesn't get to save his daughter," Ben said.

    Fake Locke was surprised, and said Ben never ceased to amaze him, but Whidmore had already told him everything he needed to know, "so, no harm done."

    Hurley brought Sawyer, Kate and Jack to Jacob. They could see him. Kate asked if he was the one who wrote their names, and Sun and Jin and Sayid's names, as well. Jacob nodded. Kate said she wanted to know that they didn't die for nothing. He offered to tell them what they died for, "I'll tell you why I chose them and why I chose you." And then, he said, he'd tell them everything they needed to know about protecting the island. He said by the time the fire burns out one of them will have to start protecting it.

    Back in L.A.: Locke went to visit Jack and admitted he wondered whether Jack was meant to fix him. He wondered if all their crossing of paths was fate. Jack wondered if he was mistaking coincidence with fate.

    "You can call it what you want," Locke said, "but I think I'm ready to get out of this chair."

    Back on the island: Jacob explained that he brought everyone to the island because of a mistake he made a very long time ago. Sawyer asked what the mistake was, and Jacob said, "You call him the monster. But I'm responsible for what happened to him. I made him that way, and ever since then, he's been trying to kill me." He said he brought them all to the island because "the monster" had finally figured out how to kill him and he needed someone to replace him in caring for the island.

    Sawyer asked why he needed to be punished for his mistake. Jacob said he pulled each of them from some kind of flawed existence.

    "I chose you because you were like me," Jacob said. "You were all alone. You were all looking for something you couldn't find out there. I chose you because you needed this place as much as it needed you."

    Jacob told Kate he crossed her name off the wall because she became a mother, but "it's just a line of chalk in a cave -- the job is yours if you want it, Kate." Jack asked what the job is. Jacob told them about the light at the center of the island and they had to make sure it never goes out. They had to protect it from "him." Jack asked if Jacob wanted one of them to kill the monster, and whether that was even possible. Jacob said he hoped it was, "because he's certainly going to try to kill you."

    Jacob said he wasn't going to choose one of them, but rather he was going to give them something he never had -- a choice. He told Kate that if none of them chose it, "then this ends very badly."

    Jack volunteered. "This is why I'm here," Jack said. "This is what I'm supposed to do."

    Jacob asked if that was a question and Jack said no.

    "Good," Jacob said. "Then it's time."

    Jacob took Jack away and Sawyer, Kate and Hurley watched. Sawyer said, "And I thought that guy had a God complex before." Hurley said he was just glad it wasn't him.

    Jacob told Jack where the light is, beyond the bamboo field where Jack first landed. He said that's where "he" was heading. Jacob gave Jack some water from the ground. Jack asked how long he'd have to do the job and Jacob said, "As long as you can." Jack drank the water.

    "Now you're like me," Jacob told him.

    Back in L.A. Sawyer came into the holding jail and told Desmond, Sayid and Kate they were heading to the county jail. Kate whispered to Sawyer that he could still let her go, but Sawyer said he couldn't because he's a cop. "You don't seem like a cop," Kate said.

    On their drive to county jail, Desmond said it was time for them to leave but Sayid said he was crazy. He said he'd set them free, but they had to promise to do what he asked them to do once they were set free. They agreed. The van stopped. The cop driving it was Ana Lucia. She asked for his friend with the money. Hurley rolled up in his yellow Hummer and said, "Oh, hey, you didn't tell me Ana Lucia was going to be here." She asked if she knew him and Hurley stammered and said, "Oh, no. We've never met."

    They split up, with Sayid joining Hurley and Kate going with Desmond in Hurley's Camaro. Desmond handed Kate a black skirt and said they were going to a concert.

    Back on the island: Ben asked Fake Locke why he bothered ever walking if he was able to turn himself into smoke anytime. Fake Locke said he liked to feel his feet on the ground because it reminded him that he used to be human.

    They got to the well where Fake Locke had left Desmond, but Desmond was gone. Fake Locke seemed pleased, though. He told Ben that Charles' reference to Desmond as a "failsafe" meant that Desmond was one final way to make sure that Fake Locke could never leave the island. He was happy Desmond was still alive, because once he found him, he'd have Desmond help him do the one thing he could never do himself: "I'm going to destroy the island."

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