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"Hung" Do It, Monkey (2009)

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"Hung" - "Do It, Monkey" - Aug. 2, 2009

We open on Ray driving down the road and talking on his cell to a parent of one of his players complaining about playing time. There's a woman at the side of the road changing a tire. Ray stops and offers help. She wonders if he always rescues damsels in distress. He says it's his first time. When he's done he asks her to lunch. We cut to them banging in the bathroom. She's a screamer.

We cut to Tanya's house and her telling Ray that the woman, Gemma, didn't like it so much. (The whole thing was a set up). Ray is mad, saying nobody else has complained. Tanya says the customer is always right and that Gemma thought that she wanted a male fantasy but she wanted more of a female fantasy where she could connect with the guy since she's been brokenhearted.

They play it out again and instead of banging in the bathroom they sit down to talk and Ray claims his name is Randall and he's a book editor. (She works at an ad agency.) He asks her to a movie and she abruptly says she has a boyfriend and leaves.

Cut back to Tanya again reiterating she wanted to make a real connection and it Ray's job to stop her from leaving. He says he'll pretend he's madly in love next time since Gemma pays great.

Ronnie takes Jessica and Damon and Darby to a crummy buffet and explains he's not rich anymore due to the crummy economy. Jessica tries to soft pedal it by saying it's a temporary setback. Either way, Ronnie isn't buying the twins a car anymore.

Ray is psyched about this news since now he can afford to get guys to help him to fix the house and impress the kids with a couple of steaks he barbecues in the living room. Thinking about his newfound cash flow he says he will buy them a car.

On the phone to Tanya he tells her to call Gemma and guaranee satisfaction as Mrs. Koontz rakes and watches him.

Tanya hosts the last night of the entrepreneurs' group and feeds them preacher cookies - quickly made cookies with psalms baked in for the church crowd. Floyd tries to entice people to sign up for "How to be a Millionaire Part 2." No one does.

Later Floyd takes Tanya to dinner and says some people just don't have the mental fortitude it takes to become millionaires and have a fancy car like him. Tanya says she sure some wanted to take the class but couldn't afford it. He recommends she secure her space now but she says she can't afford it. He's disappointed. She notices his jaguar is a rental.

Ray swings by Gemma one more time and goes with the book editor thing again. Now she has a fiance and goes to leave again. He chases her down and convinces her that it's her "destiny" to be with him. As they begin to make out Ray's principal walks by and sees him.

At Jessica and Ronnie's, her shrewish mom can't believe she's still going to sleep with Ronnie now that he's not rich. Jessica points out that her mom hated Ray too and to lay off and that she likes sleeping with Ronnie and that everybody has money problems right now. Darby comes in and informs Jessica that the dog, Doris, smells.

Ray chases Gemma on beach. They're playing out a picnic fantasy complete with chocolate, strawberries, and champagne. Then she says she thinks she might just fall in love with him and he replies that that's very nice. She stalks off to make a call. Moments later Tanya calls Ray telling him to say he loves her too. He tries it, it doesn't work and he gets angry and yells at Gemma about all this weird, effed up artificial shit. She stalks off, he asks if she wants a do-over.

At the vet's Doris is in a coma. The doc says they can put her on liquids or let nature take its course. Ronnie roots for nature. Jessica says she's starting to bond with kids and it's the dog that's helping and that she needs it. Ronnie tells the doc to put her down.

Ray is in class teaching when Tanya shows up. She has Gemma's payment. He wonders if he should call her. Tanya says no and that Gemma is impossible to please.

Floyd comes to pick up an inspirational tape he lent Tanya. He's being stiff and weird. He tells her it's time for the talk, the one about expectations. He says he's not looking for anything serious. She rebuts that she never asked for more. He says he's not attracted to her. She freaks when she realizes what a creep he is and that this creep is rejecting her. She tells him to get out.

Ronnie tries to get it on with Jessica later that night but she's still mad he did the least expensive thing with Doris. She says she's not in the mood. He wonders why. She says "I don't know Ron, maybe it's the economy."

Tanya drinks and calls her mom and tells her she's feeling lonely. Her mother is mean and unsupportive. Tanya hangs up on her and calls Ray leaving a message asking where he is.

He's sitting in his car in front of a fancy house. He goes to the door and knocks. No answer so he walks away. Gemma comes to the door and asks why she should let him in. He says she probably shouldn't and that Tanya doesn't know he called. Why did he call? The money. He explains she's his first out and it's his job to make her happy and he says he thinks he can. What does she say? The screen goes black before she replies.


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