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At her publishing house, Belle reads aloud from some of her latest writing, describing a hot and heavy encounter in sweaty detail. Her editor interrupts, pointing out that the jumbled way she's described it, she'd just written she has three feet.

"For the record, I do it better than I write it," she says.

He tells her her readers want sensuality, not technicality. She reads more and we see a scene of sexual Twister. She realizes she's gotten over complicated. The editor wants more on the why than the how.

Back at home, Belle gets a call from Bambi, who is excited that Byron is taking her somewhere fancy. She tells Belle about all the things they've done and how nice it'll be to see him again. Belle reminds her he's a client.

There's a buzz at Belle's door. She signs off with Bambi, telling her to remind herself he's this nice with all the other escorts, too.

A nervous gent in a three piece suit knocks on the wrong door. She welcomes him in and he explains that he hasn't had sex since he was 22. He's clearly not 22 anymore. After 'collecting the rent,' she sends him to the showers. He comes out, fully dressed again.

He's shy and cautious and she coaxes him to tell her what he really wants. She takes his clothes off and finally gets him to express what he'd really like to do.

They start and he's tentative at first, until she gets him to talk dirty, which then leads to a lot of farm talk and noises. But it gets the job done. Mary had a little lamb, indeed.

Byron's late to meet Bambi but he finds her on the street. She's happy to see him.

Later, in bed, Belle tentatively asks Simon if he might have, maybe, grown up on a farm. Yes, and that's why he hasn't had sex in so long. His ex-girlfriend told everyone about his sex noises and he was "Farm Boy" for three years in college.

Then, suddenly, as they're laying in bed, they're startled by Jackie coming home early from work. Simon's appalled, and grabs his clothes and rushes out.

Byron and Bambi frolic in the park, having a romantic regular afternoon.

Hannah's trying to write later when her sister asks if she can cook dinner for her tomorrow. She guesses that Hannah's upset about her and Ben. She says she needs a distraction right now because her husband is sleeping with a temp.

Hannah doesn't understand why that distraction has to be her best friend. Then Jackie makes things worse by asking if he did some of the same stuff in bed with Hannah when they used to date. Hannah's ready for her house guest to leave.

She tries to write again later, but ends up deleting a lot. Then she tries describing Simon, saying she feels sorry for the nervous ones. We're seeing the scene with Simon, but then her editor takes the place of Simon in bed.

She looks up at the camera, self-consciously defending her subconscious, but is interrupted by Jackie coming home again.

Later, Jackie banishes her from the kitchen and there's a buzz at the door. Hannah realizes her sister invited Ben. Ben's surprised to see Hannah there, thinking it was just a bootie call. Hannah tries to make a go of it, but her sister insists on cozying up to Ben in front of her. Hannah bails.

Outside, she realizes how cold it is and calls Bambi for a drink. Bambi interrupts making out with Byron to answer and tells Belle she's with a "client." She tells him she has more fun with him than anyone, client or not. He tells her she makes him forget that this is her job.

Belle walks to her editor's. He's reading her latest chapter and enjoying it. He likes the new tone. It seems like she had a connection with the guy, he says. She doesn't mention she was imaging him when she wrote it. He likes that she seems to really enjoy her job. They share a whiskey in his office.

He goes to hug her good-bye and she turns awkwardly, a near miss.

Leaving, she tells us that she doesn't fancy him. Then she turns to see him waving down at her and she curtsies. Okay, she admits she likes him a little.

We see Bambi and Byron snuggle in bed and Jackie and Ben sacked out on the couch as Belle assures us she'd never act on liking her editor.


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