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Excellent Movie
hipps00113 August 2012
Loved this movie. Contrary to the other reviewer who found Olympia Dukakis' character offensive I thought she was wonderful. She was playing a character. She wasn't representing all lesbians. Yes it was over the top but I think the humanity of her character came through in spite of the swearing and 'bull dyke' representation. I think that the other character's grand daughter not realizing she was a lesbian was a bigger stretch than Olympia's character. I also thought that the relationship between the two main characters was very realistic whether you wanted to accept their characterizations or not. I actually went to this movie not expecting much and really just wanted to see Olympia Dukakis. I came out of the movie laughing, crying and uplifted by a story of love that is universal and eternal. I am sorry if you didn't want to accept a lesbian who wears vests, cowboy hats, drinks tequila and swears like a sailor but they do exist and so what? Who cares? Love is love. If you want to laugh and cry and believe that everyone should have the right to marry the person they love no matter what then go see this movie. If you are easily offended by a bull dyke characterization of an elderly lesbian then you may want to skip it but you will be missing a real treat.
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Great Indy flick!
Paul Ingram16 September 2011
This was an excellent movie. The 3 stars Olympia Dukakis, Brenda Fricker and Ryan Doucette give outstanding performances and make the characters believable and interesting. Thom Fitzgerald takes a simple story and turns it into a wonderful journey with spectacular backdrops spectacular performances from his cast. In the course of 2 hours he is able to develop each of the main characters so that we really care about each of them. The minor Characters are a little cliché at times but it never takes away from the story or what makes this a great movie. The movie has course language but if you are not upset by this you will find yourself laughing and crying all within the length of the movie. Do yourself a favour and go see this!
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Sweet movie, occasionally bogged down by the raunchy humor
michaelb843 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched this movie and really liked it. Cloudburst is the story of two lesbians who have been together for 31 years. After Dotty falls out of bed when her partner teases her with a vibrator, her granddaughter decides that she needs to be placed in a nursing home. Stella refuses to allow her to do this so Molly, the granddaughter, tricks Dotty into signing over power of attorney to her and then places her in the home.

Stella busts her out and the two flee to Canada in order to get married, along the way picking up Pretince, a young dancer from New York who is traveling to see his sick mother.

The movie is often touching, and the best scenes were generally the parts where Dotty and Stella were just being a typical old couple, either bickering or showing charming displays of affection (often both at the same time). The humorous scenes often feel unnecessary and occasionally bring the movie down from it's full potential. With that said I did laugh at many of them, especially a hilarious scene where Stella and Pretince cross the Canadian border and are stopped by security. Others weren't as good, for example a scene where Dotty accidentally gets in bed with a naked guy.

All in all it is a great movie and addresses the lives of lesbian seniors who are often ignored by the generally youth-centered LGBT entertainment industry.
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Wonderful movie
cdonahue287729 January 2014
I decided to watch Cloudburst the other night. I loved this movie, it was at times a laugh out loud, and other times a tear jerker. The performances by all the cast was phenomenal. If you are looking for a movie that will capture your heart, this is it.

This is more than just a love story. It tells the story of two women who have shared many years of their lives. Who in the face of illness face the real possibility of being separated. There's many couples who face this everyday. Hits on some serious topics, yet the dialogue is some times light. Great.

Its on netflix. If you have a chance check it out. It is winner of 13 awards. And rightfully so.
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Destined to be one of the great movie love stories
steven-leibson9 June 2013
The brief synopsis of this story is that it's about two old lesbians living in Maine who pick up a hitchhiker. That's not a very good synopsis. This movie is about two people who have loved each other and lived together for 31 years. Age and a selfish granddaughter threaten to end the relationship so these two octogenarian ladies decide to run away in an old, red pickup truck through the back roads of Maine to Canada where they can be married. Along the way they pick up a young, male hitchhiker who happens to be a modern/exotic dancer from New York. This trio then takes an unlikely road trip with a series of misadventures and adventures through the beautifully photographed landscape of eastern Canada.

Olympia Dukakis plays a role you might never expect to see: a crusty old lesbian with the mouth of the saltiest sailor. She is magnificent. Brenda Fricker plays the blind, wise old woman. You root for her every step of the way. A very funny Ryan Doucette plays the hitchhiker. You'd never know this was his first movie.

This movie places everything you expect from a romantic comedy/drama and pours it into new vessels not previously used to hold this vintage. The movie has already played in theaters in every country but the US. In the US, the Lifetime cable channel purchased it, so the language is not likely to survive un-bleeped. Not to worry, it appears on DVD in July, 2013 so you can see it as the author intended: sweet, salty, and well done. (We just saw this movie in San Jose, CA as part of the Camera Cinema Club.)
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Beautiful, wonderful, hilarious
honeypot-stfu6 July 2013
If I had to choose a film among all those I have seen the last 5 years, I couldn't recommend more Cloudburst!

This is an hilarious love story at each and every minute.

Cloudburst is also a very touching comedy, beautiful.

Brenda's Fricker (Dot) and Olympia's Dukakis (Stella) acting is purely magic! They carry us in a road trip with Ryan Doucette (Prentice). At the end, the film received a full standing ovation! It deserves fully all nominations and awards it has received!

By now, I'm sure that whatever plan you have tonight, you will cancel it to watch Cloudburst. Don't hesitate anymore!
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I know these gals... Loved it... A treat for the soul
blog-952-57100719 March 2014
Really! Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker portray lesbians that have been in my life, foul mouth and all. To those who says this movie is not 100% realistic, well, thank heavens for that! These characters are real enough and the humor is great. The real life consequences of getting old, living as unmarried, unrecognized partners is very real and can be very painful. And those issues are brought forth with irony, clarity, raunchiness and loving tenderness. Just like life.

The young hitchhiker character was endearing, bringing another additional layer of the complexity of human relationships into the mix. This movie is lighthearted at times, laughing out loud funny here and there, and dramatizes the struggles of being homosexual, elderly, and being authentically out of the norm.
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Great movie except for the ending
Phillip Marsh12 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Olympia Dukakis is amazing as Stella. Brenda Fricker is incredible as Dot. Ryan Doucette is wonderful as Prentice.

There are spoilers in there. I checked the spoiler box. This is your last chance to skip my review.

If you are offended by foul language don't watch the movie.

Olympia plays an old lesbian with a mouth that would make the saltiest sailor blush. Fabulously funny! Sort of like a lesbian version of Ouiser Boudreaux.

I don't know why some writers think that movies with homosexual characters in them have to have a tragic component. I loved the movie up until just before end ... why couldn't they have just gone back to Maine and lived happily ever after?

The movie hit home. I am gay and have been in a relationship for 22.5 years as of this review. My hubby and I live in a state where gay marriage is not recognized, Alabama. With the right wingers pushing laws to outlaw gay marriage (or recognition of it performed in other states) it is very scary. We have no rights. Even armed with a folder full of legal paperwork things are not certain. One of the main characters, Dot, is shipped off to an old folks home by her granddaughter. The granddaughter tricks her into signing over her power of attorney ... Dot is blind and so she can't read what she is signing. No, this is not just fiction. There are some terribly nasty people in the world.

One of my favorite scenes is where Stella is hitch hiking the last part of the way to Canada. A guy picks her up and she goes off into this bit about the C-word ... it reminded me of George Carlin's bit about the F- word. I was howling with laughter watching Olympia do this scene.

Blast - was going to give the movie a 9 because of the writer's desire to put another tragic spin on a story with homosexual characters but the rest of the movie is definitely a 10. Oh, I did find the scene where Dot got into bed with the naked man very funny ... I loved when she started whacking him with her walking stick - very much like something that Diana Trent (Waiting for God) would have done ... but she would have whacked to permanently damage.

Really, this is a great movie. Very engaging. The acting is great. The characters are wonderful.
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Awesome show!
cmcaleer113 January 2013
It has been a long time since I have enjoyed a movie as much as I did when I watched Cloudburst last summer. My daughter and I watched it together and we laughed and cried all the way through it. I had not heard anything about the show before seeing it and it was a thrill to be so surprised at how great the show was. While all of the cast played their parts wonderfully, my favourite character was Ryan Doucette and I look forward to seeing him in many more future movies. I hope it comes out on video so I can buy a copy to add to my home collection. I can't wait to watch it again. Thank you for such great entertainment and keep up the great work Ryan.
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This Stella doesn't need to get her groove back. She never lost it!
mark.waltz2 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The irrepressible Olympia Dukakis has really broken ground in her relatively short time as an Oscar winning celebrity. Playing a transsexual apartment owner who left new tenants home made joints, the mother of a transsexual lesbian and the seller of tickets at the "Let's take a wack at Ouiser" booth was already a respected stage actress when she struck gold as Cher's mother. Now, she's Stella, a no-nonsense self confessed dyke who is determined to hold onto the love of her life, and she will do all she can to marry her.

A tickling game results in her lover Brenda Fricker being sent to a convalescent home. Practically beating up Fricker's uptight granddaughter and the local sheriff, Dukakis sneaks Fricker out and heads up to Canada, and like Thelma and Louise, they pick up a hunky hitchhiker, but there's no hanky or panky going on. "You're barking up the wrong fire hydrant", Dukakis tells him as he shows off his goods.

"If that skirt was any shorter, you'd need another hairnet" is perhaps the mildest comment Dukakis says, shocking a very Christian Canadian who picks her up hitchhiking. Certainly, some people will take offense to what she says, but Dukakis refuses to betray who this broad is. Fricker is the more gentle of the two, but equally tough underneath her grandmotherly demeanor. Underneath her masculine exterior, Stella actually beats a heart of gold even though she can be at times very brusk.

Delightfully non-politically correct, it is also extremely romantic in the sense of what Dukakis strives to achieve. Call this a gay "On Golden Pond" as seen through the eyes of Miss Apley, the old lesbian next door to Ethel and Norman Thayer. It is a triumph of determination that gets these two women through their ordeal, with Ryan Doucette in fine support as the surrogate son they find along the way. He's on his way home to see Hus dying mother and seems to be carrying his own secrets. Together, these three opposites share some dynamic adventures, and it ultimately is both bittersweet and funny, but never short of being amusingly human.
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