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Character error 

Tucker states that 'anthemis nobilis' is the ingredient in chamomile tea that leads to allergic reactions. Anthemis Nobilis is in fact a strand of chamomile, meaning that Tucker said that chamomile is the ingredient in chamomile tea that causes allergic reactions


When Dale cuts Tucker down from the tree Tuckers hands go out wide to his sides. It is clear that he has all 8 fingers and 2 thumbs, despite the fact that two fingers are supposed to have been cut off.
When the sheriff arrives to question Tucker and Dale at the cabin, Tucker's face is still slightly swollen and covered in Mike's blood. When they go in the cabin to check on Allison, Tucker's face and neck are clean and un-swollen. When they go back outside after the sheriff gets hit with the beam, Tucker is bloody and swollen again.
When Dale and Allison are playing Trivi-UP, Dale's first roll is a 5. He then goes to move his game piece with the die showing a 1.
(at around 33 mins) Allison's head changes position on the pillow after she is knocked out.

Crew or equipment visible 

When Dale walks over to the teenager car, part of the Sound Crew is visible in a reflection.

Factual errors 

The newspaper which Allison and Dale read during the movie's finale, is dated Tuesday, July 15, 1990. In 1990, July 15 fell on a Sunday.
After the cabin explodes, Chad's neck is charred. His necklace is perfectly intact. After the explosion it should have at the very least stuck to his neck or melted.
When shots are being fired from the sheriff's gun, 10+ shots are fired. The gun is a .44 magnum which only holds 6 shots.
Dale tells Chuck to check the safety when Chuck is pointing the police officer's gun at Dale and Tucker. Chuck is holding a revolver which does not have a manual safety lever. It is unlikely that Dale's helpful suggestion was actually a clever ploy to kill the young college kid.
In the closing credits, the credit for Construction Foreman is misspelled as Construction Forman.

Revealing mistakes 

When Tucker prepares the nail gun for Dale to use as a diversion, the air hose falls out just before the shot ends.

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