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Fantasia 2010: Red, White And Blue Review

[No, not the Three Colours Trilogy, it's Simon Rumley's highly acclaimed film that made a splash at Rotterdam and SXSW and is currently making a stop at Fantasia.  We now re-post Eight Rook's review from our archives.]

It could be hard to sell people on Simon Rumley's Red, White & Blue. It is frequently a brilliant film, make no mistake (and yes, it more than justifies the hype we've given it), yet - without resorting to spoiling its nuances or key plot points - going by the first fifteen minutes or so a good many prospective viewers are more than likely to wonder what exactly is worth getting so excited over.

We start out at the detached pace of a road movie, following Erica (TV actress Amanda Fuller), a young woman wandering across America. Seemingly rootless and generally unattached, she spends her nights in bars and clubs, typically catching some stranger's eye, ending up in bed with him before swiftly moving on to her next brief encounter.

The camera doesn't judge her - Erica's clearly emotionally withdrawn, refusing to get personally involved with any of her partners,
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(Not So) Boozie Movies At Danger After Dark! Red White And Blue Review

[Back in January regular Twitch reader indiemaker drank a great deal of alcohol, watched Isaac Florentine's Ninja and sent us a wildly entertaining review as a result. He has maintained this tradition throughout Philadelphia's Danger After Dark Festival but in the case of Simon Rumley's Red, White And Blue decided to take the emotional pounding without any chemical buffer.]

Red White and Blue is the British directed, Austin set Audition for 2010 and I mean that in the best way possible. As challenging as the film may be, I expect it to slowly gather a devout audience that's going to turn this into an iconic cult item in the years to come through word of mouth. I only hope that it gets its well earned praise for the right reasons unlike Audition. Be warned, potential spoilers abound in this review.

When I read or listen to most people's positive reactions to Audition, I'm generally bothered and annoyed, just watch Eli Roth's interview on the DVD for example. Audition is a film that many people seem to love simply because "it's fucked up" and the whole ending supposedly comes from nowhere.  Many of my peers honestly believe that Audition is some cheery romantic comedy that suddenly shifts towards torture horror as a surprise.
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Cannes 2010: Introducing Celluloid Nightmares.

Well, today the time came to let this particular cat out of the bag.

Over the past few months a deal has been developing to see Xyz Films - the company I'm a part of - and Celluloid Dreams form a new joint venture to handle the worldwide sales of international genre films of all varieties. And today our new endeavor was officially launched to the press.

Welcome to Celluloid Nightmares, the return of the Celluloid genre arm, this time with Xyz Films on board as a partner in the venture to bring projects into the fold. Which means that now I not only get to find and promote the stuff I love best here at Twitch, but I also will be part of trying to get these things out to an appreciative audience. Officially I'm now the Head of Acquisitions for Celluloid Nightmares with Travis Stevens (formerly of Imagination Worldwide
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2010 Boston Underground Film Festival: Award Winners

The 12th annual Boston Underground Film Festival, which began on March 25 and ends on April 1, has released their list of award winners for this year that also includes Buff’s first ever lifetime achievement award.

There are six winners, listed below, in the categories of narrative, documentary, short, director’s choice and the always popular Most Effectively Offensive, which had some real competition this year thanks to the fest’s concentration on exploitation, or “grindhouse,” films for this edition. The winners are:

Best of Fest Narrative

Red White & Blue, dir. Simon Rumley

Best of Fest Documentary

It Came From Kuchar, dir. Jennifer M. Kroot

Best of Fest Short

Happily Ever After, dir. Jamie Heinrich

Director’s Choice

Someone’s Knocking at the Door, dir. Chad Ferrin

Most Effectively Offensive

The Life and Death of a Porno Gang, dir. Mladen Djordjevic

Lifetime Achievement Award

Mink Stole

The Best of Fest winners
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SXSW Review: ‘Red, White, and Blue’

Remember the first time you saw Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer? If you were like me, you felt a bit dirty by the end for watching it, and a little sick to your stomach due to its disturbing realistic violence. At the conclusion of Red, White, and Blue I had that same mix of shame and disgust, and I wasn’t exactly excited about an upcoming lunch of shredded beef burritos, if you know what I mean. It takes quite a bit to conjure up such a visceral reaction in me, so kudos to director Simon Rumley (The Living and the Dead) for pushing all the right buttons.

The movie begins with a bang (or two, or three) of the sexual variety. Erica is the type of woman who looks like she was rode hard and put away wet. She recklessly scours the bars of Austin on a nightly
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SXSW Quick Snaps: A 'Red White and Blue' Audience

On Sunday, cast and crew of Simon Rumley's latest film, Red White and Blue, slipped away from SXSW to another theater for a private screening before the official world premiere of the film. The events reunited the entire cast and crew for a special celebration and viewing of the final cut of the film. The theater was eerily quiet as everyone focused on the dark and gruesome sequence of events unfolding on the screen. Actors Noah Taylor, Marc Senter and Nick Ashy Holden (pictured above) were all sitting together. As a filming location for last summer's shoot, I enjoyed recognizing my house in several scenes. Just look for the Fantastic Fest poster in the film and you will understand why I have trouble leaving the curtains open at night.

Red White and Blue is reminiscent of Rumley's The Living and the Dead in that once again he is not
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'Red White & Blue': Love, Brutality, Duct Tape

By John Lichman

It's an understatement to say the audience for Simon Rumley’s “Red White & Blue” North American premiere Sunday was stunned. As the grim climax neared, only a handful snuck out as sadistic close-ups filled the theater with dread -- somehow a satisfying end to what's essentially a love story. Or maybe a Western revenge fantasy.

“The main thing about the film is it’s trying to get inside these characters -- who in some respects aren’t pleasant, but they’re not evil characters doing bad things,” Rumley said in the Driskell Hotel lounge...
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SXSW '10 | Simon Rumley Celebrates His First "Red White & Blue" Film

Simon Rumley comes to America for the first time in his five-feature career. In "Red White & Blue," a part of the Emerging Visions program, "Erica (Amanda Fuller) spends her nights trawling the bars and beds of Austin. Emotionally withdrawn, sleeping with multiple men is just what she does... until she meets the older and mysterious Nate (Noah Taylor), who claims to have an "honorable discharge" from Iraq. Despite his air ...
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SXSW 2010: Final Character Teaser For Simon Rumley's Red, White And Blue

Following a very successful international debut in Rotterdam, Simon Rumley's slacker revenge picture Red, White And Blue is about to be unleashed on American audiences as part of the SXSW Film Festival.  And to go along with its Us bow the promotional materials are starting to flow.

The first general teaser arrived last week via Cinematical and we've already had the chance to meet two of the film's main characters - Erica and Franki - via character-specific teasers here.  And now it's time to meet Nate. You want to stay on his good side.

Here's how Rotterdam described the film:

The gruesome shadow side of the kindness of strangers. An initially natural portrait of the cool and promiscuous Erica from Austin turns into an intense film of revenge. By the British director of The Living and the Dead.

The British director Simon Rumley joined forces after his widely praised
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SXSW 2010: Simon Rumley's Red, White And Blue Gets Bloody In First Teaser!

It was a big hit amongst Twitchers lucky enough to catch it in Rotterdam, it's one of the more anticipated titles at the upcoming SXSW, and now everybody has the chance to check it out in teaser form.  It's Simon Rumley's Red, White and Blue and the very first teaser has just arrived at Cinematical. 

Here's how our own Ard Vijn wrapped up his review from Rotterdam:

Red, White & Blue is a tight little thriller which looks great, is interestingly scripted and structured, and most of all features stellar acting. The real revelations here are Amanda Fuller as a major talent to keep in sight, and Noah Taylor who through his role as Nate somersaults straight into my shortlist of favorite actors.

Very highly recommended but be warned for strong content.

Strong content? Yeah, that's in the trailer, too.  Definitely Nsfw.
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