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Smallville 'Metallo' Review

Author: Elizabeth from Chicago
6 October 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What's up with everyone hating 'The Blur' and blaming 'The Blur' for everything. The only thing I despise most about 'The Blur' is his name. It really needs to change.

So it turns out that Brian Austin Green's stay was a short one as John Corben became crazier as the minutes went by. I felt his love for his sister, but blaming it all on 'The Blur' is so cliché. I had high hopes for his character; a brief cat and mouse romance with Lois, a jealous Clark remaining on the sidelines, a close revelation of 'The Blur's' true identity', but those dreams went downhill fast the moment that vehicle crashed into him, which I am sure jolted most viewers upon impact. It also crashed any hope of a decent storyline between him and Lois.

The writers played well with the throbbing anti-blur replaced repellent for his heart and I was just as hazed as Corben, when he woke up with a beating green heart. I believed it was some kind of joke when he became more machine than man and wondered if they picked Green for the part solely because of his link with the Terminator series. His ramblings mattered less, especially when he believed he could take on a man faster than a speeding bullet. Why kill someone who saves so many lives?

I am oddly drawn to Allison Mack's character and how she portrays Chloe. She seems to actually show a hint of jealousy whenever Lois speaks about 'The Blur' and it isn't a simple measure of concern for her cousin. She actually feels a distance from Clark since he took an oath to embrace his Krptonian legacy. Since Clark clearly wants nothing to do with his old life, why is he always drawn to Lois? Why does he continuously call her with the creepy voice and inadvertently lure her into believing that she could be 'The Blur's' sidekick? Why call her at all?

We all know that Clark has some repressed feelings, deeper than he understands, for Lois. He cares about her safety and feels conflicted and torn between his mortal life and his Kryptonian. People always get hurt around him, but pulling himself away does no good for anyone. Which is probably why he reclaimed the 'Farm Boy' title and his Job at The Daily Planet- he says that it's to find out what Lois is repressing in her memory, but I believe it is something more.

Lois' dreams are somewhat amusing, how much did Durance and Welling enjoy filming those oddly eccentric and suggestive scenes. Does Lois even understand what she dreams, or even that she is having extra work relations with her Smallville?

At one point after Clark defeated Metallo or at least when he defeated himself, and Lois awoke in the nick of time (convenient), I was surprised Clark stuck around. She obviously didn't recognize his true identity, which I found quite surprising.

That scene got me thinking, based on the Superman theme, how would Clark be Superman without revealing his true identity?

Tess was not foolish enough to rehire Lois without ulterior motives, Lois should have known better. Chloe seems to be cleaning up after everyone, who's there to take care of her, especially since Clark went a-wall.

'Metallo' portrayed many references to comic book deliveries and Clark still has his strange trench coat on lurking over tall buildings (That really needs to go), but this episode came off slightly average. The only anticipation is what Zod has up his sleeve. Tess also gave the impression that Metallo is not completely gone, so we could get another screen shot of Brian Austine Green. Let's hope Smallville increases the speed so that we could tighten our seat belts.

Lexa Reviews


Three and a Half Stars

Grade C+


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Author: Colcatron from Canada
27 April 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Everything about the John Corben/Metallo character was handled right by the show. They gave him a unique look, that was somewhat reminiscent of the comic book character. The script of "Metallo" is strong, as are the performances, particularly and most surprisingly from Brian Austin Green, who blew me away in this episode.

While I can't think of anything to really complain about in this individual episode, I do have to question why they bothered to introduce Corben in the previous episode, but hold off on his transformation until the 2nd episode of the season. I like it when Smallville builds guest stars over the course of several episodes, but not after only two. Brainiac was given a half dozen episodes to build, as were the all of the Darseid minions in season 10. Even Zor-El had a proper build up. I just don't understand the point of giving Corben 2 scenes in the premiere if his story was going to basically come to a close one week later. I think you either give it a handful of episodes to build, or just make it a one shot deal.

Just to clarify, my only issue with Metallo is that he had a pointless introduction before such a solid episode. This was probably the second best DC villain guest spot in Smallville's entire run, next to only Brainiac.

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Brian Austin Green's astonishing performance, John Corben's sad story, smooth editing, unexpected character development, superficial morality but numerous bitter sweet scenes

Author: igoatabase from France
7 October 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As expected the major event was John Corben becoming Metallo. All I can say is that his story was really heartbreaking and the first minutes were so bloody and sad that I almost cried like a little shrimp. In fact I can't remember a Smallville episode that was so tragic. Moreover in Savior I think Brian Austin Green convinced every viewers that he's a talented actor but in Metallo I think he just deserves an award. His performance was just mesmerizing. Some people might think that playing John Corben is an easy role but I don't think a character's story has to be surreal to make it believable. Keep it simply human. That's why Metallo's metaphor is so fascinating, because he reminds us what makes a human : Emotions. Unable to control them he became obsessed with finding the Blur, seeing him as the villain at the origin of all his sorrow. In fact it might surprise you but I sort of agree with him because his interactions with Lois and the Blur revealed how less the writers care about morality. At times it's obvious they choose the easy way out instead of bringing more depth to the characters and maturity to the story. Of course they didn't know John's story like we do but it's too easy to forget the human flesh behind the metal heart, specially when you have special abilities. That's why I found the last scenes quite controversial. John Corben didn't deserve what happened to him. I wish they had find a way to save him, like they tried to save Davis Bloome (Doomsday).

About the Clark, Chloe and Lois triangle. In Savior their relationships were blurry and all the characters felt lost. So their evolution in this episode was logic but I didn't anticipate that it would turn so well. From the dialogs, fashion styles to the acting it was just great. Chloe's new role is also quite surprising because she used to be Clark's sidekick after all. So it brings an other layer to our favorite hacker. Lois double investigation was also quite interesting because in the one hand she was trying to know what happened to Clark and in the other hand she was searching for a heartless bastard, that's how she described the cyborg. It was a smart design by the writers because it revealed how much she cares about him and how much she misses him. But of course like many people she's scared of her own feelings so she shadows them. She keeps finding excuses and doesn't admit that she's actually in love with… Tess Mercer !

What ? Yes their scene at the mansion was just pure insanity and should definitely convince the male audience to stick around a little longer. In my Injustice review I mentioned fans weren't ready to view both Erica Durance and Cassidy Freeman in the same scene but the next episode, Doomsday, we saw them cat fighting at The Daily Planet. This time it was a calmer encounter but you could feel the tension between them. No mud pool around but considering Tess was sweating while bashing a boxing bag with a long stick I let you make your own opinion on the meaning behind it. Just a few words to entertain and show how much I loved this episode. The Watch Tower scene was cold but optimistic, Lois had an other vision, RoboCop and Terminator references, Zod behind Metallo… It was so wise to leave that arc for the other episodes but still relate it to this one story.

So overall it was nearly a perfect episode. Seriously how can you resist Smallville anymore ? To conclude this review, thanks to a peer, I had the strangest idea ever. So let's hear what Phil Connors from the film Groundhog Day has to say about this season : « When I saw the long 7th season, I saw a season bleak and dark and bereft of hope. Yet we know that a season is just another step in the cycle of Smallville. But standing here among my peers and basking in the warmth of their hearths and hearts, I couldn't imagine a better fate than a long and lustrous 9th season. » (Source : Wikiquote).

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