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  • Teddy takes his ex-wife, Julia Rist (Krista Allen), on a journey as he tells her about his business venture to Kosovo, a country full of depression and poverty since the 1990s when the Serbian army attacked the Albanian Muslims, who make up the majority of the population.


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  • Teddy () and his ex-wife Julia () travel to Kosovo and he explains to her his reasons for going as they sit on the plane. He relates the story of learning of his parents' divorce as a child and the way he had trouble "letting go" of his pain over the situation. They discuss the history of the conflict in the country between the Serbians and the Albanians, and he tells her about his experience there several weeks previously.

    Teddy arrives in Kosovo with A.J. () and Dax () and meet Rayburn (), a former U.S. soldier turned bodyguard, who cautions him to be careful in the dangerous country. Teddy organizes a meeting with a group of civilians and tells them that they are living on a huge deposit of halloysite, a mineral with many marketable uses, and that he wants to build a mine to extract the substance that will provide many jobs and improve the living conditions for many. A woman, Genta, speaks up and asks if the jobs will be for Serbs or Albanians and states that she and other Albanians will not work with "foreigners." Teddy tries to reason that they must work together to better their country, but a Serbian man named Perovich argues back, and a fight breaks out. Philip soon arrives and Teddy consults with him, explaining the problem, and says that he will attempt to appeal to the people through religion. He meets with a priest who explains that Genta and Perovich have both suffered great personal losses in the war, and that his own church was once bombed. He tells Teddy about unofficial historical laws called kanuni, and that Teddy will have a hard time convincing people to put aside their differences.

    Teddy rejoins Rayburn, who explains that he has been there for five years since leaving the army, and that while the violence has died down, it is still not a peaceful land. They have a brief theological discussion. He then encounters Genta again and buys all her wares from her, giving them out to a group of children living on the streets, and thinks about his own son, Bobby. He calls Olivia and asks if they have any money left over to build a youth center. Later, he has finally gotten permission to build his halloysite mine, and he and Philip happily cut the ribbon on the project. Suddenly, an explosion tears through the site, injuring Philip and many others. Teddy is unhurt, and Philip is rushed to a hospital in Germany. He later learns that four people were killed, though Genta and her children are safe. She tells him that she saw Perovich fleeing the scene as soon as the bomb went off, and suggests that he was responsible. Teddy confers with Rayburn, who offers further evidence to support Perovich's guilt. He calls A.J. to do some background research, and then interrogates one of Perovich's associates, who swears that he is innocent and ran out of fear of being blamed. In Germany, Olivia rushes to Philip's side, and once he is out of surgery, they talk and Olivia says that she now thinks she knows how it felt for Teddy and Julia to lose Bobby.

    Teddy and Rayburn journey to Perovich's hometown to search, and Teddy soon receives a phone call from Perovich, who says that he will surrender to him, but not to Rayburn. He says that it was Rayburn who planted the bomb because peace in Kosovo means no business for him, and that he profits from hate. Rayburn suddenly bursts in and arrests Perovich, as Teddy has no legal right to do so. Teddy quickly calls A.J. to find a good lawyer, but by the time they reach the jail, Perovich is dead of an apparent suicide. Furious, Teddy meets with NATO and UN members to demand Rayburn's arrest, but they explain that the evidence points to Perovich and that they can do nothing. He goes to see Genta and explains the situation, and she eventually confesses to him that it was she who bombed the church many years ago. She meets with the priest and asks for forgiveness. Teddy meets with Rayburn again and reveals that he has learned that he was dishonorably discharged from the army for his illegal actions, and that he is a religious zealot with a grudge against Muslims. Unable to have him arrested, Teddy settles for having the man fired from his security company.

    Teddy and Julia land in Kosovo, and he finally explains that he has been blaming himself as well as her for a long time for their son's death, but he has now accepted that neither of them are at fault and wants to try to "let go" and move on with his life. He takes her to the youth center that he has constructed and shows her that it was built in their son's memory, and the two embrace.

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