I Am Number Four (2011) Poster

Plot Keywords

guardian ohio
high school alien
warrior bully
danger on the run
fugitive small town
jumping from height website
big dipper sheriff
stabbed in the eye dog
teenage hero sword
supermarket canteen
character's point of view camera shot gas explosion
house explosion anti heroine
beach party foot chase
earth viewed from space particle beam weapon
florida nerd
subtitled scene sword fight
camcorder animal attack
fake identity falling off a roof
photograph death of mentor
prologue cell phone
alien invasion no opening credits
pickup truck fistfight
stabbed to death photographer
fight conspiracy theorist
impalement based on young adult novel
exploding body claim in title
scar bully comeuppance
supernatural power punched in the face
bare chested male shotgun
anti hero murder
voice over narration reference to youtube
australian shootout
held at gunpoint good versus evil
laptop severed leg
telekinesis telepathy
laser gun tough girl
monster fair
death shower
lizard old dark house
transformation number in character's name
party narrated by character
creature ride
teenage boy woods
shot in the head reference to bernie kosar
africa unrequited love
open ended underwater scene
jungle shot to death
stabbed in the leg light
stabbed in the back character repeating someone else's dialogue
lifting someone into the air fight to the death
teenage girl first person title
martial arts shot in the back
brawl steel mill
woman in bikini secret identity
shot in the chest chase
florida keys lifted by the throat
teleportation body landing on a car
power outage waterfall
jet ski funfair
night vision explosion
orphan human alien
killing an animal family dinner
necklace slow motion scene
internet jumping off a cliff
alias high school student
comic book knife
super power father son relationship
mother daughter relationship photo lab
subjective camera female warrior
friendship boyfriend girlfriend relationship
stabbed in the chest box
exploding house stadium
title spoken by narrator based on novel
title spoken by character number in title
character name in title

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