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"24" Day 8: 3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. (2010)

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Open with Suvarov addressing the media. He references Hassan's memory as Dalia is clearly fighting back tears. Dalia leaves quickly and Suvarov notices. President Taylor tells Suvarov that she told Dalia everything. Taylor leaves and Suvarov takes a call from Logan. Logan convinces him to meet in his suite.

Logan hangs up and Jack tells him he will kill Suvarov to exact justice for Walker and others. Chloe, who is handcuffed on the ground, tries to convince Jack that they can use his recording to expose Suvarov. Jack responds that Taylor and the NSA would block any attempt. Cole calls Chloe's 'phone but Jack doesn't let her answer.

Cole grabs his walkie-talkie and orders a tactical team to Jack's location with orders to use lethal force.

Chloe continues to try and talk Jack down. He tells her the people involved brought this upon themselves. We see through Jack's scope that Suvarov has arrived at Logan's suite. Chloe tells Jack that Walker wouldn't want him starting a war in her name: "Don't dishonor her name like this," Chloe says as Jack has Suvarov in his sights. Jack puts down his gun and tells Chloe to promise she will see this process though since he probably will not live.

Logan tells Suvarov his information must have been incorrect. Suvarov leaves angrily.

As the CTU team sprints towards Jack's floor, Jack tells Chloe the only way to expose the conspiracy is for her to shoot him. He gives her a gun and screams at her to shoot him. Chloe says repeatedly she can't go through with it. Finally Jack puts a gun to his own head and Chloe shoots him just as CTU rushes through the door.

Chloe calls Cole and tell him she has Jack's recording and wants him to make sure Arlo is ready to upload the file. Jack appears to be alive. Before Chloe can leave, Agent Burke tells her that Pillar has woken up and wants to debrief her personally. Chloe tries to walk out but Burke won't let her.

Pillar gets off the elevator with Logan on the phone. Logan tells him about the recording Jack had of him and Suvarov. Pillar promises to recover the recording.

Burke tells Pillar that they have searched Jack and the site. Pillar is handed a digital recorder that is missing the data card. Pillar takes Burke aside and tell him Jack has a file that is a threat to national security and orders him to continue looking. Pillar asks Chloe about the data card and has her empty her pockets. With Jack watching, Pillar frisks Chloe but finds nothing. She storms out of the room and gets in the elevator. We see she had hid the card inside her 'phone.

Pillar asks Jack about the data card. Jack says nothing. When Pillar is told Jack was shot in the perfect place (shoulder, no arteries or organs hit) he seems to realize what has happened. Jack starts moaning and motions for Pillar to come close. Jack grabs his head and appears to bite off a chunk of Pillar's ear. Pillar pulls away and screams for agents to get Chloe.

Chloe arrives at the command post and begins uploading the data card. Just seconds from completion, agents arrive and Burke pulls the data card out of the computer. Chloe tells Burke that Pillar is part of the conspiracy but he walks away. Burke calls Pillar and tells him about the upload attempt and that he has placed both Chloe and Cole in custody.

Logan triumphantly brings Taylor the data card and tells her that "it's over." He says he has listened to the recording himself. Logan tells Taylor the peace agreement will never be safe as long as Jack is around. She suggests locking him at a "black site" in another country, but Logan doesn't think it would be good enough. Logan says he is going to "put a plan in motion" and taking her silence as approval, leaves. After he is gone Taylor plays the recording. She see Jack's video. Taylor watches Jack criticize the way the peace accord was reached and seems moved.

Taylor and Pillar congratulate one another as Taylor leaves for the signing with the data card in her pocket. Logan wishes her good luck. Logan and Pillar pour drinks and toast their political futures.

Taylor enters the room where the accord will be signed to a standing ovation. The Secretary General addresses the delegates and calls Taylor, Suvarov and Dalia to the podium. Dalia lingers noticeably before walking to the stage. Suvarov signs the agreement, followed by a reluctant Dalia. Taylor takes out the pen from Hassan and glances at the audience. She turns back to Dalia and then puts the pen away without signing. She gives Dalia back the pen and takes the microphone. She admits to taking part in a conspiracy to hide crimes. Taylor says "justice must be served" and says the peace process is over. She will say more within the hour and leaves the room. On the way out she orders Woods to alert Jack's medical transport they may be ambushed. Taylor tells Woods she's made a terrible mistake and asks him to help make sure it doesn't get any worse.

Cut to Jack crawling out the back of an ambulance that has crashed on its side. We see the injured driver never got the warning. Jack looks up at armed men.

Woods gets a call. He turns to Taylor and tells her "they got Bauer."

The Secretary-General tells the media that Taylor did not sign the agreement and made unspecified allegations of treason. Logan and Pillar watch this on TV. Logan's phone rings. He knows it will be Taylor asking about Jack and he tells Pillar not to answer. Pillar says they shouldn't add murder to what's already happened and Logan seems to change his mind. But when Pillar picks up the phone Logan hits him across the back of the head with a heavy liquor bottle. Logan takes Pillar's gun and mutters that Jack has taken his last chance. He then places a pillow over Pillar's head and shoots him.

Woods and Taylor try to enter Logan's suite. They pound on the locked door and yell for Logan to unlock the door. Logan puts the gun to his throat and we hear a shot. Inside they find Logan survived the suicide attempt but is unconscious and probably suffered brain damage. Taylor tells Woods to make sure Chloe is released and doing whatever possible to find Jack.

Chloe, Cole and Arlo are the only ones still on the floor at CTU. They pull up footage from five minutes earlier and see Jack being taken from the ambulance accident scene. Arlo loses the vehicle under a bridge but finds it at a remote location. They don't believe they'll be able to get agents there in time.

Jack is taken from the van. One man takes him near a wall and tells Jack he's going to kill him quickly. Jack fights back but is unable to get a jump on him. The man puts Jack on his knees and pull out a pistol. He tells Jack he doesn't want to kill him but "orders are orders." Jack wants him to get it over with and the gun is placed to Jack's head. A split second before the trigger is pulled another one of the men gets a call from Taylor herself ordering them to leave Jack where he is and wait for the FBI to arrive. There is an armed drone overhead and she threatens to fire on them if they do not comply. Jack is handed a phone and the men leave.

Taylor tells Jack what happened at the UN and that she plans to tell the whole truth and resign. She wanted the peace so badly that she betrayed her principles. She says she should have listened to Jack. Taylor tells him both the United States and Russia will be after him and he should leave the country. She apologizes.

Jack calls Chloe and makes her promise to keep his family safe after he disappears. Jack tells her he never thought it would be her to help him all these years and thanks her. She says, Good luck, Jack." Chloe orders the drone back to base. Jack glances up at the drone and Chloe, with tears streaming down her face, gives the final order: "Bring the drone back to the base. Whatever happened here didn't happen. Shut it down."

The clock reaches "00:00."


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