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Brilliant Ending

Author: sam_3 from Tokyo
6 June 2010

It came to a brilliant ending, yet again.

The principle intact: i.e. whoever comes close to Jack, whether with enmity or love, gets killed.

Chloe finally gets the well deserved "thank you" from Jack.

President Taylor, well she was as predictable as she could be. Only reservation would be the treating of President Logan, who should suffer more! I hope he comes back again, with his cunning brain intact! I want to see him do darker evil, and suffer pain : )

For me, the pivotal point in this season was the moment when Renee got killed. I think this was the bravest turn the story teller made in allowing Jack move beyond. After being betrayed, hurt, damned, so many times, it takes quite a gravity to get Jack move forth. Without her death, the story would have looked so superficial in terms of story line, inconsistent with who Jack is (or has become), and lacking in sensation. I am sorry we aren't going to see Renee any more (and please don't revive her on that "Lost" island!), but I look forward to whatever is forthcoming.

"Lost" writers should see these series, and learn how to write properly!

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24- One of the Best Shows in recent history concludes..

Author: Ricardo Camacho from United States
25 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

24 was a very unique series, it had a perfect mix of action and mystery that kept us watching every week. Very few shows were able to do what this series did. One basic story line was presented at the beginning of each season, but due to great writing and acting we never really knew how it would end.

The greatest thing about 24 was that it was like watching one hour installments each week, of a well crafted movie studio quality action film, that can be compared to The Bourne Franchise and any Tom Clancy novel.

The greatest thing about this last season was how raw it was. It had many shocking moments I did not see coming, most notably President Hassan's brutal execution. Another great element was Jack Bauer's rampage of bloody justice. It was great seeing him take out the bad guys, it was reminiscent of a 1970's action film kind of like Death Wish. The scene when he storms President Logan's limo was probably the greatest sequence in the show's recent history.

I have to admit that the last season did have some very predictable twists, like the Dana Walsh story line. But given that, the show was on it's eighth season and I do understand that after all that time it would be hard to come up with something that hadn't already been done on the show.

Overall, the 24 series finale was so much more satisfying then the Lost series finale, which I have to say was very disappointing. At least with 24 we got to see the show end on a good note.

The best thing about this show being over is that now we get to see Jack Bauer on the big screen, a full feature length film is in the works.

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Perfect ending for Jack

Author: Charles A from United Kingdom
25 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First of all, I heard that Jack may be killed off at the end of 24. Thank God they weren't dumb enough to do that.

I believe this was the perfect end for Jack. Obviously he wasn't going to live happily ever after and after everything he's been through, being killed by just some guy with a gun would have been unfitting. The end of season 7 would have been the fairly acceptable time to kill Jack off. If you look closely at every show, you'll find flaws, not all seasons of 24 are as good but come-on, it's the best show out there. Anyone who doesn't agree is welcome to mention a better show.

Simply put, "24" is the best thing that ever happened to television (unless you're a "sex and the city" fan and 24 just isn't your kinda show).

I look forward to the 24 movie.

Jack rules

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Jack is a tragic hero. He lived a tragic life. This episode rocked. The End.

Author: bradley_mathwiz_317
9 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Spoilers ahead! Jack Bauer was always designed to be a tragic hero. He is brave, strong, and committed to protecting his family, friends and country. However, his patriotism comes at a cost. He has had to sacrifice many, many lives in order to save the day.

Day 8 turned out to be one of my favourite seasons, because they finally dared to let Jack lose. Although Jack manages to avoid crisis after crisis, Jack ultimately fails in his goal to save Hassan. So, the show started with an assassination plot and beautifully ended with one. But, Jack has now finally reached his breaking point and has given up.

When he left with Renee, I felt like "this is how the show could end for Jack. This is his happy ending." And when she died, I could only see a dark future for Jack. The last 8 episodes were an intense thrill ride, where I didn't know who would live and who I would lose themselves. The final episode allows President Taylor to acknowledge that her pursuit of peace was lost and that she has become her own villain. Jack, similarly, decides to put revenge aside in order to remain true to his friend, Chloe.

The finale was beautiful and thematically true to the show and I believe that anyone who disagrees did not understand what the show was really about. It was about a flawed man who was put in terrible situations (albeit sometimes the same ones lol) but who managed to put his life on the line for others. My only complaint is that I am one of those who thinks he should have died. To have Jack finally be at peace, after everything he's done, would have made the show complete in my eyes. He was a tragic hero who should have died because of his patriotism.

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Day 8: Not the strongest season but it does all you expect in a professional and effective way (SPOILERS)

Author: bob the moo from United Kingdom
7 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It was around the episode 18 mark when I learnt that this season was to be the last season and, to be honest, I was not overly upset or shocked. Long running shows either become too expensive to produce or just become stale shadows of their former selves that viewers start switching off. Happily, although season 6 drifted close to the latter, Foxs motivation appears to be more to do with the former reason because season 8 repeats the steady hand approach of season 7 in delivering the goods in the way the show always had without being as awful as season 6 was. With season 8 we see Jack about to retire back to LA, as he reconnects with Kim and his new granddaughter. However an old informant finds Jack with information over a planned assassination over visiting President Hassan, in New York to sign a historic peace treaty spearheaded by US President Taylor. Although his intentions are to deliver the informant to CTU and catch his LA flight, Jack is convinced to stay temporarily in a day that will see him getting deeper and deeper in a threat that involves Russian criminals, nuclear material, terrorists and the usual threats from within.

Having watched this far, one knows what to expect from 24, since most seasons deliver variations on the same plots but yet also manages to make it work. Season 6 was the only one so far where I really felt that the formula had been pushed to breaking point and that most of it was poorly written and close to being silly. Not everyone agrees with me on that and I think part of the reason is that season 6 is not hugely different from the other seasons in terms of what it does although the overall plot and the various twists were just not as good, and this is a show that relies heavily on forward motion and twists. When it does it well, then the laughable plot devices or jumps in logic sort of get lost in the jumble and all the viewer really remembers is the ride and whether it was good or not. Season 8 mostly delivers a good ride, despite having the usual devices in play and some side-plots that appear to be there only to kill time or misdirect attention.

As an example, if you had asked me about Dana's plot before the double agent reveal, I would have said (with all other viewers) that it is a dumb plot going nowhere and just filling time. After she is revealed the pace just makes you forget about this and also the fact that for the remainder of the season that bail bondsman is rotting in a vent in a meeting room. Likewise other bits make no sense or are just left behind when they have outlived their usefulness, but mostly the show is good enough in the moment to keep you from wandering back too much. The final four episodes perhaps faltered back to the problems of season 6 where Jack Bauer was the centre of everything and there is too much of Jack as some sort of unstoppable terminator style machine, but by this point it was perhaps forgivable. I'm not sure if the timing for the announcement that the series would not be renewed had an effect but I didn't think the finale was as strong as the series (and season) deserved. Plans to do movies or other vehicles with Bauer certainly prevented anything drastic or final being done with the character and, while good it didn't have the thrills I wanted from it.

The overall production of the show is as high as ever; it all looks great and feels like a Hollywood movie in terms of delivering action sequences and locations in convincing ways. The cast match this even if they are mostly in well-worn characters that we have mostly seen before with different names. Sutherland does his usual performance but it is hard not to enjoy it and he is not yet a caricature of himself (not yet). Rajskub returns doing the same but the plot means she doesn't work as well as she previously did. I liked Jones here, and I particularly enjoyed seeing Itzin do his Nixon performance again. Rounding out the Presidents, Kapoor is good and used well to provide twists and turns. Sackhoff and Prinze are solid but mostly their plot threads are weak and neither do more than the basics that we have seen before. Beyond these everyone else does good turns in familiar characters - some well-known faces provide some distracting TV connections (Battlestar Galactica being the most obvious). Wersching is not as good but still pretty good – she deserved better than to be clumsily sacrificed as a plot device.

This final season is not the best of the series but it is up to the standard of the show generally. The usual red-herrings, twists and "filler" narratives are there with the usual problems in terms of logic etc but its main strength is its pace and the way the writers keep you pretty much caught up in the moment to minimize the impact of these weaknesses. Those who have watch the series this long will enjoy day 8, while it is also engaging and enjoyably OTT enough to make the casual viewer go back to the start and see what the fuss is about.

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Season 8 is the best from the whole 24 TV series

Author: nagyp3 from budapest
12 April 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It was surprising to me how perfect this season was. Jack is brutal, wild and crazy as always. It is quite nice how Renee becomes more and more like him. The scene in which she kills the Russian mobster is fantastic. It is also excellent how "Madame President" slides down gradually into the total criminality step-by-step in the name of a greater good. Two very convincing side-characters emerged in the person of Dana and Cole. They are interesting together and on their own, too. President Logan is breathtaking as always. Apart from the characters there is everything from the structure, the editing and the music: a thrilling series that would be impossible to beat. Thank you guys.

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Awesome ending!

Author: ximiteee from Brasil
2 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The first impression from the beginning of season 8 was like:: "What the hell is this?" "Why they did this with CTU?" "This is not 24".

But then the action starts and everything starts to make sense. The season gets better every episode. And what can i say about the last episodes? When Renee dies Jack activates the "rage mode" and everything becomes personal. Simply awesome!

The season ends with Jack Bauer better than ever.

I think the series had a great ending("24: Live Another Day" it's a mini-series).

9/10 for the eighth season.

Please ignore any English errors.

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The final season?

Author: Tweekums from United Kingdom
14 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

These comments cover the entirety of season eight not just the final episode:

This; the eighth and apparently final full season of 24, opens with protagonist, retired CTU agent Jack Bauer in New York preparing to return to Los Angeles with his daughter and granddaughter… then an old contact, who is badly wounded informs him of a plot to kill the president of a Middle Eastern country shortly before he is due to sign a historic treaty that will stop nuclear research in his country. Jack takes this information to CTU New York and soon finds himself back in the game. He must try to find the killers before they can strike but inevitably as the investigation deepens the threat increases dramatically and the city come under threat from a dirty bomb!

It can be argued that if you've seen one season of 24 you've seen them all as they share many plot details… there is the constant escalation of the threat, the way that as soon as the apparent head villain is identified it emerges that there is a greater villain above him and there is somebody within CTU who is working for the bad guys… I don't think this matters though; it is clearly a winning formula. One may be expecting twists to occur but when they do it still comes as a bit of a surprise when we learn just what is going on and the plot moves at such a pace there is little time to notice any possible plot holes. As expected Kiefer Sutherland continues to do a great job as Bauer and Mary Lynn Rajskub makes a welcome return as Chloe O'Brian who has conveniently transferred to New York. Another welcome return is Gregory Itzin who plays disgraced former president Logan with more than a hint of Nixon in his performance. Of course not everybody has been in earlier series; notable new arrivals include Anil Kapoor, Katie Sackhoff and Freddie Prinze Jnr; they and others put in solid performances. People not familiar with the series may be a little surprised at just how brutal it is at times with our hero routinely torturing and even murdering people he believes stands in the way of protecting the city or his desire for justice. The series also shows the US in a surprisingly negative light as very senior politicians collude to cover up anything that will derail their plans including muzzling the press, covering up murder and even threatening a war to bully another country into signing the treaty. The final scenes provide a fine conclusion to a great series while not removing the possibility of further outings for Jack Bauer.

I've enjoyed the series from the beginning and found this season to be up there with the best; certainly a step up from the previous season; I certainly hope the promised season nine happens even if it is going to be shorter than previous outings.

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Day 8:The Final Season Review

Author: Desertman84 from United States
8 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is the final episode of Season 8 or the final season of 24.Let's make a summary of the events that transpired for the last 24 hours.

Set 18 months after season 7, the story arc involves Jack Bauer contending with assassination threats made during a peace conference between President of the United States Allison Taylor and President Omar Hassan of the fictional Islamic Republic of Kamistan.The season is set in New York City, with CTU's New York City Office having been re- activated.

The three main events of the season are:

1.CTU pursues Hassan's brother who is working with the Russian mafia to have nuclear rods transported to his home country.

2.Multiple government agencies pursue Kamistani terrorists who kill Farhad Hassan and attempt to strike at America directly.

3.Jack wages a one man war against the members of the Russian government who are responsible for the conspiracy after Allison Taylor refuses to do anything that could jeopardize the treaty.

Although the final season could be considered a good one,a 24 fan may also find it satisfactory to finally end the TV series as Season 8 is basically a rehash of the elements present in the first seven seasons.Among them are Middle Eastern terrorists, WMDs, conspiring White House staffers, CTU mole and many others that are too many to mention.There was no fresh and original plot ideas present in it.That is why it does not surpass many of the show's previous seasons with the exception of season 6.

Also,there was a lack of interesting villain in the tradition of Jonas Hodges and Nina Myers.Charles Logan does not seem to be the same formidable villain in this season as he used to be in the previous ones.It is also worth to note that there is a lack of compelling character in this final season unlike in the previous ones which made it less interesting as compared to the previous ones. Finally,the ending was far from satisfactory as it turned out to be a "soap opera"-like ending where the conclusion is uncertain.

But despite the fact of the certain observations made,I could possibly say that 24 is a good TV series and it would certainly be missed by viewers who love good and entertaining TV programs.

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The it?

Author: iamazad24 from Bangladesh
26 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am a hardocre 24 fan like a lot others. Been watching the show for 4 years.Season 8 was something from which I hoped a lot, and probably have also gained some. From my conscience Jack Bauer should not have done all those killings that we saw in this season. The writing that was put to the show could be much more realistic. The cancellation of the sign by the president could be much more earlier and did not have to be so dramatic after watching the video made by Jack or the pen gifted by President Hassan. However, the end is an end. I hate that I will not be waiting for any more of this series.

I hear that there will be a movie... looking forward to see it. I think there should be xbox 360 games involving this great series...

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