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"24" Day 8: 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. (2010)

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Open with former-President Logan gleefully watching President Taylor's press secretary formally announce his involvement in the negotiations. He gets a call from Pillar who tells him Jack has escaped. Pillar once again suggests that Logan distance himself from the situation before Jack releases the evidence of Russia's involvement. Logan tells him that time has passed and he must locate Jack.

Jack, Reed and Ricker walk down an alley. Ricker heads home to analyze the .phone number on the SIM card Jack retrieved from Pavel stomach. Jack tells Reed she is in danger and must contact someone she trusts to start the process of breaking the story in case he doesn't make it.

Taylor introduces Logan to Dalia. He takes Taylor aside and Dalia walks to the elevator with Jamot. She asks Jamot whether anyone has been able to discover how Logan was able to get the Russians back to the table. In another room Logan tells Taylor that Jack - along with Dana's evidence - is on the loose. He thinks the president should contact Reed's publisher and invoke national security to stop her breaking the story. Logan doesn't think the country will survive her criminal prosecution.

Arlo shows Chloe footage of Pavel's eviscerated body, a pile of the Russian agent's viscera on the floor. They realize that Jack must have done it. They have also figured out Ricker is the one helping Jack, despite the fact he is officially listed as deceased.

Ricker calls Jack having traced Logan's phone. He sends Jack the secret service route of Logan's vehicle. Jack steals an SUV and drives off.

Taylor meets with Woods and tells him Reed is about to publish an "unfounded" story about Hassan's murder. She asks him to contact her magazine and seize any information she might have.

Reed calls her editor, Klausner, from a pay phone. She tells him about the video and the connection to Jack. She asks to meet him at a diner.

A panicked Mikhail Novakovich calls Logan and tells him about the grisly nature of Pavel's demise. He's scared Jack will eventually get to him, but Logan promises him Jack will never know of his involvement.

At this point Logan's motorcade enters a single lane tunnel. A gunman wearing an armored mask takes out the tires of a few vehicles at the front, boxing-in Logan's limo. Carrying an automatic weapon, the man systematically makes his way towards Logan's vehicle, neutralizing any opposition as he goes. Logan starts freaking out and demands his agents do something. The masked man takes out both of them and then gets on the hood of the limo. He shoots a hole in the armored windshield and drops in tear gas. This forces Logan out of the car. The man grabs Logan and we hear in his voice that is, in fact, Jack. Jack takes him through a door on the side of the tunnel.

Arlo has found Ricker's current address. At this point Arlo and Chloe learn CTU has discovered Jack has kidnapped Logan.

Pillar and a CTU team arrive at the scene of Logan's kidnapping. He sees the likely underground escape route and has Eden send him schematics. Chloe is listening in and hears Pillar give the order for Jack to be shot on sight.

Under extreme duress, Logan tells Jack of his involvement. He swears he had nothing to do with Wallker's murder, just the cover-up. Jack demands a name within the Russian government and Logan gives up Novakovich in about three seconds. With Pillar and his men approaching, Jack chokes Logan out and disappears. Pillar finds Logan and calls Eden.

Arlo and Chloe want to reach out to Ricker, but know if they send any CTU agents it will alert Pillar. Eden approaches Chloe having heard she has had Cole released into her custody. Chloe explains the move as part of security for the treaty signing at the UN.

As Reed sits and waits in the diner, the restaurant gets a call for her from Klausner. The editor tells her the FBI arrived before he could leave and is looking for her whereabouts with an executive order to suppress the story. Klausner tells her to protect the evidence and lay low.

Chloe tells Cole she needs his help with UN security. Once they leave the room she fills him in about Jack and Ricker and asks him to go look for information on Jack's location.

Novakovich is informed Russian president Yuri Suvarov has just landed in New York.

In the garage downstairs, Jack sneaks up on Novakovich's driver and learns of Novakovich's location and the basics of his security. Jack quickly takes out two more guards and grabs a key card. One of the guards briefly recovers long enough to stab Jack in the stomach. Jack gets into the elevator and heads up to Novakovich's floor.

Before leaving for Ricker's, Cole tells Chloe she should stop worrying about saving Jack since he's clearly gone off the deep end. He tells her if he runs into Jack, he will put him down if Jack does not surrender.

While Dalia is in a meeting, Kayla gets a call from her father's mistress, Reed, who tells her there was Russian involvement in her father's murder and asks her to have Dalia call a number when she out of the meeting. Once she leaves the pay phone Reed is grabbed by the FBI and placed under arrest.

Woods tells Taylor they have both Reed and the data card. Taylor tells him no one is to view the card besides her.

Logan finally comes to. He tells Pillar that Jack is going after Novakovich. Pillar immediately dials Novakovich's cell phone. We then see that all but one of the guards have been killed and Novakovich is lying dead on the floor with a fireplace poker jammed into his stomach. The last guard crawls to the phone and Pillar that Jack killed everyone. The guard tells Pillar that Jack was bleeding, and pleads that help be sent. Pillar assures the wounded man that help is on the was, but instead makes another 'phone call and tells Logan the latest news.

Logan places a call to Suvarov and tells him what happened to Novakovich. Logan adds he does not think Novakovich was able to tell Jack it was actually Suvarov behind the entire plan. We learn in the conversation that Suvarov gave the order to kill Walker. The camera then focuses on a tiny bug placed inside Logan's collar and we see Jack has been listening to this entire conversation.

A badly injured Jack, bleeding from the knife wound to his abdomen, limps down the alley and the episode ends.


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