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Jack Pursues Logan

Author: Desertman84 from United States
14 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Meredith Reed, with Jack's evidence safely in hand, phones her editor Gary Klausner to arrange for publication of the evidence on the memory card. As per Logan's advice, President Taylor issues an executive order in an attempt to quash this story. Ricker locates Logan via his phone number and Secret Service's travel manifests — Logan is on his way to the airfield to meet the Russian President Yuri Suvarov. With this information Jack intercepts Logan's motorcade and kidnaps him, forcing him to reveal that Pavel was reporting to Novakovich. As the CTU tactical teams close in, Jack knocks Logan unconscious and escapes. Chloe and Arlo manage to track down Jim Ricker; she secures Cole's release and sends him to Ricker's address in the hope of tracking down Jack. After Klausner tells Meredith that their office is being investigated by the FBI, she manages to contact Kayla Hassan and arrange a meeting with Dalia, but is shortly thereafter taken into custody by the Bureau. Logan, after being recovered by CTU tac teams and Jason Pillar, phones Novakovich to warn him of Jack's impending attack, but the phone is answered by the last of Novakovich's men, who reveals that Jack has already come and gone, killing everyone in his path. Logan then phones Suvarov, who has just landed, and assures him that the trail of evidence stopped at Novakovich, and that Suvarov, who actually gave the orders, will not be implicated. Jack, however, planted a bug on Logan during their earlier altercation and overhears this conversation. Despite a serious wound taken in the fight against Novakovich's men, he sets off with revenge in mind.

In summary,here the events that happened during that hour:

1.Meredith Reed hurries to keep up with Jack Bauer and asks who he's looking for; he replies that he needs someone who can supply the names of the conspirators, and asks her to publish the story in case he doesn't live to fulfill his mission. He recognizes this will destroy the peace treaty.

2.Meredith talks to Kayla Hassan over the phone and explains that she has evidence that implicates the Russians in their involvement with the day's events.

3.Former President Logan urges President Allison Taylor to keep Meredith's story under wraps, as there is more at stake than the treaty. President Taylor has the FBI arrest Meredith and seize the evidence, and bring it to her.

4.At CTU NY, Chloe O'Brian lets Cole Ortiz know about Jack's partner, Jim Ricker. She says they will need to find him if they want to help Jack.

5.Jack dons a bullet-proof mask and uses a machine gun and some tear gas to capture Former President Charles Logan and demand the evidence from him. Under the threat of a five-second death countdown, Logan breaks and betrays Mikhail Novakovich to Jack.

6.Someone tries to warn Novakovich, but far too late; he is dead with a fireplace poker through his torso, and one survivor left to tell the tale.

7.Logan, in a medical stretcher from Jack's interrogation, contacts Russian President Yuri Suvarov about Novakovich's murder. Jack bugs the conversation and learns that Suvarov was giving Novakovich his orders and that one of them was Renee's murder.

Jack Bauer forms an unlikely alliance with Meredith Reed,a journalist as she instructs her to break the story of the Russian conspiracy to the press. And then,we later find out that he tries to pursue Logan for being involved with the murder of Renee.Another rehashed plot.

It would have been better to have kept Renee alive just like to have had Audrey Raines kept sanitized to keep the human element in the character of Jack.This developments only does the show no good as we keep putting Jack into extremely difficult situations mentally,psychologically and spiritually aside from the fact that he physically is in extremely tough situations like doing the mission on his own and having the authorities after him.Instead of becoming a realistic hero that a viewer can relate to,Jack becomes now a superhero that no one could relate to.Even superheros like Superman and Batman are people could relate to as writers keep elements of humanity in their character.Making Jack human could have become a refreshing and original idea for 24.

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