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Things became serious for me during that torture scene with Jack. That's two times for the day already not so?
Elizabeth17 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I believe Jack should have gone with Kim, and have someone else be the hero for their country. At that point when the torturer stuck his finger into Jack's wound, everything became squirmy. I am just tired of Jack suffering relentlessly. What seemed to be a waste, was that it lead him to nothing, the rods were gone and that only meant another 24 runaround of 'tag' where everyone becomes a suspect and the chase is always ongoing.

Everything just felt like an eye roller at this point. From the moment Jack got the better of his torturer, to the point where he surprised Bazhaev-after he himself proved to be a worthy villain, to be defeated so easily was a real shame, by a table being thrown on him non-the-less. Did Jack not expect to be tortured by these men, they obviously would not have trusted him to book a deal. Bazhaev was smart, he figured that Jack was a cop(not really-retired) and not because he looked like one exactly, but because of his style and approach to making a deal, it lacked the necessary finesse of a businessman. They didn't even try to do a background check on his name.

I felt disappointed when Jack got a handle on things so easily and arrested Bazhaev. I think I am tired of hearing the phrase "I want Immunity". I was like 'it couldn't be over already, how much episodes we have left?'. I couldn't believe Bazhaev's son took over the operation, that felt like a traditional 24 runaround scene. Like they did that one already and Jack was having a series of deja-vu moments.

I didn't appreciate Renee being labeled crazy and Hastings is really annoying me now. I want to have his credentials and who recommended him for the position, in full view. He is really a huge fool if he could walk over people, take credit for the job when it's done right and blame the same people when the job gets screwed up. A leader is supposed to take the heat on both occasions, for the good and the bad, and Hastings seems to be more like a follower in the shadows type.

As for Dana, I have nothing really to say about her. She started off as a strong character and now they are painting her to be this major idiot. I believe her plot would have something to do with the later events in the day, that's if she goes through with pulling the trigger. Somehow I stopped caring about her character and the dilemmas that came with it. She just has no real principles set in her life to take the stand I want her to. Her solution to solving a problem, is to have it end with a bullet, when she could have prevented him from doing any harm in the early stages. Since when did Kevin's friend have s much mouth to talk to Dana that way, anyway I guess I had something to say on that topic after-all, but I am not a fan of the few minutes wasted on Dana's lack in judgment.

President Hassan's scene was a bit mellow, along with the scenes with his daughter, I already knew of her relationship with Tarin and I don't believe he's the traitor Hasssan made him out to be. Who knows, expect the unexpected I guess. This hour was very slow and felt redundant for some reason, like a roller coaster ride I've been on before. I hope things begin to spin the way I want it.

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Three Stars

Grade C-

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Jack Gets Tortured The Second Time Around
Desertman8414 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Bazhaev, upon meeting Jack, has him tortured on suspicions of being a cop and knowing about the nuclear rods. Renee is brought to CTU; she is debriefed by Chloe, who agrees that she acted in self-defense in killing Laitanan. Hastings, knowing of her previous suicide attempt, orders Renee to be held at medical pending a psychological evaluation. Meanwhile, Dana tells Cole she has things about her life that she hasn't told him, but fails to go into any detail; she later heads to a strip club being patronized by Kevin and Nick, planning to kill them. Jack kills his torturer and escapes. He causes a power outage and is ultimately able to capture Bazhaev. Meanwhile, at the U.N., Kayla tries to confront her father about Tarin, but he only becomes overprotective upon learning Tarin is courting her. Jack puts Bazhaev on the phone with Hastings and President Taylor, arranging an immunity deal for himself and his son in exchange for the rods' location. Based on Bazhaev's information, Cole leads a team to the truck holding the rods, only to find the guards at the truck are dead, and the rods missing. The perpetrator left a clear signal: Oleg's crucifix. Josef has the rods and is planning to give them to Farhad, this time at an apartment complex.

In summary,here the events that happened during that hour:

1.Renee Walker stabs and kills Vladimir Laitanan. Jack tells her to maintain that it was self defense, which he will back up if the murder is investigated.

2.Cole Ortiz orders Arlo Glass to tell him what he knows about Dana's absence. Arlo shows him video of her meeting with Kevin Wade, then agrees to help Cole track her down.

3.Dana Walsh realizes that Kevin Wade will not leave her alone as he promised. She watches from across the street as they leave Club Starlight.

4.Sergei Bazhaev interrogates Jack Bauer about who he really works for. Jack escapes and takes Bazhaev into custody.

5.Jack Bauer secures an immunity agreement for Bazhaev in exchange for the location of the fuel rods. However, CTU teams find the truck empty and both guards dead, leading Sergei to realize his son has betrayed him.

6.Josef Bazhaev, now in possession of the nuclear rods, makes plans to meet with Farhad Hassan to make the trade.

This proves my point that it is the violent season of 24.The politics of torture it tries to indirectly "promote" (according to the show's critics) happens once again as Jack gets tortured the second time around in less than 24 hours.He is simply not human as he gets to recover from them right away just like the first one.Indeed,torture is something that Jack can take anytime and many times a day.
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A definite improvement
Zokas16 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Episode 8 of 24 thankfully moves the plot forward a little faster this week.

No matter how many times you've seen Jack Bauer in the same situation, it's ALWAYS good fun to see him in them anyway, because you just know Bauer-ness will ensue. And it does. Jack's having a tough day as usual but he's GOT to be getting worn out from two torture sessions in less than six hours plus a stab wound in the gut! This guy is able to take a direct fist in the face and not show an ounce of injury! I guess that's just Jack Bauer...

All the plot lines moved a strong step forward I think - except perhaps for Hassan. Dana's story wasn't so awful and in fact was a little interesting as we see Arlo and Cole being pulled into her secrets. All the elements are now in place for a showdown between 'Jenny' and Kevin next week (at least hopefully). I'm sorry but I can't see this connecting in any way to the main story like others have suggested - it's just too different and completely unrelated.

While this episode was entertaining and definitely a step up from the previous one, it still felt predictable at times, and if not unpredictable then unsurprising. In a lot of ways, it felt like the episode simply ran its course, as though it wrote itself, rather than feeling very original. It was amusing to see how Jack's torture scene mirrored that of Season 2 and the end scene with Cole discovering the empty truck mirroring the CTU team at the shipping container not finding the Sentox in Season 5. Raise your hand if you guessed the rods wouldn't be in the truck...

One last thing is that I found the product placement in this episode hilarious and unbearable at the same time. Never have I noticed it this blatantly until now. Jack essentially shows the audience what his awesome phone can do! He can scroll pictures! He can flip pages with his thumb! And Dana has the exact same phone!

Thanks to Bazhaev's son, we should look forward to more of Jack doing his thing in search of the rods, as well as an increase in the pace. I'm not one of those that think 24 should be action and action only. I'm all for drama, intrigue and suspense...when its given to us! This episode used all the right ingredients but just not in a very original way. I'm hoping Renee will be released (or maybe 'unleashed'?) from CTU at some point to give Jack a hand mutilating people!
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